October, 2019

SpaceX Receives Funding from NASA to Aid Moon, Mars Missions

L.A. Business Journal

SpaceX is one of 14 companies awarded grants from NASA to boost the agency's mission to return to the Moon and to eventually land on Mars

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Via is launching an on-demand public transit network in the city of Cupertino

TechCrunch LA

Shuttle startup Via and the city of Cupertino are launching an on-demand public transportation network, the latest example of municipalities trying out alternatives to traditional buses.

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Waymo Starts Mapping LA Streets


Self driving vehicle developer Waymo --a spinout of Alphabet, the parent company of Google--said on Monday morning that it has started to explore how autonomous vehicles "might fit into LA's dynamic transportation environment". Waymo did not say what that means for the possibility of its self driving cars hitting the Los Angeles streets. The company sayd it will initially deploy three cars in Downtown Los Angeles and the Miracle Mile.

Nobel Prize in Medicine Goes to 3 Who Showed How Cells Sense Oxygen Levels


Oxygen’s importance in cellular processes has long been known. But the work to understand how cells sense and adapt to changes in oxygen levels has led to medical insights and potential treatments for anemia, cancer, and more—and today, it has turned into the 2019 Nobel Prize in Medicine.

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Can You Ask for Office Rent Relief? How to Manage Your Lease During COVID-19

Office leases are one of companies’ largest expenses, and if your whole team is working from home with no clear end in sight, you may be wondering what to do about your lease.

EV subscription startup Canoo, co-founder sued for alleged harassment

TechCrunch LA

Just weeks after Canoo took the wraps off of its electric vehicle , the Los Angeles-based startup and co-founder Stefan Krause has been accused of gender and marital discrimination, harassment, breach of contract, and wrongful termination in a lawsuit filed Tuesday.

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Relativity, a new star in the space race, raises $140 million for its 3-D printed rockets

TechCrunch LA

With $140 million in new financing, Relativity Space is now one step closer to fulfilling its founders’ vision of making the first rockets on Mars.

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Mercedes-Benz app glitch exposed car owners’ information to other users

TechCrunch LA

Mercedes-Benz car owners have said that the app they used to remotely locate, unlock and start their cars was displaying other people’s account and vehicle information.

What Did I Learn From the First VC Check I Ever Wrote?

Both Sides of the Table

I became a VC 12 years ago in 2007 when the pace of deals was much slower. I had just left Salesforce.com where I was VP, Products, after they had acquired my second startup.

Gamify those otherwise dull work assignments


Most of us are driven by the competitive spirit, the desire or need to win. It reinforces self-worth, provides closure at the end of a good effort, and energizes us during the effort to achieve. Being driven to achieve results.

AECOM Sells Unit for $2.4 Billion

L.A. Business Journal

AECOM plans to sell its management services business to private equity firms for $2.4 billion

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If These Quotes Could Be You, Don’t Try A New Startup

Startup Professionals Musings

Some people are not cut out to be entrepreneurs. This is a good thing, or the business world would be chaos, with everyone trying to do their own thing. So what about you?

Thin Line Capital Launches New Energy, Sustainability Fund


Pasadena-based Thin Line Capital announced this morning that it has launched a brand new, energey and sustainability fund, which will invest in cleantech investing. The new firm, led by serial entrepnd investor Aaron Fyke, said its seed stage fund has had its first close of over $5 million. Fyke previously had been CEO of multiple companies for Idealab, and also was a cleantech investor at Starfish Ventures in Australia.

Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global is buying a startup that uses neuroscience to boost app usage

TechCrunch LA

When Arianna Huffington stepped down from her role at the Huffington Post to start Thrive Global, she said the goal of her new business was to help a generation “avoid the burnout that all too often comes with success today.”

LabFellows Looks to Become “Operating System” For Life Sciences Cos.


Scientists, no matter how sexy the research they’re conducting, aren’t immune from the administrative minutiae of office life. Such tasks steal time away from researchers’ main objectives. However, that wasn’t the problem San Diego startup LabFellows was looking to solve when it launched in 2014.

“What’s in it for me?” A motivational lesson


Ever wonder why one of your employees, shareholders, managers, suppliers, or board members sometimes behaves in a way you might consider irrational? Putting yourself in their shoes. If you want to best describe the motivation behind the action, think “What’s in it for me”?

Pepperdine Names Most Fundable Companies

L.A. Business Journal

Pepperdine’s Graziadio Business School announced the winners of its second annual Most Fundable Companies competition

10 Signals That You Can Be A Trusted Business Leader

Startup Professionals Musings

Every entrepreneur and business leader believes that he or she has the full trust of their team and their customers, and in fact most do in the beginning. In my experience, most business professionals still believe in the old proverb, “ trust but verify.”

