Web Second, Mobile First

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The titles were: Mobile First, Web Second. Mobile First, Web Second (continued). People forgot that Fred also wrote “Web Second.” ” So I’ve had to encourage an entire cohort of startups that I’ve met not to ignore the power of the web.

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Think about Performance Before Building a Web Application


” In our performance consulting work, we often hear variations of the following: “Our web application was running fine with a few hundred users. Web application performance is a broad discipline. However, most web applications are not blogs or news sites.

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Silicon Beach Report July 5: Snapchat Lets Users Add Links to Web Content

L.A. Business Journal

Snapchat lets users add links to web content, SpaceX launch scrapped twice but scheduled for attempt tonight, and Virgin Galactic aims for commercial flights in 2018, and more

StartupRoar - Great Content for Startups


This site aggregates and filters content from thought leaders who talk about topics such as Marketing , Sales , Design , Revenue , Hiring , Social Media , Business Models , Metrics , PR , Venture Capital , Angel Investors , Bootstrapping , Incubators , Agile and many others.

The End of the Web? Don’t Bet on It. Here’s Why

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In it he asserts that the web is dying and in its ashes will see the rise of the “App Internet.” The web is dying and will be replaced by “the App Internet.” Enter the World Wide Web (WWW). Web & Social Change the Landscape of the Web.

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PublishThis Enhances Content Curation Tool


PublishThis , the Los Angeles startup headed by Matt Kumin, has enhanced the firm's online, content marketing and curation management tool. The firm said the latest version of its platform is aimed at brands, retailers, media companies, and trade associations, to help them scale their content efforts across digital channels. The software helps those companies publish their own data on their websites, by surfacing fresh content to help engage consumers.

Gravity Debuts Content Personalization API


The firm's tools allow web publishers to recommend content to users, while also inserting "sponsored stories" in those recommendations from advertisers. The new API effort extends Gravity's technology into use in mobile applications, tablet apps, in addition to the web.

Docstoc Ramps Video Content Effort


Santa Monica-based Docstoc , the online business documents site headed by Jason Nazar, has quietly been ramping a video content effort at the site. In a new section on Docstoc's web site, the firm has been sharing dozens of video segments featureing business tips and advice from entrepreneurs from Southern California's technology community. Disclaimer: socalTECH has also contributed content to the new section.) video production content advice business small docstoc

Here are 10 Tips from BuzzFeed to Make Your Content Go Viral

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I recently had the pleasure of spending an hour with Jon Steinberg, president of Buzzfeed , a company who focuses on helping media companies make their content go viral. But of course we also focused on making content go viral. Or creating quizzes or games with your content.

PickDeck – Content Based on YOUR Interests

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Rarely do we come upon a website or web applcaitions that truly sifts through all the junk and curates the most influential and authoritative source to give to useful and value content…not spam. They’ll discover content for me…AND make sure it’s not spam.

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What to Expect from Trending Web Design in 2016

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The dynamism of web design ascertains that trends should keep varying to the better with changing times. Creativity thrives on a blend of several ideas to propose solutions and convey emotions, creative fields like fashion and graphic designs always find its way to web design and vice versa.

Mahalo Retools As Educational Content Apps Provider


The firm has been fairly quiet recently, but apparently in the last few months has retooled itself as an "educational startup", focused on providing courses on the iPad, iPhone, and Android, in addition to YouTube, the web, and Apple's iBook platform. mahalo educational content mobile apps smartphone jason calacanisRemember Santa Monica-based Mahalo , the startup headed by Jason Calacanis and backed by such investors as Sequoia Capital?

MaxCDN Ties With Web Firewall Provider


Los Angeles-based content delivery network operator MaxCDN said this morning that it has integrated its platform with a website firewall provider, Sucuri. maxcdn firewall network content delivery sucuri ddos Financial details of the link were not announced. Sucuri develops the CloudProxy Website Firewall, which is designed to provide firewall and intrusion detection for websites, in addition to protectin gfrom distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. READ MORE>>.

5 Common Misconceptions of Web Design: Insights from the Yoga Sutras

From the Venture Trenches

The pride and effort they have placed in building up their business should be reflected through their web presence. With over three billion local search queries in any given month on Google alone, no business can afford not to be on the web.

The 7 “Free” Ways to Get Traffic on the Web

Jason Nazar

The 7 Ways to Get (unpaid) Traffic on the Web. “If There are 7 Ways to Get Traffic on the Web, in no weighted order they are: 1.) Refreshing Content. Each individual piece of content should have its own distinct URL(title tag), and a unique title (H1 tag) for the page that search engines can read and index. The web is interconnected, and traffic flows between sites that interlink.The more sites that link to you, the more sustainable traffic you build overtime.

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CreatorUp Links You With Top Filmakers & YouTube Creators To Make Awesome Web Series

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CreatorUp is the online web series school teaching the next generation of web series creators how to make and market their own new video projects on the web. We also host video-conferences with students who want to learn specific topics around web video.

