Can you defend your pricing niche against your competition?


There can be nothing more important in your business planning that selecting the proper pricing niche, making your story clear using that niche, and the defending your position against the competition. Assume that you are not an Internet retailer with many competing products to sell.

Find your “teacher customer.”


Your customers know what they want more than you do. This week’s insight came from personal experience and from a good friend who advanced the notion of the “teacher-customer” years ago. The customer would be the first to receive the new functionality in a new release.

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Why I Look for Obsessive and Competitive Founders

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He wants to compete to be the lead drummer in the competitive ensemble and study under Terence, an obsessive instructor who is hell bent on winning competitions for the school. But the film has my brain buzzing all week about obsessive and competitive people. Obsession.

Competition Is A Lie – Tracy DiNunzio Explains Why


Tracy DiNunzio, Founder and CEO of Tradesy , recently shared her insights regarding the best approach for entrepreneurs to address competition. competition''s a really interesting thing. Competition Is A Lie. A version of this article previously appeared on Forbes.

Your Product Needs to be 10x Better than the Competition to Win. Here’s Why:

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He wanted to build direct customer relationships to get product feedback but only 2% of customers would ever return their registration cards. So when he saw the browser it instantly dawned on him that this would be the greatest customer development tool ever.

Be careful how you define your competition.


Professional investors laugh when they hear an entrepreneur state, “We have no competition.” Doing nothing is the main competitor for most products and services, whether a compelling new idea or a seasoned product long proven to be effective. It could be that a larger competitor has met with its customers, promising to extend its product line into this very niche. That statement has killed more investment deals than almost any other.

HipTraveler | Taking Startup Competitions by Storm

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In order to support all of these teams, there are several on-campus startup competitions every year, from the Silicon Beach USC competition to the New Venture Seed Competition, with prize funds to help build the companies.

Meet Our Startup of the Year Competition Semifinalists: Mobile Therapy


From apps to hardware, to KickStarter successes and international startups, we’re inching closer to finding out who will take home the title of Startup of the Year competition at our annual Celebrate Conference in October. Among the dozens of participants that applied for the online competitions, only a few progressed into the semifinals. Co: What was the road like leading up to your initial pitch for the competition?

Using Technology to Realize a Competitive Advantage

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Computers and the Internet have now brought in a new era that relies on data to make profitable business decisions in the competitive environment. Below is a full explanation of how small businesses can leverage technology to earn a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Find your “teacher-customer.”


Your customers know what they want more than you do. Find one to teach you. This insight came from personal experience and from a good friend who advanced the notion of the “teacher-customer” years ago. Email readers continue here.] This is not to bend this insight into a claim that a company should wait to develop new, groundbreaking products and services until a customer asks for them.

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Custom Software

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012 -- Custom Software. Today, companies need every edge they can get to strive in our current competitive marketplace. For many companies, custom software provides the edge they need. Improved productivity and efficiency leading to cost reductions, easier to use services leading to increased customer satisfaction and retention, a new needed product or service that is not available anywhere else.

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Helping Consumers Name Their Own Price For Products, With Greentoe


To bring that ability to name your own price on products, Los Angeles-based Greentoe ( recently launched, allowing consumers to name their own price to retailers of everything from electronics to baby products. However, rather than travel services, it''s for products.

Startup Pricing: Are You Selling A Giffen Product?


A recurring entrepreneurial challenge is to determine the optimal price of a new product, especially absent a directly competitive alternative. When we launched GoToAssist, we offered our customers the option to brand the customer-facing webpages with their logo and brand colors.

OpenX Launches New Product


Los Angeles-based online advertising technology developer OpenX Technologies said this morning that it has launched a new product, the OpenX SSP (Supply Side Platform). According to OpenX, the new product combines real-time-bidding (RTB) and ad network demand into a single auction system, which can help publishers maximize their advertising yield and increasing competition for their inventory.

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FreedomPop Launches New MVNO Targeted At Sprint, T-Mobile Customers


According to FreedomPop, its new service, UNREAL Mobile , will provide unlimited plans starting at $15 a month, and is aimed an "ensuring continued competition" in the wireless market after the announcement of the T-Mobile and Sprint merger. FreedomPop explained that the new service is a "full service premium product" that competes directly with Spring and T-Mobile's postpaid business, unlike its existing FreedomPop service, which competes against pre-paid brands like Boost and Cricket.

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Productivity Hacks: Voicemail, Folders & To-Do’s

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I recently wrote a post about avoiding the “ Deferred Life Plan &# and some related thoughts about personal productivity that came from Tim Ferriss’s book, The Four Hour Workweek. I would love to say that I’m the productivity guru.

5 Tips to Becoming a More Customer Centric Organization

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As organizations we have become more open and I believe this is great for businesses and their customers. We spent time out in the marketplace talking with customers, looking at their solutions, comparing ourselves with our competition and then squirreling ourselves away in our offices designing our next set of features. They communicated this to product management who looked at all of the internal requirements we had generated (e.g. Turn Your Organization Inside Out.