Video Interview: Federico Pomi and Andreas Ballarini, Fabrica


Our video interview today is with Federico Pomi and Andreas Ballarini, Fabrica, a startup in the Techstars LA 2019 Class focused on real estate transactions. Fabrica was one of the companies that pitched at Techstars LA Demo Day on Tuesday at the El Rey. READ MORE>>.

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All Raise expands to new geos, launches ‘VC Cohorts’

TechCrunch LA

Dozens of impeccably dressed women outfitted in jumpsuits and Rothy’s gathered at the Greylock offices last week for a “structured networking” session hosted by All Raise , an 18-month-old nonprofit organization that seeks to amplify the voices of and support women in tech.

Five Years After Y Combinator First Admits Biotechs, They’re Dug In


Five years ago, the big tech incubator Y Combinator started to welcome life sciences companies into its sizable startup classes, which had previously nurtured entrepreneurs in information technology almost exclusively. That opening to biotech startups in 2014 was controversial at the time.

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Do people follow when you (think you) lead?


Let’s get personal. Do you think you’re much better than a marginal leader? Well, here are a few tests for you to help come to an answer. And a few tips for you if you fall a bit short. Why do people follow their leader? Dictators are not great leaders in the long run.

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Aggressive Plan for SpaceX

L.A. Business Journal

A look at SpaceX’s partnership with NASA and its goals for human spaceflight

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7 Characteristics Of People Who Drive Global Change

Startup Professionals Musings

By most definitions of the term, an entrepreneur is someone who starts a new business, incorporating innovative changes to existing products, services, business models, and creating new markets.

Pharrell Drives Latest XPRIZE Concept


Los Angeles-based nonprofit XPRIZE --which runs prize competitions to help advance technology and solutions to world problems--said on Tuesday that celebrity Pharrell Williams has won the top prize in its latest "Visioneering 2019" annual gathering. According to XPRIZE, the concept for a new XPRIZE--from the Charter Communities XPRIZE team--won the top prize among 50 XPRIZE designs that were proposed during the gathering.

Combining StitchFix and Instagram, FlipFit ushers in the next phase of social retail

TechCrunch LA

Nooruldeen Agha, has been thinking about what’s next for fashion retail for years.

The Placebo Effect Is Hobbling New Psychiatric Drugs. What Can Stop It?


Sixteen years ago, Kim Witczak’s husband died by his own hand, turning her world upside down. He had just begun taking an antidepressant off-label for insomnia, and she believes an undisclosed side effect of the drug drove him to suicide.

Are your projections really realizable?


Here’s one for the ages. How many times have you projected income and profits only to fall short, and make excuses to those depending upon you to perform? We know the answer of course. Lots of people do or will depend upon your leadership in driving growth, stability, and profitability.

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M13 Raises $175M for Second Fund

L.A. Business Journal

Virgin Group Richard Branson invests in M13’s $175 million fund

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5 Ways To Minimize Employee Negativity In Your Office

Startup Professionals Musings

Throughout my career in small companies and large, I’ve always been appalled by the number of people who have a negative attitude or complain all the time.

Video Interview: Crystal Brown, Healthiest.io


Our video interview today is with Crystal Brown, the founder and CEO of Healthiest (healthiest.io), a browser extension that helps you find a healthier version of whatever you are shopping for. Interview at the TuesdayNights Impact conference in Santa Monica. READ MORE>>.

MediaLab acquires messaging app Kik, expanding its app portfolio

TechCrunch LA

Popular messaging app Kik is, indeed, “here to stay” following an acquisition by the Los Angeles-based multimedia holding company, MediaLab.

FundingPost San Diego VC and Angel Investor Event

SoCal Tech Calendar

Wednesday, November 6, 2019 -- FundingPost San Diego VC and Angel Investor Event/ Interested in meeting and pitching to early-stage Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists in Southern California? Register for the FundingPost event on Wednesday, November 6th, 2019. FundingPost has hosted 400 sold-out venture events in 22 cities over the past 17 years.

Do you act like an Eagle Scout?


You may have been a Girl Scout or a Boy Scout in your youth. Certainly, you are aware of the top rank in each – the Gold Award for girls and the Eagle badge for boys. Scouting teaches leadership and even if we were not members in our youth, there are lessons for us all. Be prepared! For example, the Boy Scouts of America motto is “Be prepared.”

Relativity Secures $140M Series C

L.A. Business Journal

Relativity Space raises $140 million, will use it to advance 3D-printing technology

7 Strategies To Make You A Business Leader Role Model

Startup Professionals Musings

We are living in a new generation of business, where customers drive the experience, and highly engaged employees are required to keep up with customer expectations. Traditional business leadership practices, including autocratic, reactive, and narcissistic, aren’t good enough.

Video Interview: Michael McCrary, PureSpectrum


Our video interview today is with Michael McCrary, CEO and founder of PureSpectrum , a Westlake Village-based startup in the survey and sampling industry. Michael tells us about how he founded the company, and gives some hints and tips on entrepreneurship. READ MORE>>.