Angel Investing (1): Dealflow – Are You Sitting at The Right Poker Table?

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Executive Summary. I believe the rise in angel investing is here to stay and the professionalization of this class (aka “super angels&# or “micro VC&# ) is a good thing for the VC industry and for entrepreneurs.

Angel Funding Advice

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Last night I attended a DealMaker Media (whom I love because they always host such great discussions) panel on raising angel money moderated by Dan Gould and with panelists Rob Hayes (First Round Capital, more seed or A round than angel), Scot Sangster (with OrganicStartup and the best spokesperson for Tech Coast Angels that I have met to date), Tom McInerney (TGM) and Jarl Mohn (who invests on his own “account&# and whose track record is truly humbling).

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Startup Fundraising 101: Getting Ready To Raise A Round

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If you go this route, be careful to make the stakes clear: i.e., that they could lose their whole investment. Angels (invest their own money) and super angels. If you’re raising funds from angels you’ll likely need to get investments from several different players.

Angel Investing 4 – Why You Need Deep Pockets to Win Big

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This is the fourth article in a series on what it takes to be a great angel investor (and why this should matter to entrepreneurs). Markets like these are very kind to angel investors because you get taken out early and see a nice pop on your investment.

What Most People Don’t Understand About How Startup Companies are Valued

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We write about $40 million of first-checks into new deals / year and about $40 million of follow-on investments. “10 angel investors walk into a bar …” Do you remember AngelGate at Bin38 ? As you can see below, investments have skyrocketed – up 300% since 2009.

Interview: Naval Ravikant, Co-Founder AngelList and Co-Maintainer Venture Hacks


What follows is a summary which paraphrases Naval’s responses. 5) Rincon Venture Partners recently invested in The Resumator , which we identified via AngelList. Long-term, we may start investing in some of these companies as they go through.

How to Kick Start Your Community’s Startup Scene

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The basic components are obvious: talented founders, great engineers, angel money, venture capital, access to larger corporates (for business, funding & talent), great education / research (for IP breakthroughs) and a sufficient ecosystem of mentors, advisors, executive coaches and mavens.

In 15 Years From Now Half of US Universities May Be in Bankruptcy. My Surprise Discussion with @ClayChristensen

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Watch the 30-minute interview to hear why but summary notes below. Let me start by saying that Clayton is one of the most influential people on my thoughts about markets that led to both the concept behind my first startup and my main theses in investing.

The Changing Structure of the VC Industry

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Lower costs to start a business (95% reduction), many more companies created & funded by angels / seed. Limited Partners or LPs (the people who invest into VC funds) have taken notice as 2014 is by all accounts the busiest year for LPs since the Great Recession began.

What Jonah @Peretti, CEO of BuzzFeed, Sees in the Future of Digital Media

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The 30-minute interview of Jonah Peretti is here but my summary in the notes below. But I knew I had to look for investments in “software meets X (often known as Vertical Software solutions)” rather than necessarily horizontal enterprise software applications. BuzzFeed.

Some Thoughts on Branding Startups and Communities

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Brad Feld visited Los Angeles this past week. ” Many people on the Westside of Los Angeles are using the term Silicon Beach these days to describe the amazing renaissance that is truly happening here. I know that I call them often to co-invest. In Summary.

Getting Your Head in the Game for Fund Raising

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Also, make sure you know several partners at the VC firms who have invested in you because in tough times it helps to have very broad support. When you run a startup you’re always on borrowed time.

When VCs Play Defense

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As VCs we’re inundated with emails from founders, friends, colleagues, angels, seed investors, VCs, law firms, venture banks, corporates and so forth with their favorite deals. The only conclusion one can draw from this is that if you start your investment analysis at a YC Demo Day, you are perhaps best reminded of t he famous quip about PT Barnum. And when I’m asked – as I invariably am every time – “What are you looking to invest in?”

Stock Market Drops. Then It Rallies. What Happens Next for Funding?

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By 2008 I had gotten more serious about championing companies through our investment process. And just when I thought I had the deal that was worthy of bringing to investment committee the world changed. Let’s review all of our existing investments. tl;dr summary.

Some Career Advice for Aspiring Tech CEOs

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For some aspiring to be tech entrepreneurs, I often suggest a two-step process, as I argued in this post that “ The First Startup Founder You Need to Invest in Is You.” ” The punch line from this post was “angel yourself.” At Upfront we invested in such a company. Summary. A shortened, better edited and with nicer pictures version of this post first appeared on TechCrunch.

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What I Would Look for When Choosing a VC – Knowing What I Know Now?

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I had an enjoyable conversation this morning with a young team straight out of college this morning and they were calling to ask advice on how to approach fund raising (angels vs. VCs, how to select a VC, etc.) Fred Wilson wrote perfectly about sticking with struggling investments.

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What Happens When Startups Turn from Their Innovation Stage to Operational Excellence?

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This financial leader could well have come through the finance org at another startup or at a larger company but they often also can come from strategy consulting (Bain, BCG or McKinsey) or through investment banking (Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, etc.).

