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Simulating production environments. For this exercise, we aimed to configure every framework according to the best practices for production deployments gleaned from documentation and popular community opinion. About What we do Portfolio People Blog Contact.

Turning Thoughts into Productivity | The Fetchnotes Story

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Turn on your phone and look at the productivity folder. Something to write your notes, another to set reminders, and one that does both. You’ll be more productive within three weeks time. We discuss productivity, emails, communication, and the dynamics of the team.

Productivity Hacks: Voicemail, Folders & To-Do’s

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I recently wrote a post about avoiding the “ Deferred Life Plan &# and some related thoughts about personal productivity that came from Tim Ferriss’s book, The Four Hour Workweek. I would love to say that I’m the productivity guru.

Quick Hack to Make Your Boss (and you) More Productive

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Yesterday I wrote a post about the " Urgency Addiction ” and how many people start important tasks late and then motivate with a huge wave of productivity and inspiration driven by deadlines and commitments to others.

Why Email May Be Draining Your Company’s Productivity

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That great productivity drain that we somehow all buy into. So I ask you – if you’re being reactive to somebody else’s emails are you really being as productive in your company as you could be? You’re writing a freaking blog post! Email. Ah, email.

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Why You Should Put Yourself Out There and Try New Products

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I went to an industry event where people actually called me self-centered for writing publicly. Here’s the thing: If you never try new product and new networks you’ll never learn anything. In 2006 I started using Facebook and most of my friends & colleagues thought I was strange.

Top 30 Startup Technology and Product Posts for September 2010


Great content again in September that meets at the intersection of startups, technology, product and being a Startup CTO. Why Every Entrepreneur Should Write and 9 Tips To Get Started - OnStartups , September 27, 2010 "The best part of blogging is the people you will meet"- Hugh MacLeod repeating wisdom from Loic Lemeur to me at the Big Pink at 2 am in South Beach after the Future of Web Apps 2008. Why You Should Write. It's human nature," he writes.

Don’t Subtract - Restart to Find the Minimum Viable Product


Steve Blank wrote a great post recently entitled Perfection By Subtraction – The Minimum Feature Set where he explains the real goals around defining a minimum viable product: Founders act like the “minimum” part is the goal. Only a special subset of customers will and what gets them breathing heavy is the long-term vision for your product. I’m a big believer in delivering a minimal product out of the gate, although minimum gets defined differently in lots of cases.

Google partners with Sony Pictures Imageworks to launch an open source VFX render manager

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“As content production continues to accelerate across the globe, visual effects studios are increasingly turning towards the cloud to keep up with demand for high-quality content,” writes Google product manager Todd Prives in today’s announcement.

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Ebyline Launches New Service For Publishers


Pricing on the new product was not disclosed. ebyline news freelance author publisher content writingLos Angeles-based Ebyline , the online marketplace which connects publishers with freelance journalists, has rolled out a new offering today, which it says can help publishers produce their own, custom news feeds. The service, called Ebyline News Desk, allows publishers to create their own, custom feeds of original content.

Top 57 Online Startups Meets Technology Meets Product Posts for November 2010


I continue to collect great content that is the intersection of startups, products, online and technology. aka: An Open Letter to the Next Big Social Network) - 500 Hats , November 1, 2010 I've held off writing this post for a long time, because I couldn't quite get my head around all the issues. But I didn’t write it for you; I wrote it for myself. So let’s be very specific: let’s assume your dream job is product manager at Google, working on the Analytics product.

Why Bots Aren’t the Real AI Disruption: The Quiet Rise of Headless AI


Editor’s note: This piece was originally posted on Textio’s company blog. Hey Siri, how’s the weather today?” “OK OK Google, remind me to pay the power bill.” Alexa, tell me a joke!” Bots are eating the world.

Frank Addantes FounderBlog: 12 Proven Guidelines for Rapid Product Development

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Under Process, Over Deliver So, you need to develop a product? ▼ 2006 (20) ▼ December (2) Just Say What it Is 12 Proven Guidelines for Rapid Product Development. Over-engineering will slow down product releases.

Tongal | Create Together & Earn Cash

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The best part about Tongal is anyone who wants to write, act, direct, and/or animate videos can join for free. The community is full of people eager to make a product that is worthy of people’s time. Creative thoughts are constantly processed in everyone’s mind.

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Frameworks Round 5


Additionally, we have added a new test type focused on writes, wherein a variable number of database updates are executed per request. We ran a bunch of spot-tests of the database updates test with various configurations, some scarcely suitable for a production server.

Think about Performance Before Building a Web Application


We’ve heard this from startup founders, product managers, development team leads, CTOs, and others who see their product gaining traction, but simultaneously see performance falling off a cliff. User experience is suffering and it’s the worst possible time with the product taking off.

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Innovation and Geography


skip to main | skip to sidebar SoCal CTO Tuesday, February 20, 2007 Innovation and Geography I ran across a post in Read/Write Web - Does Location Matter in Web Innovation? Product Manager Entrepreneur Mark Geller SEO for Startups Startup Version 1.0 Social Media for Service Professionals LearnTrends Speakers and Topics Accounced Tags not Folders - LinkedIn Saved Profiles Product Management for Startups in Los Angeles – S.

