Mutli-Cloud: The Future of Cloud Computing?

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The hype surrounding cloud computing is not easily dismissed, especially considering how many businesses are adopting it for their operations. The new cloud trend is to institute a multi-cloud environment. Several factors play into multi-cloud’s rising popularity.

3Tera Upgrades Cloud Computing Software


Aliso Viejo-based 3Tera , a developer of cloud computing software and services, announced Thursday that the firm has upgraded its AppLogic cloud computing platform. According to the firm, the updated platform includes automated diagnostics and self-healing features, including ability to monitor and detect hard drives issues; automatic volume repair; improved server isolation; and soft restarts of the system.

Cloud Computing

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009 -- Cloud Computing : Impact on Business and Architecture. Come for a discussion on how Cloud Computing can be leveraged to create a new class of solutions that are more connected, dynamic, and can allow business to drive cost down, yet enable unlimited potential services. Cloud computing is a disruptive force that has the potential to change everything, but how do we take advantage of it?

Eucalyptus Joins In Cloud Computing Alliance


Santa Barbara-based cloud computing software provider Eucalyptus Systems is one of three firms which says they have created a new group focused on bringing self-service, private and hybrid clouds to the enterprise. According to newScale , rPath , and Eucalyptus , the three have created a new coalition called the "NRE" alliance, which will promote the firms' integrated technology platform for the cloud computing market.

Google Cloud’s LA region goes online

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Google Cloud’s new region in Los Angeles is now online, the company announced today. region and, while it was slow to expand its physical cloud footprint, the company now features 17 regions around the world.

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Big tech companies are looking at Hollywood as the next stage in their play for the cloud

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This week, both Microsoft and Google made moves to woo Hollywood to their cloud computing platforms in the latest act of the unfolding drama over who will win the multi-billion dollar business of the entertainment industry as it moves to the cloud.

Ford’s Autonomic Pairs With Alibaba Cloud On Mobility Hub for China


Ford—one of the automakers competing in China’s huge car market—is now making a bid to provide China’s leading software infrastructure hub dedicated to streamlining transportation by connecting cars and riders with mobility services. Ford’s recently acquired unit Autonomic , which co-created the automaker’s Transportation Mobility Cloud (TMC), inked a deal Tuesday to partner with Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing division of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba.

DreamHost Launches OpenStack Cloud


Los Angeles-based web hosting provider DreamHost has expanded into the cloud computing services market, saying this morning that it has launched a new OpenStack-based cloud computing platform called DreamCompute. DreamHost said that DreamCompute will provide compute instances from 1GB to 64GB, and also will use the open source, distributed storage software from its spinoff, Ceph. Pricing on its new cloud based service was not disclosed.

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RightScale Expands In Australia


Santa Barbara-based cloud computing software developer RightScale has expanded into Australia, the firm said last week. RightScale said it has set up operations in Sydney, which will provide local sales, support and professional services for its platform in that country. RightScale is a provider of software used to manage the configuration, monitoring, and other aspects of both private and public cloud computing.

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Lightcrest Rolls Out Hybrid Cloud Service


Los Angeles-based Lightcrest , a provider of cloud computing software, said it has rolled out a new, hybrid cloud computing platform it calls Kahu. According to the company, its Kahu Compute Fabric provides both a hardware and software stack, which it says is more efficient than both public cloud and virtualization products, and lets users manage their compute, storage, and networking, including through a REST API.

Choosing Internet Platforms


The topic is: Betting Your Company On An Internet Platform? However, these platforms could be interesting for prototype and pilot solutions. They also are VERY interesting for background processing tasks that take compute resources or from a storage cloud standpoint. The other conclusion was that you need to have a migration path from the platform. application services (security, integration), etc. Went to a layer that insulated you from other platforms.

Arterys, GE Healthcare to Roll Out Next-Gen MRI Scans of Heart


That’s because GE Healthcare, by tweaking its traditional MRI scanners, was capturing so much raw data on the heart that on-site hospital scanners and computers couldn’t assemble it into images that doctors could intuitively interpret.

Morphlabs Launches Enterprise Cloud Management Platform


Manhattan Beach-based Morphlabs , which develops software for managing public and private cloud computing infrastructure, said this week that it has launched a new product called mCloud On-Demand. The firm said the new product allows users to use Amazon's EC2 cloud service to deliver enterprise applications over the public cloud. Tags: mcloud amazon computing cloud morphlabs

More Drama on the Cloud Price Wars Front

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Perhaps it should come as no surprise that the cloud price wars have flared up once again. After taking a brief hiatus amidst nervous tensions, competition between cloud computing vendors has reached a fever pitch in the past month.

Google Aims At Hollywood With LA Cloud Services Move


In a move designed to attract more customers from the media and entertainment industry, Google said this week that it will be opening up a new Los Angeles cloud region to its cloud computing platform, Google Cloud. according to Google , it is specifically targeting the media and entertainment companies in Los Angeles with the new service. content entertainment media servies cloud hollywood google

3Tera Wins Customer


Aliso Viejo-based 3Tera , a provider of a cloud computing service, announced today that the firm has signed on Japanese telecom firm KDDI as a customer. According to 3Tera, KDDI is using its AppLogic cloud computing platform as part of a "KDDI Cloud Server Service" offering. 3Tera provides an online service focused on virtual applications and infrastructure.

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Cylance Expands Endpoint Protection Software To AWS Marketplace


AWS Marketplace is Amazon's marketplace for business software that runs on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing infrastructure. Cylance's software runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. cylance amazon services marketplace cybersecurity securityIrvine-based cybersecurity software developer Cylance says it has extended its artificial intelligence driven, endpoint protection software, CylancePROTECT, to the AWS Marketplace.

