Pitch Competition Like No Other: A Dating Site For Puppets?


A new technology "pitch competition", Techgladiatr , said it is giving away "beer, BBQ, and cupcakes" as part of a pitch event tonight which will give startups 30 minutes to pitch "a business inspired by a random idea". The event is happening at WeWork Hollywood.

VIMBY Powers Walmart's Entrepreneurship Competition


VIMBY , the Los Angeles-based, online production studio created by Mark Burnett, is powering a new entrepreneurship competition from Walmart, the Get On The Shelf crowdsourcing competition. walmart vimby content hollywood production entrepreneurship startup product According to Walmart, via its Silicon Valley-based @WalmartLabs unit, it is running the contest to let entrepreneurs get their products noticed and sold on its website and potentially, the Walmart store chain.

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Equipois Wins Pitch Competition


Los Angeles-based Equipois , which develops ergonomic arm technology, was the winner of a fast pitch competition hosted by the Monte Jade Science & Technology Association last week at Caltech. The technology is based on the technology behind Hollywood's Steadicam. Tags: equipois venture capital fast pitch competition

Pxldust.com Launches Art, Photography Competition Site


Hollywood-based Pxldust.com , a new web site focused on allowing artists and photographers to showcase their work, said this week that it is looking to let artists to compete for prizes and show off their artwork to others through its site. The quarterly competition is being sponsored right now by Wacom. artwork competition showcase photography pxldust

Hollywood 2.0

SoCal Tech Calendar

Friday, October 9, 2009 -- Hollywood 2.0. We will announce the winner of our "Financial Crisis Script Competition", which was judged by Sean Percival, Laurie Percival, Alexia Tsotsis and and Alex Albrecht - all will be present to speak. If you have something you are working on that is a potential "game changer" in Hollywood, let us know and we will try to include you on the agenda.

BUZZMEDIA Gets Competition From MOG


Hollywood-based BUZZMEDIA , the venture-backed publisher of music content, information, and community sites, is getting some new competition this week from Berkeley-based MOG. Tags: buzzmedia music celebrity content hollywood According to MOG, it has launched a new "editorial hub" called the MOG Music network which will showcase content from a network of 1,300 music blog.

TechZulu #TechCrawl | Hollywood Edition

Tech Zulu Event

TZ Tech Crawl is back this month and heading to Hollywood! Come take a tour of some of the hottest LA Tech companies and Co-Working spaces filled with Startups & Entrepreneurs located in Hollywood! The post TechZulu #TechCrawl | Hollywood Edition appeared first on TechZulu.

The Entrepreneur Association Can’t Be Stopped | Holding 90 sec Fast Pitch Competition

Tech Zulu Event

The EA Conference annual fast pitch competition offers aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their business idea in 90 seconds or less to a panel of judges, providing high exposure to the investment and Venture Capitalist community. You read that right.

Activision Offering $1M Prize In Call of Duty Championship


Activision said Friday that it has launched a new Call of Duty gaming competition, which will feature a $1 million prize, for the top player of Call of Duty: Black Ops II on the Xbox 360. The competition said that any player can register to compete in the competition.

DreamJobbing Launches To Find Users Dream Jobs


shoes toms employment competition hollywood content video production television dream dreamjobbing Wish you could be a VH1 reporter, television producer, or other dream jobs? Los Angeles-based DreamJobbing said this week that it has launched a new online site--and associated, television effort--which will give anyone a chance at a "dream job" by harnessing their social media and on-camera skills.

Interview with Steve Seigel, Hatched


There are a lot of other competition shows and reality show, which are much more predatory and cut-throat, and it's nice for our entrepreneurs to not only get a real investment, but get great feedback. As an entrepreneur, there is so much competition for so few dollars, so having a finance background and also having done something entrepreneurial really helps me provide balance to the show.

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X Prize Foundation Adds James Cameron To Board


Playa Vista-based X PRIZE Foundation , the group which runs the prize-based innovation competitions, said this week that it has added filmmaker James Cameron to its Board of Trustees.

Super League Gaming Launches League Of Legends Tournaments


Santa Monica-based Super League Gaming , the startup which takes over movie theaters and allows video gamers to participate in head-to-head competitions on the big screen, said it is launching a new League of Legends competition to movie theaters across the United States. The company said the new competitive City Champs and City Rec tournaments, which it is launching in partnership with Riot Games, will launch initially in Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, and Dallas.

Equipois Takes TCA LA Fast Pitch


Equipois , the developer of a mechanical arm--based on Hollywood's Steadicam--for reducing the weight of tooling and other objects, took the top prize and was ranked in 1st place overall in Wednesday evening's Tech Coast Angels Fast Pitch.

