Framework Benchmarks Round 10


Round 10 of the Framework Benchmarks project is now available! It has been a little less than a year since the previous round and in that time, approximately 133 contributors have made 2,835 git commits. These contributions have improved the project''s toolset and added many new framework test implementations. We retired our in-house i7-2600K hardware environment for Round 10, and we changed our Amazon EC2 environment to c3.large instances.

The best advice startups will never follow


Let me tell you a few short hair-raising stories of entrepreneurs who have raised money and regretted it later. Here are some rules that entrepreneurs almost always ignore to their future peril. Don’t take money from relatives who can’t afford to walk away without remorse. Do take money from experienced family members only after you ask them if they are sure three or more separate times. By the third time you can be sure that they aren’t being overly emotional or feel they can’t say no.


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Why I F **g Hate Unicorns and the Culture They Breed

Both Sides of the Table

Something is rotten in tech startup land. Don’t call me a hater for saying so. It’s not that I’m anti innovation or a disbeliever in disruption or calling it a full-scale bubble or saying every darling startup is going to fail. None of those. Still. Somebody posted too many party fliers. The uninvited crowds have all turned up.

Chapter 8: My 9 Lives, 6 Companies, 3 Wives, 7 dogs, 4 Homes, 4 Boats, 160 cars and 2 Kids Story

Eric Greenspan

I call this story Chapter 8, I’ll explain later. In 1987 I arrived in Santa Barbara with a bike, $3,000 and a chip on my shoulder, tons of passion and something to prove. I was unstoppable and I achieved much. I bought car 1, a 1974 Volkswagen bus which I later traded for car 2, a 3 cylinder Subaru. I put myself through college, landed a job with IBM, and learned about life. I got married to wife 1, bought 2 dogs, a bunch of cars…then divorced. Found the 2 dogs great homes.

Can You Ask for Office Rent Relief? How to Manage Your Lease During COVID-19

Office leases are one of companies’ largest expenses, and if your whole team is working from home with no clear end in sight, you may be wondering what to do about your lease.

Announcing The socalTECH 50, 2015 Edition


Who are the top 50 people to watch in Southern California? We've attempted to do that for the last three years, trying to ferret out exactly who the people--not companies--are to watch in the region's technology industry.

What The Heck Are My Startup Options Worth?


A version of this article previously appeared in Forbes. When joining a startup, there are seven important questions you should ask in order to answer the question: “What the heck are my stock options worth?”. You just received a job offer from a startup which includes 50,000 stock options. That is wonderful…or is it? I reviewed and approved hundreds of employment offer letters at my various startups, all of which included stock option grants.

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Entrepreneurs Who Improve Society Make More Profit

Startup Professionals Musings

Many entrepreneurs still don’t understand that building a business culture today of doing good, like helping people (society) and planet (sustainability), is also a key to maximizing profit. Employees and customers alike are looking for meaning, not simply employment and commodity prices. Every company needs this focus to attract the best minds and loyalty in both categories.

Chicago And Los Angeles Are Next Up For Google Fiber

TechCrunch LA

You know the drill. Once a city has spoken with Google about bringing Fiber into their hood, there’s a process for the city to go through. A lengthy one. Checklists. The whole nine yards. Two new cities are exploring Fiber with Google and they are Chicago and Los Angeles. Yes, San Francisco has been skipped again and I’m going to go cry into my slow internet from Comcast.… … Read More. Gadgets Media Google google fiber Internet chicago Los Angeles

What I’ve Learned About Venture Funding

Both Sides of the Table

VC funding. Our perspectives on the topic wax and wane with market cycles. We love capital efficiency until we love land grabs until we abhor over funding until we get huge payouts and ring the bell for more funding until we attract every non-VC on the planet to invest in startups until it crashes and we start the cycle all over again none the wiser. Amnesia sets in and we get back on the merry-go-round. I saw this great image on Twitter courtesy of Simon Wardley , CC3.0 by SA. blog here ).

Why Successful People Focus on the Bottom End of the Funnel

Both Sides of the Table

Business leaders have many tasks to accomplish and prioritizing stuff can be hard. Yesterday I wrote about the need to “ do fewer things, more often ” in which I described that frenzied world we live in and why the shiny objects and distractions stop us from living up to our true potential. Today I’d like to give that advice in more tangible terms and with a framework to think about your tasks – the funnel.

The Hardware behind the Results of Framework Benchmarks Round 10


By Jeffrey Papen, CEO and Founder, Peak Hosting. At Peak Hosting , we're big fans of TechEmpower's Framework Benchmarks, an open source project the company has been coordinating since early 2013. Covering a wide variety of web application frameworks, this project gives developers useful data that can help them find the framework that will provide the performance and features they need for their application.

Good, cheap, fast. Pick any two.