DreamHost Readies Wider OpenStack Rollout


Los Angeles-based web and cloud hosting provider DreamHost looks to be readying its OpenStack cloud offering, DreamCompute, for wider consumption, after showing off the service at the OpenStack Summit in Portland last week. DreamHost was named one of the "hottest products" by industry publication at the show, and apparently is getting set for general availability of the service this summer. DreamHost has been offering the service in beta since October of last year.

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7 Steps Online Companies Can Take to Manage Sales Tax Exposure


But today, online companies that sell services rather than merchandise also need to be concerned about state sales taxes. Online service companies need to be aware of these potential tax traps so they are not surprised when a state tax agency comes knocking on their door.

Kareo the “Doctor’s Cloud” Secures $29.5 Million in Growth Capital

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million round into Kareo, the doctor’s cloud-based platform. “It’s been exciting to watch the impact that Kareo has had on small practices, including the recent launch of Kareo EHR and Billing Services,” said Jim Lim, partner at Greenspring Associates.

DTS Links Into Microsoft Azure Cloud


Calabasas-based audio processing technology developer DTS is linking into Microsoft's cloud computing service, Microsoft Azure, according to the company. According to DTS, its content encoding technology will be available via the cloud through Microsoft Azure's Media Encoder Premium service. The link means that streaming services can use the cloud to output DTS surround sound content in 4K Ultra HD on the XBOX One, Samsung TVs, and other platforms.

Protect your outlier innovators.


Your competitors may already be working on the next generation of product, as you remain stuck in the mud, even if focused upon serving the customer base with outstanding service and rapid feature rollout. Just think of the computer and software fields.

Morphlabs Gets $1.0M From Strategic Partner


Manhattan Beach-based Morphlabs , the provider of software for managing private and public cloud infrastructure, has raised $1M in funding from a strategic partner, the firm said this week. According to Morphlabs, the investment came from BroadBand Tower, a provider of Internet services, hosting, and other services in Japan. Morphlabs said that BroadBand Tower has been using its platform since late 2009. morphlabs cloud software saas computing broadband tower japan

Opening The Cloud: Marten Mickos, CEO of Eucalyptus Systems


I recently spoke with Marten Mickos, the former CEO of MySQL and current CEO of Eucalyptus Systems , the leader in private cloud platforms. The most typical use case is a scalable web service. We are the cloud platform, so we form the cloud for you.

5 (More) Battle-Tested Business Tips From Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos


Every time Amazon made a change to its website, whether it be modifications to its customer acquisition funnel, upsell techniques, customer service, etc., A version of this article previously appeared on Forbes.

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Interview: Thorsten von Eicken of RightScale


Messenger : Thorsten von Eicken , RightScale’s Co-Founder and CTO, Chief Architect at Citrix Online (formerly Expertcity) and Professor of Computer Science at Cornell University and UC Santa Barbara. Let me answer ‘why computing needs RightScale.’

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Dude, Akanda Is Tying The Cloud Together Like A Rug


In homage to The Dude’s sentiment, tech startup Akanda Virtual Networking named its open source project The Rug because it “ties together” OpenStack networks by managing orchestration, routing and other key network services. The earliest mega-scale web services (e.g.,

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How Kazuhm Is Reconnecting The Enterprise Cloud, With Tim O'Neal


If you're a large, enterprise company, in recent years, cloud computing has become an increasingly large--and expensive--piece of your information technology (IT) mix. Enterprise cloud budgets are growing astronomically as companies adopt many cloud techniques. In our years in infrastructure, those computer resources have never been leveraged on the enterprise IT side. Tim O'Neal: I've been a computer junkie and geek since I was a gid.

RightScale Lands $13M


Santa Barbara-based RightScale said today that it has raised $13M, in a second round for the cloud computing software firm. RightScale is developing a cloud computing software platform based on Amazon's web services; the frim's product allows users to manage and deploy servers. According to RightScale, the round was led by Index Ventures, and also included prior investor Becnhmark Capital. Danny Rimer of Index joins the board as part of the funding.

Explaining FNAC: Feature, Not a Company

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It’s intended in a discussion with an entrepreneur to get them to question whether there is really amazing underlying value in the product or service they’re offering. We spoke about my interest in cloud computing, digital media and mobile. FNAC.

The Coming Brick Wall in Venture Capital & Why This is Good for US Innovation

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Or the Cliff Note’s version: Open Source & Cloud Computing (led by Amazon) drove down tech startup costs by 90%. The software industry is changed for good and the next decade will truly be dominated by the open cloud and open platform companies that embrace this.

Understanding Changes in the Software & Venture Capital Industries

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Open-Source Software & Horizontal Computing. We also benefitted economically from a move to “horizontal computing.&# These two trends had a major impact on the computing industry from 2000-2005 but the effects weren’t yet felt by the VC industry.

Girls in STEM and Cyber Security Among Top Startups at Eureka Park 2018


With computer science jobs predicted to increase by 22 percent by 2020 according to the U.S. Their product the Boolean Box , is an all-in-one, hands-on, kit that can introduce your child to computer programming.

Entrepreneurs Should Go For The Quick Buck – Then Stop - Initial Business Models Can Be Enticing But Limiting In The Long Run


The more a customer utilized WebEx’s services, the more they had to pay. Rather than encouraging users to maximize the value from their service, they effectively punished them for their increased usage. However, the Founders understood the inherent limitations of a services business.

You Need to Win the Battle for Share of Mind

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The era of cheap cloud computing plus open-source software plus digital natives unleashed upon society is creating some truly amazing products that will challenge the way we do business and the way we live our lives. Financial Services?