Los Angeles-based Talespin nabs $15 million for its extended reality-based workforce training tools

TechCrunch LA

Traditional venture capitalists may have made it rain on expensive Hollywood studios that were promising virtual reality would be the future of entertainment and social networking (given coronavirus fears, it may yet be), but Talespin and others like it are focused on much more mundane goals.

Beats Music Struggles With Low Subscriber Counts, Says Report


The report says Beats Music also will face new competition from Spotify, which is rolling out a music partnership with Sprint which challenges Beats'' own deal with AT&T. entertainment billboard communications sprint hollywood spotify subscription service streaming music beats

Do you want to control your business destiny?


This moment is not to be spoiled by such mundane warnings from advisors or consultants to plan carefully, research the market and competition, and execute the plan with tenacity and enthusiasm. Write your own Hollywood script.

Interview with Scot Lawrie and John Rhodes, Coverfly


For our interview this morning, we caught up with Scot Lawrie , the President and technical Co-founder of Los Angeles-based Coverfly (www.coverfly.com), and John Rhodes , Coverfly's head of Marketing and Business Development, to learn a bit more about the early stage, bootstrapped startup focused on Hollywood script writers. For those not familiar with the writing process in Hollywood works, fill us in?

Tongal Names Chief Marketing Officer


Recent projects on the site include a series of video shorts based on FIAT owners, and a competition to create two films for Mattel's American Girl line. tongal chief marketing offier amanda malko executive video creative hollywood advertising crowdsourcing crowdLos Angeles-based creative video crowdsourcing site Tongal has named a new, Chief Marketing Officer, saying it has named Amanda Malko to the new position. Malko was previously CMO of digital marketing agency 360i.

Movie Hackathon Combines Film, Technology, Prizes


The theme of launching local hackathons to bring innovative programmers out of the woodwork has been popular lately in the area, with recent competitions hosted or planned by AT&T; Edmunds.com; the Silicon Beach Fest; and others.

Interview with Alec Shankman, Gotcast


But, there was no good for Hollywood to find them. I got to talking with Will Schroter, who was an old business associate of mine and old friend, and we thought it could be very interesting to create a place where Hollywood could reach out to find people.

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How Jukin Media Is Turning Viral Video Into A Real Business


Is there a lot of competition for the rights to all of that content? Lee Essner: That''s one of the competitive edges we have. In some cases there is competition, and there are other people trying to acquire a video.

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M-GO's Take On The Digital Entertainment Streaming Market, with John Batter


That''s how content deals work in Hollywood. The second piece, is you asked about Netflix, and we''re really not competitive with Netflix at all. media technicolor dreamworks television hollywood content streaming entertainment digital batter john

Poptent Confirms $3M Funding


Poptent uses crowdsourcing to provide advertising and other video to brands, via competitions run on its site, saying that it allows advertisers to create ads for a "fraction of the cost" of traditional advertising methods. Tags: poptent venture capital crowdsourced internet advertising crowdsource video content hollywood

LA Taxi Company Challenges Uber, Lyft, Sidecar


UITD--which is one of the companies working with competing smartphone app provider Flywheel to counter the other ridesharing companies--told the LA Weekly it has seen at least a drop of 30 percent in business from weekend club-goers in the South Bay and in West Hollywood.

Silicon Beach at USC 2013 | Entrepreneurial Inspiration

Tech Zulu Event

The second annual USC Silicon Beach event, hosted by the four professional schools at USC, featured a pitch competition and a conference filled with informational panels and interviews. Startup Pitch Competition. Over $50,000 in prize money.

USC 102

Interview with Tobi Bauckhage, Moviepilot


Do you see a lot of competition from current US services? We're looking at distribution and marketing, which is the core of Hollywood and Southern California's core competencies. theater release theatrical film marketing hollywood content movie moviepilot bauckhage tobi

Poptent Raises $3.0M


Poptent features competitions from such brands as US Bank, E-Trade, Intel, and Salesforce.com on its site, where those firms award a prize to the best, user-generated commercials and videos that fit the brand's parameters. Tags: poptent venture capital user crowdsource video content hollywood commercial advertising

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The 12 Laws Of Entrepreneurial Power


When I later learned that Mr. Greeene wrote the book while struggling to suceed as a Hollywood screenwriter, I wasn''t surprised. Mr. Greene''s book might be applicable to Hollywood''s super-competitive, mean-spirited culture.

