Freeletics raises $45M for its AI-powered mobile fitness coach

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Sports teams including the San Francisco 49ers and the Boston Celtics also invested, though Freeletics founder and chief executive officer Daniel Sobhani declined to comment on any partnerships that may be in the works between the startup and the athletes.

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Who Should you Hire at a Startup?

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This is part of my ongoing posts on Startup Advice. There are people who tell startups that they should hire the most senior people that they can find. Bringing in a senior person who’s “done it all before&# is often a mistake in a startup.

People Management: Startup Teams Should Dip but not Skip

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We all like to think of startups as “non hierarchic&# organizations and to some extent that should be true. I see two common mistakes in companies (not just in startups, in fact). Let information flow up but direct your staff and execute through hierarchy.

Don’t be a Grin Fucker

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I grew up in the US but lived in England for so long I can never remember from which country my slang comes. But then I started to see it happening internally. So we (and by we I mean “they&# ) at Accenture decided to come up with our own bull shit. All startups are hard.

Where is the best source of early stage investment?


If you have been following our recent insights, you’ll be up to speed knowing that professional investors negotiate tough terms, from provisions of control over asset acquisition, eventual sale of the company, future investments, forced co-sale when others attempt to sell their shares and more.

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Do you think you are flexible and coachable?


Early stage investor groups often list these traits at or near the top of their list when filtering opportunities for investment. And many potential coaches out there have made mistakes in these processes at the expense of their employers or even their personal savings. Starting up

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Two Local Tech, Investment Executives Named In College Fraud Investigation


Two people associated with Southern California's high tech investment and startup industry have been named as part of the far reaching investigation into a college admissions scandal , which named Hollywood actresses, CEOs, coaches at USC, UCLA, and UCSD, as well as many others.

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Some Reflections on VC Investment Decisions

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I started in 2007 with a thesis that my primary investment decision would be about the team (70%) and only afterward about the market opportunity (30%). I was telling him that it was much easier when I started because there were fewer deals, life was less public and somehow the world seemed to be spinning more slowly. But they are also a tax on your time with portfolio companies, looking for new investments, running your shop and honestly they are a tax on your family life.

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Raise cash from trusted, close resources first.


This insight follows closely the conclusions from the previous declaration, that professional investors negotiate tough terms, from provisions of control over asset acquisition, eventual sale of the company, future investments, forced co-sale when others attempt to sell their shares and more. And yet, in an earlier insight, we spoke of the problems that come when taking unstructured investments from friends and family. Starting up Raising money

$150,000 Investment from Make in LA for hardware Startups | Batch 2 Application Open

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A great opportunity for any early stage hardware startup. Make in LA makes hardware less hard, working with 5 promising start-ups at a time. Perks include office space, prototype lab, production facilities, mentoring, and investments up to $150,000 in the first 4 months.

Female Entrepreneurs, AI and Investing: A Chat With Meredith Finn, March Capital


We spoke with Meredith Finn a new Partner at March Capital--who headed up that the Rise of the Female Entrepreneur sessions this year--to hear more about her perspectives on investments, what the Rise of the Female Entrepeneur was all about, March's interests in artificial intelligence and more. I was previously at Salesforce Ventures for almost four years, focused on investments in companies in the enterprise software space which were strategic to Salesforce.

Angel Investing – The Most Underrated Skill: Access to Buyers

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I’m obviously only naming a small fraction of their investments since I don’t feel inclined to research them all and many other great venture firms have this kind of access. I guess what I’m saying is that startup investing (whatever the stage) is not a stock picking job.

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13 Ecosystem Builders That Are Boosting Startup Growth


Fortunately, the Startup of the Year program aims to make it easier for founders to connect with resources. In 2006, a passion to help startups grew into Tech Cocktail , a company whose mission was to showcased burgeoning companies in bars around the country. Start Co.

First Ever Startup Weekend Orange County Live!

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As you all know TechZulu is a huge supporter of Startup Weekend, and when we had the chance to be part of the very first Orange County (my home town) Startup Weekend we jumped on board. Tonights Startup Weekend presentations are being judged by the following: Maneesh Goyal.

Meet the 2017 Startups from the Disney Accelerator


Other Disney startups such as Atom Ticket , a new movie ticketing app, partnered with the next Star Wars movie and will continue to work with Walt Disney Studios on major film releases. Meet the 11 startups for 2017: Ambidio. Read more about startups in the Los Angeles area at TechCo.

Equity financing: great for rapid growth startups


First, angel investment groups come in all sizes from a few organized angels to large groups of three hundred or more. Angel groups invest from $250,000 to $1,000,000 or more in qualified investments.

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How to Kick Start Your Community’s Startup Scene

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I have never been more optimistic about the impact that the tech startup community is having on cities in America or about the role that cities outside of San Francisco / Silicon Valley can play in our future. Changes in the Startup Ecosystem. We have invested $17.3

The most satisfying life journey is never about the money.


