SpaceX Plans First Commercial Flights Of Starship In 2021


Hawthorne-based SpaceX is hoping to launch the very first, commercial missions for its Starship spacecraft--designed to deliver passengers to Mars--in 2021, according to the company , and is currently in talks with three companies on those missions.

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NASA Awards SpaceX $50 Million Launch Contract

L.A. Business Journal

million contract to launch three space telescopes in 2021 NASA awarded Hawthorne-based SpaceX a $50.3

Tesla Model Y orders are now open

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” Under that timeline, deliveries wouldn’t begin until late 2020 or possibly early 2021. There are other clues on the order page, including that the seven-seat interior won’t be available until 2021.

Fire Reported At SpaceX Facility In Florida


SpaceX, which is based in the Los Angeles area, in Hawthorne, has said that it hopes to launch commercial missions on the Starship in 2021. A fire broke out this morning at a SpaceX facility in Florida, where SpaceX is working on its "Starship", reportedly causing around $650,000 in damage. Other details on the fire have not yet been provided by SpaceX.

Bio Roundup: Crazy ’16, Trials of ’17, Senate on Drugs & More


You’ve probably seen the Internet memes. “When 2016 started, I looked like this. Insert picture of young Leo DiCaprio.] Now I look like this. Leo, with mountain beard, after mud-wrestling with a grizzly in The Revenant.]” ” In life science terms, let’s just say all our telomeres feel a lot shorter than 12 months ago.

Teledyne Wins $20M F-35 Contract


According to Teledyne, the contract--which runs for fiscal years 2019 through 2021--is with Harris Corporation.Teledyne AES said the award is to develop and deliver fiber optic quad transceiver products for the military aircraft. Teledyne Advanced Electronics Solutions (AES), a business unit of Thousand Oaks-based Teledyne , reports this morning that it has won a $20M contract related to its support of the F-35 aircraft program.

SpaceX Wins Award To Send Probe To Study Black Holes


The mission is expected to launch from Florida in April of 2021, from the SpaceX Launch Complex 39A. Hawthorne, California-based SpaceX has scored a $50.3M contract to launch a NASA probe to study black holes and neutron stars. According to NASA, the award covers both launch services and other mission-related costs for the Imaging X-Ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE).

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Relativity Signs Satellite Rideshare Deal


According to Relativity, it plans to have its first launch in Q3 of 2021. Los Angeles-based Relativity , a developer of robotics technology and 3D manufacturing technology aimed at developing 3D printed rockets, says it has signed a launch services agreement with satellite ridesharing arranger Spaceflight. According to Relativity, Spaceflight will manifest missions to Low Earth Orbit (LEO) on Relativity's 3D printed rocket, the Terran 1. Relativity has not yet launched its first rocket.

USC Marshall Combines MBA, STEM


USC said the new option is will become available for its 2020 and 2021 MBA classes this fall. The University of Southern California (USC) Marshall School of Business is hoping to make its MBA students more attractive to the marketplace--and help its international students--by adding a new "STEM specialization" option for its full time MBA students, the company announced on Wednesday.

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Western Digital, Rambus In Patent Licensing Deal


Rambus aid the agreement covers its patented memory technologies, including high-speed interfaces, memory architectures, resistive memory and security technologies, for use in Western Digital's flash products through 2021. Irvine-based Western Digital is in a patent licensing agreement with Sunnyvale-based Rambus , Rambus announced on Monday. Financial details of that agreement were not announced.

Urovant Sciences Gets $100M In Debt Funding


According to Urovant, the $100M in debt is split between $15M in a first tranche, and an additional $85M split between three additional optional tranches, through June 30th of 2021. Irvine-based Urovant Sciences , which is developing biopharmaceuticals for treating urologic conditions, said late Friday afternoon that it has entered into a deal for up to $100M in debt financing, from Hercules Cpaital.

So You Want to Start a Cybersecurity Company?


Attacks will cost the world $6 trillion by 2021, research firm Cybersecurity Ventures says- –the greatest transfer of economic wealth in history and more profitable than the trade in all major illegal drugs. Cybercrime has become a global epidemic.

SpaceX Wins $112M Contract From NASA


NASA announced late Tuesday that it has selected Hawthorne-based Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) , for a $112M mission to launch a water survey mission to space in April of 2021. According to NASA, SpaceX will provide launch services for the Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) mission, which is expected to launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base, north of Lompoc.

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Faraday Future Gets $225M In Bridge Loan


According to the EV developer, the new funding will go towards supporting the completion and launch of its flagship vehicle, the FF 91 EV, as well as for development and launch of its mass market FF 81 vehicle in 2021, along with "support" of its vendor and supply chain. Los Angeles-based electric vehicle developer Faraday Future (FF) says it has received a new, $225M Senior Bridge Financing, from Birch Lake Fund Management, LP, ahead of a $1.25

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Canoo, the electric vehicle startup formed from Faraday Future’s ashes, seeks $200 million

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Initially, Canoo will target customers in Los Angeles and the Bay Area, with additional plans to expand to San Diego and Seattle when the company brings its commercial vehicles to market in 2021. Less than a month after rebranding as Canoo , the startup electric vehicle company formerly known as Evelozcity is on the hunt for $200 million in new capital.

Fisker Announces New Sub-$40,000 SUV


Los Angeles-based electric car startup Fisker announced a brand new vehicle today, a sub-$40,000 SUV, promising that it will start shipping to customers in the second half of 2021. Fisker, run by auto designer Henrik Fisker, said the new vehicle will have close to 300 miles of range and start below $40,000, but is not expected to have a driveable prototype of the vehicle until the end of this year.

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SpaceX Selected By DigitalGlobe For Satellite Constellation


The two said that the first block of satellites for DigitalGlobe's WorldView Legion satellites will be launched in two separate flights in 2021, on SpaceX's Falcon 9 rockets. Hawthorne-based SpaceX has added another satellite customer, DigitalGlobe , to its queue of launch contracts, the two companies said Wednesday morning.

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Location-based virtual reality is increasing its footprint in the U.S.

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Analysts for the industry tracker Canalys forecast that the industry will sell nearly 10 million units in 2021, on par with the (shrinking) console market. Earlier this year, in a small, grey-walled storefront inside a very large mall in Torrance, Calif.

Embracing the Inevitable Changes of Self-Driving Vehicles


and Europe Race to be First to Self-Driving Trucks Ford Plans Self-Driving Car for Ride Share Fleets in 2021 But when will the rubber meet the road, so to speak, for autonomous vehicles?

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