How To Write An Effective Answer On Quora: Communications 101


I write a bit more about how entrepreneurs can protect their ideas here: Spilling The Beans. As described in Buzz Kill , many college-educated professionals tend to write at a level that is uncomfortable for most people (including college graduates) to read.

A Must Read Book for the Educated Class

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Mamaw isn’t educated and, in fact, scorns “elites” but knows that if J.D. In another post coming soon I’ll write about my own journey. I just finished Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance. I can’t recommend this book strongly enough. I loved it in so many ways.

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Writing Your Press Releases

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Friday, November 14, 2008 -- "Writing Your Press Releases" SDSIC. If you're writing your press releases like it was still 1994, you're not maximizing the value of this tool in this Internet-centric age. Discover how to write for the 3 audiences that delivered-by-Internet releases can reach: media, search engines, and direct-to-public. will educate us on the new things happening in online media relations and PR.

Stage 32: An Education Hub For Entertainment Industry Creatives


by providing cutting-edge online education to a global population of people looking to make it in the ever-evolving entertainment industry. There’s a community feel even to our education. And the ability to bring education to the world has been our intention from day one.”. In the past year alone the company has amassed over 1k hours of educational content and generated over $1 million. Educating the next generation of media talent.

What Should We Make of Peter Thiel’s “20 Under 20? Education Program?

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We need to take some risks in education and in innovation in this country so anybody that it trying to break through the traditional mold and try to create a new model ought to be lauded, not attacked. The value of a college education. I am very passionate and on record about the value of education. Education is self discovery. In Poly Sci I learned critical thinking and writing. The challenges of a system that aims to educate all equally.

XPRIZE Awards $15M In Global Learning Competition


Diamandis which seeks to spur innovative solutions to the world's problems, has awarded $15M in the Global Learning XPRIZE , the prize which challenged innovators to create a way to enable children to teach themselves basic reading, writing and arithmetic within 15 months. xprize learning competition kitkit onebillion school education educational software swahiliMarina Del Rey-based XPRIZE , the organization led by Dr. Peter H.

Wpromote Launches Scholarship For Students In Digital Marketing


Wpromote said that entrants will be asked to write a blog post on any topic of their choice about the field of digital marketing, which will determine the winners of those three scholarships; the winners will be featured on Wpromote's digital marketing blog. wpromote scholarship digital marketing high school student education contest competition

Wpromote Opens Apps For Student Scholarship


Students are asked to write a 500-word minimum blog post answering the question "If you were going to run a digital marketing campaign for your school, what would it look like?". wpromote digital marketing scholarship student undergraduate education schoolLos Angeles-based digital marketing agency Wpromote has opened up applications for several student scholarships, with the top prize being a MacBook Pro and $500. According to Wpromote, it is accepting applications from U.S.

Interview with Sunil Rajaraman, Scripped


to the business of script writing, and is looking to combine a free online tool for writing scripts with matching those scripts with content producers. Over 150 educational institutions are using our free screenwriting software, and we've attracted writers to our community by providing a free, web-based alternative to expensive screenwriting tools like Final Draft and Movie Magic, which charge $200 to $250 for their tools.

Boundless Learning Wants to Replace the College Textbook for Free

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The startup has released free online educational materials in beta to the public. At the moment the startup has released biology, economics, psychology, sociology, anatomy and physiology, history and writing online materials for use in colleges.

Interview with Ramit Varma, Revolution Prep


Out of 41 companies who submitted their software for approval, only three were accepted--us, McGraw Hill, and Peoples Education. Software is set to be transformative in the space of education. I take it the software then really requires lots of education experts to make work?

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Killer Potato Salad Kickstarter Campaign Raises > $41,000


At the time I am writing this, he has enticed nearly 6,000 backers to commit over $49,500, and counting. For those donating at the $20 "POTATO MADNESS" level, Zack will, "write a (personalized) potato-salad themed haiku." So far, Zack will be writing 4 haikus.

Pathbrite Shows the Fruits of Having a Crystal Clear Value Proposition

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As a former educator, I understand the complexity of the bureaucratic processes of secondary and post-secondary education systems. That is why I am amazed and extremely excited at how fast Pathbrite is storming through the education system and slugging home-runs.

How to Teach Computational Thinking


Whether it’s sensor-based medicine, computational contracts, education analytics, or computational agriculture—success is going to rely on being able to do computational thinking well. So now the question is how to educate kids about it.

Can you finance your company with grants?


I am chairman of a company that, as I write this, is twelve years old and has not yet taken a dollar of outside investment. Grant writing takes skill and immense amounts of time. First, here’s a link to my recent TEDx talk, “Smiling at success; laughing at failure.”

Panel: How Blogging, Widgets and Streaming Video Can Make Your Marketing Efforts Take Off

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Phil Becker writes: On Wednesday, September 24, I had the opportunity to moderate a truly interesting and educational dinner meeting of that Tech Council's Marketing SIG. An audience of about fifty people heard three panelists speak on “The New Business Boosters; How Blogging, Widgets and Streaming Video Can Make Your Marketing Efforts Take Off“ As that title

Interview with Zareh Baghdasarian, 15desks


Zareh Baghdasarian is the CEO of 15desks (, a new startup focused on the education market. Zareh Baghdasarian: 15desks is all about managing your educational lifestyle, all the way from early education to your graduate work. If you look at what you go through, starting high school, and maybe even middle or grade school, you go through your educational life managing courses, relationships with your teachers, and relationships with your parents.