Next week we return to the start of the journey, focusing upon the “what and how” to ignite a successful enterprise from start-up to exit. The rewards of angel investing. Allow me to reminisce. This is the final post of this cycle.

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Reflections On 2018: Matt Stodder, Startup Boost LA


My biggest takeaway this year was truly understanding the strength and cohesion of the Los Angeles startup community. With Startup Boost, we had dozens of investors, service providers, successful entrepreneurs, and major industry leaders (including Microsoft, Google, Softbank, REME, and TechStars) coalesce around our initiative to help early stage companies get to the next level. matt stodder startup boost angeles reflections2018 predictions newyear feature

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Don’t Let Your Startup O.D. On Cash


Raising too much cash, too early, can kill your startup. Startups should only spend their money on initiatives that deliver a discernible, measurable return on investment. Cash is the fuel in your startup’s tank. The post Don’t Let Your Startup O.D.

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Be Careful About Being a Meddling Startup CEO

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Fred Wilson also wrote on a similar topic in his usual more succinct manner , with a great quote being: “One thing I know for sure is that those who advise and invest in startups cannot and should not meddle in the day to day decision making. It’s harmful and hurtful to the startup and those that lead it. In practice it can be a fine line between sparring partner / coach and stepping over the line to brute-force persuasion. Startup Lessons

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Embrace Losing

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This is part of my ongoing series on Start-up Lessons that I learned from founding two companies. It is never as rewarding when you’re the coach (but coaching has many other benefits ;-). But first I’d like to start with a story. They had a team trained up in Documentum and we certainly had enemies from the inside. I immediately put a full team on contract management and another on drawing up an implementation plan.

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Why Your Startup Doesn’t Need a COO

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It’s very common for startup companies to have COO’s. But … Startups don’t need – shouldn’t have – COOs. I have this conversation with every startup that comes to see me and has a CEO & a COO. Startup Advice

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How can you let a talented employee go to pursue a new career?


Sometimes you can be the coach, helping them even if it means losing them. It doesn’t take much to publicly wish a departing employee well, to throw a small celebration, to coach the outgoing person if asked, and to listen and receive fair criticism at the moment of the exit interview.

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The Importance of Proprietary Deal Flow in Early-Stage VC

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There is one source that was always problematic for me – intros from investment bankers. This is no criticism of the investment banking industry (although I’m sure some will read it this way) for which there are very useful purposes. start-ups are overvalued.

Recruit Cal Ripken, Not Reggie Jackson, To Your Startup


Managerial Oversight And Performance Matter At A Startup. In contrast, Lex Sisney, author of Organizational Physics: The Science of Growing a Business , CEO Coach and Co-founder of Commission Junction has had success compartmentalizing such difficult high-performers.

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How To Maximize Your Value At A Startup: Your Greatest Ability Is Often Your Availability


His willingness to add value wherever his coach needed him most, not only helped his teams win three consecutive World Championships, but it also allowed Bert to extend his career by making himself Indispensible. Entrepreneurs and startup teams work more hours than nearly any other profession.

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Every Dollar Spent At A Startup Should Yield A Return


Cash is the fuel in your startup’s gas tank. If there happens to be a gas station along the way where you can fill up for a reasonable price, great. Along with Selling (see Be Like Sam ) and Networking (see Making Stone Soup and Personal Pitch ), negotiating is a vital startup skill.

Why Early-Stage VCs Should Be Careful About Intros from Bankers

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There is one source I never liked and no early-stage VC should – investment bankers. This is no criticism of the investment banking industry (although I’m sure some will read it this way) for which there are very useful purposes. start-ups are overvalued.

Launchpad LA Receives VC Funding: $50,000 Per Startup

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Launchpad LA today announces it will accept applications for its third class of Los Angeles-based tech startups. But the most important metric has been the deep and lasting relationships that have been built with startups and also between senior executives.

Does your business need money? Read this!


Some businesses require very little capital and the founder can self-finance the enterprise and retain 100% of its ownership and control from ignition through liquidity event (startup through sale). months from introduction to investment.

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Pipeline Fellowship | Raising Women to Become Investors

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Men have dominated the world of investment. There were only 22% women who invested in 2012. Natalia Oberti Noguera is on a mission to help change the demographic of investment with her Pipeline Fellowship. There are not enough women in the world who are investing.

The VC Inclusion Clause #MovingForward

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If you’re an entrepreneur who would like to see this clause in more startups please ask your VC to include it in future term sheets and link to it from their home page. “We We strive to invest in companies that are consciously working to create a diverse leadership team?—?one

Insights and Opinions: The Odd Couple: Angels and Accelerators


Southern California has the one of the largest gathering of organized angel investment groups, and a huge crop of startup accelerators: there's only one problem, which is they don't naturally work together. The entrepreneurs in startups are trained to go fast and run lean.

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Why Hearing “No” in a Fund-Raising Process is Actually Healthy

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This is true of any buying process where a customer has to make a large investment decision on your software or when an investor must decide whether to give you $5 million. Do they have authority to invest? But I know that if you invest you’ll take more time to get to know us.