USC's Silicon Beach Awards and Presentations (Discount Code)


USC’s Marshall School of Business will host the second annual Silicon Beach Awards (SBAs), a $50,000 venture competition focused on innovation in technology & entertainment. Silicon Beach @ USC will feature game-changers and thought leaders from Hollywood studios, technology startups, and academia. We will also recognize the next generation of innovators as we award over $50,000 to participants in the USC Silicon Beach Awards venture competition.

USC 156

Interview with Anne Walls and John Singleton, WordHustler


Anne Walls and John Singleton are co-founders of WordHustler (www.wordhustler.com), a local Hollywood startup looking to help writers connect with publishers. In terms of the market, we cover everything, but the big areas are contests and publications of every kind, literary agents, and also some Hollywood agents. We are trying to keep it competitive. My background is in Hollywood, and I've started to get into the print industry.

Los Angeles Hosts the Oscars and the Tech.Co Startup Showcase


Startup of the Year competition, which will be held in San Jose, CA during the Innovate! X Factor Films – a Hollywood 2.0 It’s no secret that Los Angeles is home to a bevy of celebrities. Whether it be renowned athletes looking to enjoy some sun in the off-season or movies stars basking in the glory of stardom in between takes, the number of recognizable faces in this southern California city can be too much for some fans to bear. And for those L.A.

The thrill of the adventure!


This moment is not to be spoiled by such mundane warnings from advisors or consultants to plan carefully, research the market and competition, and execute the plan with tenacity and enthusiasm. Because it is yours to write alone, there is no Hollywood script more thrilling than the one you create during those first days when everything is so very new. There is nothing quite as thrilling in business as igniting a startup and watching it blossom.

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This Immigrant Entrepreneur Launched Her Billion Dollar Empire, Despite Speaking No English


As the Flapper fashion trend fell out of favor, the company courted Hollywood actresses, including Elizabeth Taylor, to wear their bras in films, thus introducing brassieres to a national market. A version of this article previously appeared Forbes.

Airbnb Launches Celebrity-Themed Promotion In LA


The bookings for the unique popups will be given away via a Facebook competition.

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8 Startup Lessons From “The Founder” Movie


As a Professor at UC Santa Barbara , I constantly battle Hollywood’s stereotype of the rapacious, maniacal businessperson, by teaching my students that Honesty is a competitive advantage. A version of this article previously appeared in Forbes.

2018 Digital Entertainment World - Digital Entertainment World

SoCal Tech Calendar

Recognized by Hollywood insiders, digital influencers and industry leaders throughout the world as a "must-attend" event, now in its 5th year Digital Entertainment World (DEW) is where you want to be if you are in the business of creating or monetizing digital entertainment content. Tuesday, February 6, 2018 -- Digital Entertainment World (DEW2018).

2018 Digital Entertainment World - Digital Entertainment World

SoCal Tech Calendar

Recognized by Hollywood insiders, digital influencers and industry leaders throughout the world as a "must-attend" event, now in its 5th year Digital Entertainment World (DEW) is where you want to be if you are in the business of creating or monetizing digital entertainment content. Monday, February 5, 2018 -- Digital Entertainment World (DEW2018).

Getting Your Head in the Game for Fund Raising

Both Sides of the Table

It’s the exact same phenomenon in sales when you’re in a competitive RFP and 5 firms are pitching. Learn What’s Not Working VCs are the masters of the “soft no” just like Hollywood producers are. When you run a startup you’re always on borrowed time.

Two Local Tech, Investment Executives Named In College Fraud Investigation


Two people associated with Southern California's high tech investment and startup industry have been named as part of the far reaching investigation into a college admissions scandal , which named Hollywood actresses, CEOs, coaches at USC, UCLA, and UCSD, as well as many others.

USC 109

George Powell – Doing Well By Having Fun


I was, however, very competitive when I was young, and had played football in high school well enough to get scholarship offers from what would be called division 1 schools in today’s world. A version of this article previously appeared on Forbes.

Findmypast.com Sets Up Shop In Venice


Findmypast.com is entering a competitive market here in the U.S., which includes such competitors as Ancestry.com and MyHeritage.com, as well as local family tree startup Geni.com, which is in West Hollywood. Findmypast.com , a British family history website, said today that it has launched--and has set up a new office in Venice, California, to run its U.S. operations.

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Nine Startup Tips From Michael Dell


Despite the relative dominance of product-oriented innovations, they seldom create sustainable competitive advantages. Despite the Hollywood myth, it is easier to succeed in business when you are honest, rather than trying to screw everyone you encounter.

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