Congress Urges Tech Firms To Control Content—But With Qualms


Lawmakers urged the companies to scour their networks to root out foreign advertisers, trolls and bots; to eliminate messages meant to sow discord among Americans; and banish content the social media companies themselves describe as “vile” and “malicious.” John Kennedy (R-LA) social media Software Southern Poverty Law Center Sputnik Steve Bannon Twitter user generated content Web xperience

5 Common Misconceptions of Web Design: Insights from the Yoga Sutras

From the Venture Trenches

The pride and effort they have placed in building up their business should be reflected through their web presence. With over three billion local search queries in any given month on Google alone, no business can afford not to be on the web. Asmita’s are challenging for a web designer; anyway you move you will be damned. They are big believers in the more the merrier and try to cram as much content on their home page as they possibly can.

The Five Major Tech Trends of 2016


Through screen mirroring, users have greater flexibility over how they view – and share – content. Early this year, IDC predicted that worldwide spending on public cloud services will be $141 billion in 2019, while last year Amazon Web Services achieved net sales of $7.88

Curating The Web Using PublishThis, with Matt Kumin


If you're a web publisher, or even a brand developing your own outreach to customers through a newsletter or microsite, how do you efficiently gather and curate all of the news and information out there? It's all about what is happening on the realtime web.

Autobytel to Provide Auto Content For Scripps


Scripps Company , to provide its automotive content on the web sites of Scripps' television stations across thirteen major markets. The deal also calls for Autobytel to work with those local television stations to also develop content for the various local markets served by each site. Irvine-based automotive information provider Autobytel said this morning that it has signed a deal with publisher The E.W.

Why Sidevision Is Tying Content, E-Commerce Together, with Justin Wu


Los Angeles-based Sidevision (www.sidevision.com) has developed a set of tools--aimed at content creators, multi-channel networks (MCNs), and others--to help connect online videos with e-commerce. It depends a little bit upon who the content creator is, and who the audience is.

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Can Blip.TV Change The Indie Production Market On The Web?

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Netflix, Hulu, and even YouTube and other content streaming sites have all but obliterated the independent DVD rental business of yesterday. has provided a platform since 2005 for indie producers, distributors and advertisers to provide viewers with this kind of content.

Gary Hayslip on the City of San Diego as Cybersecurity Test Bed


He oversees a web of government computer networks that enable city residents to pay their parking tickets, submit bids on city contracts, and make online payments for city taxes and sewer fees.

Selecting a Web Development Company


I''ve written before about finding Web Development Firms in Los Angeles. They shouldn''t be showing you that they don''t care at all about looks and content on their own site. What do they do after the web site is launched?

Border Stylo Launches Web Content Sharing Software


Los Angeles-based Border Stylo , a new startup headed by Oscar Guido, said today that it has launched a new software add-on called "Glass", focused on sharing of web content. According to the firm, Glass allows users to offer a real-time feed of their conversations on any web page, and is focused on content sharing between people. The company said the product allows users to share real-time chat, comments, links, and more on any web site.

UX Workshops by Celebrated Author & Usability Expert, Eric Reiss

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He is the author of various best selling books including Practical Information Architecture, Web Dogma ’06 and Usable Usability. October 14: Putting the content into content strategy – effective writing for interactive media. “Great presentation.

At “The Vine,” Developer Builds a Vertical Campus for Tech Startups


The 11-year-old company provides customer relationship management software-as-a-service for companies like Electrolux, Whirlpool, and Samsung, helping them re-purpose their training materials and other “help content” to improve their customer experience.

Small Business Tools that help with Website Development and Content Sharing

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After developing a website, web application or software the last thing we want is for our golden users that were so tough to attract in the first place to have a sluggish experience. GraphDat – Troubleshoot application and server performance.

Web 3.0

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Saturday, August 27, 2011 -- Web 3.0: dramatic shift in business and technology is taking place as the Social Web (Web 2.0) evolves into the Semantic Web (Web 3.0). Integrated marketing campaigns feature an enticing mix of content and location based information highly targeted to preferences and consumer habits. Join us for the timely 6 hour seminar on the concepts, current systems and forecasting the impact of Web 3.0


Fullscreen Appoints Head of Content


Los Angeles-based Fullscreen , the YouTube network founded by George Strompolos, said this week that it has named Ashley Kaplan as Head of Content at the company. Kaplan was most recently Vice President of Digital Content and Strategy for the Magical Elves production company, where she worked on web series Last Chance Kitchens; she also has worked on Logo (Viacom), and was a producer at Current TV. fullscreen content network executive head hollywood production youtube

Pluto TV Adds New Content Partners


Los Angeles-based Pluto TV , which is developing an online Internet TV platform aimed at curating live TV entertainment for Internet users, said Wednesday afternoon that it has signed up a roster of over 20 new content partners fro the service. Pluto's service aggregates content from all of its content providers into themed "channels", which users can tune into and watch on connected TVs and devices, mobile devices, and the web.

Cloud Takes Acquired By Technicolor


Los Angeles-based Cloud Takes , an online project collaboration site focused on feature films, post production, and other content work, has been acquired by Technicolor. Cloud Takes'' software was used to manage digital assets, track project progress, and more, and ran on Amazon Web Services. cloud takes technicolor merger acquisition project collaboration film content hollywood post production dailies movie software