5 Financial Strategies that will always beat your Competition

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010 -- TechAmerica Century City Greater LA Finance Network Group Presents: 5 Financial Strategies that will always beat your Competition. 5 5 Financial Strategies that will always beat your competition: 1. Invest in CPI 3.Improved productivity results 4. Have provable and quantifiable customer benefits 5. Be where your customers are and optimize their experience.

Orange County Product Managers

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011 -- "Profitability by Customer Experience: Lessons about Different and Better from the Best" Dr. Joely Gardner, Jeofrey Bean and Sean Van Tyne will make their OCPM debut this month at JT Schmid's in Tustin. Join us in this engaging panel-led discussion about the companies, people and products that have made themselves different, better and more profitable than their competition.

Build a Product-Driven Company

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If you want to manage a hyper-growth company, start with a great product. The best product wins. With a great product comes great customers, and with customers comes revenue and profit, which in turn can be used to build more great products.

Managing Your Product/Service Lifecycle

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012 -- Managing Your Product/Service Lifecycle. Your product is just about to go out the door. But how do you ensure that your product or service is what the customer really wants, needs and will pay for? How do you plan a roadmap to stay ahead of the competition while evaluating the myriad of new opportunities? Access OC. Youre reviewing your launch plan and task assignments.

When Your Startup Business Plan Needs to Be Revised

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Maybe a major company with deep pockets has embarked on a product line extension and is set to launch a product in direct competition with yours, or maybe, as with online gaming a few years back, the government decided to ban or sharply restrict your industry’s activities.

Taking Technology Products to Market

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Thursday, February 12, 2009 -- Caltech Executive Education: Taking Technology Products to Market. Stand out in your competitive marketplace. Attend this 2 day course to learn how to provide customers with crystal-clear product positioning, meaningful branding, and carefully timed launch strategies. See [link] (more

Faster is sometimes more valuable than better.


Dell is a great example of emphasis upon fast, creating a customized computer in 48 hours or less, bringing in assemblies and components just-in-time to make the assembly line. Dell’s response would be something like “Quality custom computers more quickly than the competition.”

Moving Analytics | Sitting Kills, Moving Heals

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While we have become more productive as a society, with the advent of computers aiding our work, physical inactivity has become a high risk factor in contributing to chronic illnesses. How is Movn different than your competition? We also set up a competition between the two centers.

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Sponsor Message: Find more customers with socalTECH


In this kind of economy, it's more important than ever to find and locate customers. How do you find customers who are still going strong--and are expanding and hiring? socalTECH's High Tech Company Database provides you with the tools to locate and research companies in Southern California -- and beyond -- who might be in the market for your products or services. Try our free, two week trial and see how we can give you an edge in finding your next customer

Top 57 Online Startups Meets Technology Meets Product Posts for November 2010


I continue to collect great content that is the intersection of startups, products, online and technology. So let’s be very specific: let’s assume your dream job is product manager at Google, working on the Analytics product. How to Enchant Your Customer - How to Change the World , November 23, 2010 I love to do business with small businesses—in-store, online, for myself, for others, for pleasure, for work—it doesn’t matter to me.

Why buy IT? Why buy MINE? Why buy NOW?


Is your product or service one that responds to a customer need, real or perceived? This question deals with the of fering in general, not yet with your version of the product. What a powerful set of three questions.

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HG Data Takes $12M More For Market Analytics


The company's service revolves around tracking the installed base of a wide range of products, ranging from cloud services, enterprise applications, and customer relationship management tools, to hardware, project management, and other applications. hgdata data market analytics competitive intelligence venture capital updata rincon epicventures

A year in review: productboard’s top 10 posts from 2017


At productboard we aim to bake best practices of product management straight into the interface, so you can improve the way you manage your products right out of the box. In the meantime, we’ll continue publishing thoughts and ideas we’ve learned from great product managers here.

Boy! If I had only learned this before spending a million!


Know your market and competition, or don’t spend a dime on anything else. In this case, the competition was not from a company but a new technology. In most cases, it is the competitor with a better product, lower price, faster service, better reputation that is the threat.

The Hardware behind the Results of Framework Benchmarks Round 10


As a managed hosting provider, we were able to provide the project with the same types of machines that our customers use to run their production environments. According to TechEmpower's Round 10 blog post: Competition for the top position in the JSON-serialization test within the Peak Hosting environment has heated up so much that Round 10 sees a more than 100% increase in the top performance versus Round 9 (2.2M By Jeffrey Papen, CEO and Founder, Peak Hosting.

Decoding The Secret To Success In Subscription Businesses: Georg Richter, OceanX


What's the secret to creating a profitable, successful, physical subscription based business--and to do that at the scale of large, consumer product goods (CPGs) companies? I have a long history in physical subscriptions, and spent three decades working on only physical, recurring revenue companies, and have always been involved with some kind of physical products. For people who send things out, it's a chance to be in front of your customer.

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How to make your recurring revenues oil and not glue


Depending upon the type of business, customers are loyal often because they are creatures of habit, enjoying the existing relationship and service, not wanting to disrupt a working resource. The customers are happy and the company profitable.

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Is Your Organization Ready to Become an Ecosystem Driver?


However, there is still room for competition. Companies must learn to become ecosystem drivers – even if only for a subset of their customers – in order to survive. A distinguishing feature of this model is that they are the destination in their space for a subset of their customers.