This one is attributed to Rod Adair, the famous oil and gas fire suppressing expert. And boy, does it apply to most of us and our offerings. Quality” products and services should not be positioned as “cheap,” or your potential customers will question your message from the start, and will be more critical of the delivered product than if offered as one or the other, but not both. Fast” applies to either service speed (including delivery) or product manufacturing time.

Here Are the Details About Upfront Ventures’ Newest EIR – @Chamillionaire

Both Sides of the Table

Five-and-a-half years ago I first met Chamillionaire at a tech conference in LA. I saw him on stage at the event talking about how he used social media to engage audiences. This was 2009 and his understanding of audience engagement was far beyond anything I was hearing from most people at that time. I reached out after the event to learn more. We started hanging out a bit and discussing technology and entrepreneurship.

Slides 330

Three Years and 12 Years Later

Eric Greenspan

Three years ago, I got the news that my investor was unable to fund and my 11 year old company would miss it’s first payroll. It was a Sunday, around noon. When the news arrived, I moved fast and did all I could to start the process of acceptance. What would happen next was I supposed expected, but impossible to really understand. I’m not going into the details of what happened but you can read that story here and it’s called Never Make the Same Mistake Twice.

News 165

Snapchat Raises $485.6M In New Funding


Venice, California-based Snapchat has raised an enormous, $485.6M funding round, according to a regulatory filing from the company on New Year''s Eve. Details on the funding have not yet been announced by the company. According to the filing, the funding came from 23 investors, and the first sale in the round was in April.

Entrepreneurs Who Relish Being Wrong Usually Win


A version of this article previously appeared in the Wall Street Journal. During my 15-years as a startup executive, I relished being proven wrong. Knowing that I was had made a mistake empowered me to make the correct decision. Being wrong is much preferred to erroneously thinking you are right and relentlessly executing a losing strategy. Effective entrepreneurs reject dogmatism and embrace doubt. If you haven't already subscribed yet, subscribe now for free weekly JohnGreathouse.com articles!

Nail it; then scale it.


So your business has begun to take off. You’ve figured out your channels of distribution, pricing model and how to support your growing list of customers. Don’t be alarmed by this next statement. That’s relatively easy. You can be the one to develop a product or service, promote it, and support it when you are a small operation. But what if you need to repeat the process of positioning, selling, and supporting your product ten thousand or more times as often as you do today?

Class 226

6 Startup Strategies That Turn Off Most Investors

Startup Professionals Musings

Don’t bash the competition. Every investor knows how vulnerable a new startup is to competitors, so investors always ask about your sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace. How an entrepreneur answers this question speaks volumes about their knowledge of business realities, customers, confidence, and their ability to handle investor funding.

What Los Angeles Is Missing

TechCrunch LA

tech has clearly hit its growth inflection point, but the City of Angels has yet to get its startup wings. Here’s the good news: In 2014 alone, we raised more than $3 billion, saw more than $5 billion realized capital across over 80 exits and became the fastest growing startup region in the U.S. Read More. Column Startups TC Venture Capital Los Angeles entrepreneurs

Do Less. More.

Both Sides of the Table

We are experiencing a frenetic time. I rarely talk to any startup entrepreneur or VC who doesn’t feel it and somehow long for simpler times despite the benefits we all enjoy from increased enthusiasm for our sector. For entrepreneurs there’s too much money sloshing around.

What Everyone Should Take Away from Twitter’s 8% Staff Reductions

Both Sides of the Table

Today Twitter announced it had laid off around 336 jobs or 8% of its workforce. Nobody should celebrate, cheer or shout, “it’s about time.” ” This is about 336 people whose lives are altered and need to begin looking for work, saying goodbye to friends & colleagues and go on that journey of transition that most people dread.

Slides 315

Framework Benchmarks Round 11


Round 11 of the ongoing Web Framework Benchmarks project is now available! We'll keep this blog entry short and sweet. The highlights for Round 11. Three new languages are represented in Round 11: Crystal , D , and Rust. Meanwhile, the total number of frameworks has increased by 26. The new frameworks are: silicon (C++). aleph (clojure). pedestal (clojure). crystal-raw (crystal). moonshine (crystal). vibed (d). jawn (java). mangooio (java). koa (js). sails (js). clancats (php). limonade (php).

How to Know if You Have ADD and What to Do About It

Both Sides of the Table

Let me start the post with three statements. I have attention deficit disorder, it is a real condition , I have been diagnosed including having radioactive isotopes through my brain to map my development and yet I’m a leader, I have accomplished much, I did well in school and went on to earn a master’s degree and I can actually concentrate when I want to. I wasn’t even aware that I had ADD until I was 40 (I’m now 47) and knowing it has changed my life for the positive.

Doc 310

The Loneliness of Success that Nobody Talks About

Both Sides of the Table

Yesterday I saw two biopic films: “ Amy ” about the life of Jazz sensation Amy Winehouse who died of alcohol poisoning at the age of 27 and “ Montage of Heck ” about the life of Kurt Cobain , the grunge-rock generational voice who died of an overdose of heroin and valium at the age of … 27. It was a heavy day, for sure. Both films were must watches for artistry.