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The team behind Baidu’s first smart speaker is now using AI to make films

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Let AI write the script. On the creative front, rct believes Morpheus could be a productivity tool for filmmakers as it can take a story arc and dissect it into a decision-making tree within seconds.

Frameworks Round 1


Simulating production environments. For this exercise, we aimed to configure every framework according to the best practices for production deployments gleaned from documentation and popular community opinion. You are viewing the first round of web application framework benchmarks.

As Quibi reportedly seeks another $1 billion, Fiction Riot fills the programming slate for its rival service

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Ficto is bringing to market adaptations of bestselling books and original productions which will be released with theatrical films and has plans in the pipeline for other forms of scripted and unscripted entertainment. Michael Scott is simultaneously writing a pilot for linear television.

Interview with Sunil Rajaraman, Scripped


to the business of script writing, and is looking to combine a free online tool for writing scripts with matching those scripts with content producers. Zak had an idea for a screen writing magazine, and was trying to make it as a screenwriter, and found out there was a lack of good resources for people trying to scrap and get to the top. Are you targeting Hollywood and existing script writing software?

Efficient multiple-stream concatenation in Java


With three streams we could write Stream.concat(Stream.concat(a, b), c). I think I've only used them twice in production code. I want to combine the elements of multiple Stream instances into a single Stream. What's the best way to do this? This article compares a few different solutions. Stream.concat(a, b). The JDK provides Stream.concat(a, b) for concatenating two streams. void exampleConcatTwo () {. Stream a = Stream. of ( "one" , "two" ); Stream b = Stream.

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Transportation Weekly: Uber’s spending habits, Tesla Model Y, scooters and AVs in Austin

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Harris writes: “The figures, dating back to 2016, paint a picture of a company desperate to meet over-ambitious autonomy targets and one that is willing to spend freely, even recklessly, to get there.

Timing and why we’re all VCs

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Anyone who has worked in a large company further knows that timing a product launch or a new marketing strategy has more to do with internal politics than reading market forces. Start writing down predictions about people, companies, and markets.

Announcing Projector?—?A Startup I’ve Been Excited to Tell You About for Years

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We had met previously when Trevor was a product manager at YouTube and Upfront had funded the largest video producer on YouTube, Maker Studios. It is how sales reps talk to prospects about their products & services to try and gain buy-in for a sale. Announcing Projector?—?A

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Can you overcome five risks and create wealth?


First: Product risk. . Is the product or service possible to produce at all, let alone economically enough to compete in the marketplace? Email readers, continue here…] Are you ahead or behind the market with your product or service?

Frank Addantes FounderBlog: So, you need to develop a product?

Frank Addante

Under Process, Over Deliver So, you need to develop a product? ► 2006 (20) ► December (2) Just Say What it Is 12 Proven Guidelines for Rapid Product Development. So, you need to develop a product?

Everything changes from concept to release.


A product at the concept stage contains feature-functionality that customers may not want or be willing to pay for, or which just might not work well enough for release to the public. Allow for the cost and extra time for tweaks to the product or service. Close.

Moving Analytics | Sitting Kills, Moving Heals

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While we have become more productive as a society, with the advent of computers aiding our work, physical inactivity has become a high risk factor in contributing to chronic illnesses. AA: Most product and companies in the space today are focused on young, fit people who are already active.

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TechZulu Is Looking For New Blood | Apply For Editorial, Biz Dev and More

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Tech Reporters: These individuals will write and edit informative and practical articles on a range of topics including Startups/Entrepreneurs, Gadgets, Mobile Tech, Tech in Entertainment, Gaming, Apps & Software, productivity, and cover breaking tech news. Takes On the Movie Business


screenwriter and chair, Writing Division of the USC School of Cinematic Arts ("Top Gun"); Mark Gill, former President of Miramax and Warner Independent Pictures; screenwriter Mike Werb ("Lara Croft: Tomb Raider" and "Curious George"); and Michael Taylor, producer and chair, Production Division of the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Tags: amazon studios movie content hollywood contest production

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Niche marketing works. Here’s how.


Simply, it’s offering a specific product or service to a specific group of people. Where else are consumers going to find your product, if no one else is offering it or if other companies offer it, but haven’t found the right niche audience? Think about your product or service.

Startup Boards

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I plan to write a series of posts on the topic. Equally, I plan to write for the benefit of investors and independents, too, to offer some tips on how can you get the most out of the boards on which you sit.

Next Generation Hardware | Miselu Presents Musical Democracy at SXSW

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Miselu’s seeks to “innovate products to create the next generation of musical experiences,” according to their statement on their website. The feedback we got will help us iterate and next time we show, we will have an even bigger impact and better product.

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Why Titles Matter a Lot if You’re a Blogger

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When I first started writing this blog several years ago I had less followers than you have right now. But the realist in me knew I couldn’t write daily nor could I convince you to think to check out my blog with regularity.