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The lion and the ant: A managerial lesson


So the lion recruited a cockroach who had extensive experience as a supervisor and who was famous for writing excellent reports. He also needed a secretary to help him write and type his reports.

Entrepreneurs: Take the time to celebrate your exit.


Take with you the best wishes from those in your past, and build upon the education you received with this effort. Write a book; I did. Write a long hand letter to someone who helped you make it to the finish line.

Why Mommy Bloggers Can Help Your Business

Eric Greenspan

There are over 4,500 influential Mommy Bloggers covering topics from pregnancy to child raising to education. Some write about relationships and others about sex. They write how they feel and they influence millions. Recently I was approached by a writer of erotica and quality pornography requesting a spot on the TEDxAmericanRiviera stage. I declined but I was intrigued just the same.

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Fixing Tech’s Gender Problem Starts With Company Culture


Most men in the 1940's and 50's did not know how to use a keyboard and thus could not write code. Diversity on all levels, be it ideas, education, background, gender, ethnicity or otherwise, is critical to our growth. A version of this article previously appeared in Forbes.

From Startup Newsletter To Best Selling Book: How This Entrepreneur Pulled It Off


Putting their expensive educations to good use, they aptly named their novelty product a "MouseDriver". I said, ''Hey, listen were going to start writing this newsletter and it''s going to highlight our trials and tribulations, our failures and our successes.

Startup Tips From College Dropouts: Zuckerberg, Jobs, Gates, Dell, Ellison, Branson and Disney


The primary stipulation is that each Thiel Fellow must drop out of college, for at least two years, and pursue their “entrepreneurial ventures, research and self-education.”. HIGHEST DEGREE OBTAINED BY AMERICA'S 400 RICHEST PEOPLE Source: Forbes Magazine, Jan 2012.

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Entrepreneurs Should Create A Degree – Not Buy One Off The Rack


By avoiding an entire semester of Core classes (one fourth of my entire Wharton education), I was able to take every single entrepreneurial course offered by the University, while simultaneously earning a Minor Degree in drinking beer and playing poker. Writing / English / Public Speaking.

How I Promise You One of the Most Meaningful Days of Your Life

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Defy Ventures is a program that aims to educate people in prison to become better humans upon graduation. I wasn’t raised badly — I was well educated. I promised her I would write about this experience for the LinkedIn platform so I didn’t write about yesterday’s trip here.

These High School Dropouts Crushed It With Some Simple Growth Hacks


You probably haven’t heard of Raymond “Pappy” Smith, but he parlayed his Junior High education into an entertainment empire that changed the way Americans viewed gambling. Education – When he opened his first casino, gambling was not mainstream. Thus, he had to educate his gamblers.

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Remind Me Why I Love You? (Why “In Person” is Everything)

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I was amazed at your innovation, approach, cleverness, enthusiasm, leadership traits, background, education, team?—?everything. You had an amazing meeting with an investor. Your product demo crushed. The dialog was great. They told you how much they loved your space.

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Interview with Fariborz Maseeh, Maseeh Entrepreneurship Prize Competition


That course is different in that it will help mentor the engineers to write their business plans, which is very different from regular entrepreneurship courses, where it's usually an outside speaker lecturing students about what they have done in the past.

How to Know if You Have ADD and What to Do About It

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I have checked Twitter at least 10 times during the writing of this post so far and Facebook 3 times. I can’t write a blog post and then wait 3 days to publish. It’s why I don’t write for TechCrunch or similar much any more.

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In 15 Years From Now Half of US Universities May Be in Bankruptcy. My Surprise Discussion with @ClayChristensen

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Disruption of Education. He talked about how for centuries education had “no technological core” (meaning it was bound by physical locations) and thus disruption was very difficult. “Online education is truly going to kill us.”

Why Lawsuits Are On the Rise at Startups and What To Do About It

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As I write these words I already imagine my next deposition in which I’m asked to read this out loud. I started writing about problems when founding a startup years ago but the problem has gotten worse. *. Lawsuits.

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Who’s In Your Club For Your Mutual Improvement?


The rules that I drew up required that every member, in his turn, should produce one or more queries on any point of Morals, Politics, or Natural Philosophy, to be discuss’d by the company; and once in three months produce and read an essay of his own writing, on any subject he pleased.

What The Heck Are My Startup Options Worth?


This variable is obviously an educated guess, at best. Ensure that your exercise price is defined in writing before you accept the position, even if it is subject to subsequent Board approval. A version of this article previously appeared in Forbes.

Why I Backed a 24-Year-Old Trying to Assess Human Potential

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She highlighted for me how we measure human potential today and it’s based on the workforce that existing post WWII where teaching rote memorization of facts: Math, reading comprehension, writing, basic science, etc.

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What Should You Make of the Web Summit Controversy? A View Behind the Scenes

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I even wrote about my experiences attending Web Summit , something I rarely ever write about. I have absolutely no affiliation with the event, no economic interests and had no other reason for writing about Web Summit other than as a person who has to attend many events for my professional life I found it to be the most meticulously plan and run and intent upon serving its audience of any major event I had attended. Big conferences in part are about education and entertainment.

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