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Should Startups Focus on Profitability or Not?

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You have to understand whether they’re likely to yield revenue growth in the near term OR whether you have access to cheap enough capital to fund your losses until your investments pay off. Just be careful that it doesn’t come at the expense of investments in growth.

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amSTATZ Social Network For Fitness Gurus, Athletes & Events | Interview With Founder

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No summary of what we did, no easy way for me to recommend my trainer to my friends, and no way for me to easily book the next appointment. After the session, Andy posts a summary to Jenna’s profile with the details of their workout and a few words of advice.

Why We’re Looking to Fund Stuff With More Meaning

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When the early teams: angels, lowercase capital & first round capital funded Uber they had no idea it would be one of the most revolutionary ideas of our time. This was certainly the case when I invested in a small YouTube video production company called Maker Studios that recently sold to Disney for just shy of $1 billion. But if it’s a very obvious deal to a group of strong-minded & cynical investment professionals you probably need to think a bit harder as to why.

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How Boards Need to Evolve Over Time

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With small amounts of money invested (sub $3 million) the risks are reasonably low for most VCs and the consequences of bad decisions or decisions a VC has limited say in is tolerable. when to build out our offices in Silicon Valley, New York & Los Angeles. Summary.

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Is Convertible Debt Preferable to Equity?

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Every investment so far in this YC batch (and there have been a lot) has been done on a convertible note.&#. I’ve written about the topic of convertible debt at length before specifically about how angels & entrepreneurs should think about pricing.

Changes in Software & Venture Capital – Part 2 of 3

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If you don’t want to read that post, the summary is: Open source computing drove computing costs down 90%, which spurred innovation in technology. Some have moved into later stage investments in an effort to “put logos on their websites.&# The Blurring of Investment Lines.

Master of Customer Acquisition, Matt Coffin, On Startups …

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Or read the quick, informative summary below the image! Since selling Matt has gone on to become one of the smartest angels I have seen operate. Matt’s commitment to re-investing in tech startups is reminiscent to this great Fred Wilson post of “recycling capital. &#.

10 ways you’ll probably f**k up your startup — Spook Studio — Medium

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Design as an afterthought Mistakenly, many early-stage startups often don’t see value in investing in design early on, believing it is a luxury which can be bolted on later like some kind of magic stardust. Get some customers and investment will come a lot easier.

The Truth About Early Stage Pre-Money Valuations

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The second is that, despite the typical non-reliance on formal calculation, investors’ views on valuation are in some way based on a perception of risks and potential return of the investment— or, put another way, of the interaction of fear and greed. . For an early stage investor, due diligence is undertaken to refine initial impressions of factors affecting investment risk and return. The first task is to convince the investor that the company should warrant investment at all.

Is it the jockey or the horse?


If you are looking for money, this question will certainly come up in one form or another when you approach professional or organized angel or VC investors. My answer always varies as I examine each deal, sometimes deferring and passing on an investment because of an uneasy feeling about the entrepreneur, even if the business plan seems able to capture the market. I would not, nor would most all of those I co-invest with.

Brad Feld Drops Knowledge. Here’s What He Said …

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Or, as always, summary notes available below. I decided well if I am going to be investing in this stuff at least I need to understand what it’s like to have a blog, to be generating content, and it was quite interesting at the very, very beginning.“. we are not going to invest.

What Future for Accelerators?

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I have been involved with a high profile one in Los Angeles – Launchpad LA – and we’ve decided to make a shift so I thought this was a good time for reflection. And since we all knew that Sam’s dealflow and judgment were sound we empowered him to make early-stage, accelerator-like investments in early-stage entrepreneurs under the Upfront brand. She joined Mesa Global where she is doing both venture capital and investment banking.

Frank Addantes FounderBlog: Startup 5.0 – I’m just going to chill out for a bit… (OK, for a month…)

Frank Addante

► August (1) Invest in Transparency & Active Communication ► July (1) The Fear of Success ► May (2) Optimized for Speed = 30% Waste Happy 1st Birthday Rubicon Project! We invested the first $1 million to develop version 1.0

How to Handle a VC Presentation with No Deck

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I wrote the summary notes in this blog post. I talked about this in the TWiVC video but I didn’t do a good enough job of writing it up in the summary notes in the post. And it’s almost universally true that the new band of angels & seed investors are product gurus.

Interview: Paige Craig, CEO BetterWorks


Messenger : Paige Craig, CEO BetterWorks, Angel Investor, former Marine. Paige is a gifted communicator and my summary does not do him justice. What follows is a summary which paraphrases Paige’s responses. 1) In addition to running BetterWorks, you are also an Angel Investor.

Want to Know How First Round Capital was Started?

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They have totally changed the way you run a VC firm, investing heavily in systems & events for their founders that are pushing the boundaries of the way our industry works. I think you'll enjoy hearing him, but if you're in a rush check out the summary notes below.