Press 309

To Your Happiness! Surround Yourself with Positive People and Stop the Ranting

Eric Greenspan

I know you aren’t feeling well. I know you’re bored in that hospital bed. I know you are on meds. I know it hurts. I know she broke your heart. I know you failed. I know you got rained on. I know you hate that. I know you are tired and your kids are bugging you. I know you have challenges. I know you’re broke. I know you missed your flight. I know you work too much. I know you miss him. We all know NOW.

Joey Flores On Earbits' Life, Death, and Resurrection


What is it to start up a company, and run it to the brink of shutdown�only to have it acquired and restarted immediately? That's the fascinating story behind Los Angeles-based Earbits (www.earbits.com), which offers up a mobile music streaming service focused on discovering both new and talent. We caught up with co-founder Joey Flores on the story behind the company's brush with death, and its recent acquisition by You42, which was announced last week. Joey, thanks for the time today.

George Powell – Doing Well By Having Fun


A version of this article previously appeared on Forbes. George Powell is proof that you can do well by having fun. Rare and fortunate is the person who successfully converts their passions into a lucrative vocation. Mr. Powell, Founder and President of Skate One is such a man. The world’s largest skateboard company, Skate One produces many of industry’s best-selling brands, including Powell•Peralta Skateboards , BONES Wheels and Mini•Logo Skateboards.

The five kinds of risk in building your business


If you could predict a crisis within your business before its occurrence, wouldn’t you move to prevent or reduce its impact? Making such predictions is a skill that can be developed, and here’s one method of doing so. There are five basic kinds of internal risks than a business faces over time. Of course, there are external risks that cannot be controlled or predicted, but can be planned for as well –.

Class 216

8 Battle Strategies Every Business Startup Needs

Startup Professionals Musings

Winning customers as an entrepreneur in a startup has many parallels to a young army trying to penetrate some formidable new and unfamiliar territory. You need a strategy as well as a goal, and you need to pick your battles well. Even in this age of purpose before profits, a business won’t survive by pretending there are no competitors out there to worry about.

Watch Fifth Grader Ari Get Fitted For A New 3D-Printed Hand

TechCrunch LA

During the 2015 Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles last week, a fifth grader named Ari stopped by a booth set up by Google. The booth had information about its “Impact Challenge” for disabilities. What Ari didn’t know is that her life would change before she left the games. Read More. Gadgets Philanthropy Social TC aio robotics Google olympics Los Angeles Prosthetics 3d printing

Angels and VCs: Don’t be greedy even if you can.


Sometimes the end game or sale of the company is not a happy event for the early investors, including the entrepreneur or the founders. Especially when outside investors, venture capitalists or angels have put in substantial money, and the sales price is not enough to give them a reasonable return for the time and money invested, these investors can be – in a word – greedy.

Angel 215

One Simple Paragraph Every Entrepreneur Should Add to Their Convertible Notes

Both Sides of the Table

I’m so tired of seeing young entrepreneurs get screwed by their angel investors on convertible notes and I know I can’t convince you not to do it so I’d like to offer one simple bit of advice to help you avoid getting screwed (at least on one part of your note).


Both Sides of the Table

Failure. It smells. People are afraid of it. It’s like cancer. When you have it you find you who your true friends are because they’re the ones who double down on helping, on being available, on listening, on understanding. Most people run from failure or disease because they’re hard to handle. Hard to know how to deal with.

.Net 306

What Makes a Great Business Partner?

Both Sides of the Table

A while back when I was reading the press I saw a quote from Randy Komisar, a partner at Kleiner Perkins that was simple, yet profound. He was quoted as saying, “Being a great partner is as important as being smart or being right.”. I liked it so much I wrote it down and tried to think about what it meant to me and I promised myself I would write about that one day. What does it mean to be a great partner? In business? In life?

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What To Do When Your Competitor Gets Funded?

Both Sides of the Table

This morning Clutter.io announced they raised $9 million from Sequoia , arguably the best venture capital firm that exists. Congratulations. Sincerely. Conventional wisdom says I shouldn’t tell you this because I invested in their main competitor, MakeSpace. I know my MakeSpace friends will forgive me because I just don’t believe the conventional wisdom is right. And it’s part of what can go wrong in startup land.

Chapter 8.2: Rejection is G-d’s Protection

Eric Greenspan

In my Chapter 8.1 post I shared with you a story of my electric car (Chevy Volt, not the Tesla!) purchase. I was a week past my chapter 7 bankruptcy and my goal was to get back on the horse and start building credit immediately. Additionally, the car I traded was financed by my ex and it was in her name. I needed that to change, so did she. I knew big interest rates and a lot of work were in store for me, but I went for it.

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