New Owner Looks To Sell Tsavo Media, Sees Yahoo Penalty Fees


The new owner of former Los Angeles startup Tsavo Media , Canadian-firm Cyberplex , said today that it is looking for "strategic alternatives" for the unit of the firm, after a fiasco involving Yahoo's traffic quality reporting system. Cyberplex said that Tsavo Media was informed that it will be required to pay Yahoo approximately $4.8 million, due to Yahoo's indication that Tsavo was sending it "low quality" traffic. tsavo media yahoo penalty advertising cyberplex

DivX Sues Yahoo


San Diego-based DivX said Thursday that it has filed a lawsuit against Yahoo! for breach of contract, after Yahoo notified the firm that it intends to breach its two-year advertising services agreement with DivX. DivX said that Yahoo has informed the firm that it will discontinue making payments required under an agreement with the firm.

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Ross Levinsohn leaves Yahoo

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Ross Levinsohn the then interim CEO has today left Yahoo. Levinsohn has left Yahoo and has not revealed his next task yet. He leaves after the Yahoo board chose Marissa Mayer as new CEO by passing him again. I am proud of Yahoo.

Yahoo Confirms Ross Levinsohn Hire


Internet portal Yahoo confirmed Wednesday afternoon that it has hired Ross Levinsohn , former head of Fox Interactive Media, and current venture capitalist at Fuse Capital, as its new Executive Vice President of Americas. According to Yahoo, Levinsohn reports directly to Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz, and will manage the company's media group, advertising sales, and partnerships for the Americas region. Tags: yahoo ross levinsohn executive media content

magnify360 Launches Advertising Optimization Tool


Los Angeles-based magnify360, a provider of web page optimization tools, has lauched a new product for optimizing Google AdWords advertising, the firm announced today. magnify360 said its new Google Cost Optimizer automatically synchronizes with AdWords accounts, and provides campaign performance metrics to users about return on investment in individual keywords, cost per click, conversion rates, and other information.

TVSync’s Open API Uses Video and Audio Recognition Across All Four Screens

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Developers can take the program information and integrate it into the app they are creating to offer interactive features. Companies like Flingo, Shazam Yahoo, Coincident.TV, Google and Nielsen are all developing their own coding protocals for ACR.

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Interview: Jason Lehmbeck, Co-Founder and CEO of DataPop


Messenger : Jason Lehmbeck , Co-Founder and CEO of DataPop , former VP of Emerging Ad Products at Overture Services and Yahoo! The Core team had worked together at Yahoo! We tried to solve their problems while we were at Yahoo!, We lived together for seven years while at Yahoo!

DataPop Gets $1.7M


Los Angeles-based DataPop , a new paid search ad management firm started by a pair of Overture/Yahoo Search Marketing veterans, has raised $1.7M DataPop was founded Jason Lehmbeck and John Zimmerman, both of whom have been at Overture and Yahoo! DataPop's product also creates landing pages, geo-targets offers, and uses pricing details, sales and promotions, product specs, and retail location information to tune those search marketing ads.

How Online Video Companies Can Increase Margin and Build Better Businesses

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You can ask them to come and watch your videos at your owned & operated websites (O&O) where you can make higher margins as well as ask directly for more meaningful customer information such as Facebook connections, Twitter oAuths, email addresses and the like.

Interview with Howard Lindzon, StockTwits


I've always felt that financial vertical is the one vertical--with Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, Reuters, and First Data--where Twitter should be involved in. Advertising is one of our revenue streams right now, but not our core focus.

Advertising Wants to be Measurable – An Investment Thesis

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When I started investing the US advertising market was $300 billion with only 10% of it ($30 billion) of it being online and measurable. One recession later and the US advertising market is about $245 billion – but still only 10-12% is online and measurable. Yahoo!

Learning The Ropes Of Internet Video With Michael Tringe and CreatorUp


We also talk about creating things specifically for the web, how to distribute on the web, and how to build a revenue stream aside from advertising revenue. We want to provide information on how you tell a story, and how you keep people engaged.

Interview with Wes Nichols, MarketShare


It's my belief that many marketers still measure in layers -- they might look at how direct mail, or search, or display, or TV, or brand advertising, or their sales force performs, in a certain swim lane. Advertisers are known for their creative focus, not focus on analytics.

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The Guy Who Took on Google (and now LinkedIn): Mike Yavonditte

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Instead, they tried to use their search position to offer a portal like Excite and Yahoo! AdSonar’s advertising platform applied proprietary semantic algorithms to automatically serve the most relevant ads to each particular content page.

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63 Los Angeles Entrepreneurs To Be Proud Of

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Sherman felt that helping them sort through the confusing and often misleading information about what is safe to put in, on, and around their families would be the best way to help effect change that would be good for children and also good for the planet.

Ace Metrix Names Bunchball's Daboll As CEO


Los Angeles-based Ace Metrix , which operates an online service which helps televisoin advertisers determine the effectiveness of their advertising and creative, said today it has named Peter Daboll as CEO of the company. He also had served at Chief of Insights at Yahoo!, Daboll also has served at MarketTools,, MediaPlan, Information Resources Inc.

Digital LA - Digital Drinks @ Les Deux

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Digital LA organizes mixers for professionals in online entertainment, marketing, and advertising. Stop on by for informal casual networking. Attendees work at Sony Pictures, FOX Interactive, MySpace, Google, Yahoo!, Tuesday, November 18, 2008 -- For our next Digital Drinks, we're heading to Hollywood hot spot Les Deux! Join the Digital LA group if you haven't already to get our event updates!

Tech Titans Peter Thiel, Matt Jacobson, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, Mich Mathews, Elon Musk Buy Homes in Los Angeles

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NAME Yahoo. Another client, Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison, just closed on a deal to buy ex- Yahoo. with her husband, Douglas, a former Google chief information officer, in late 2008. Advertise Locally on Advertise. Advertise Locally. Facebook.

Close5: eBay's San Diego Move Into The Mobile, Local Market


You don''t see the Google''s and Yahoo''s of the world on the street, interacting with customers. You''ll see in our advertising and in our messaging that there is lots of activity focused on the mom demographic. They share a lot of information, have really strong purchasing power for everything from baby toys to cars, and are the main decision maker and purchasing agent at home.

The 7 “Free” Ways to Get Traffic on the Web

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Other than paying for traffic with advertising, there are only so many ways to get people to show up at your door. Search Engines – Google, Yahoo, MSN, ASK redirect billions of searches everyday.Search engines have the potential to drive millions of visitors to a given site.Wikipedia and About are two of the most popular sites on the web, but the majority of their traffic comes from referrals from search engines, not people going directly to their site.To

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Social Networking (the Shorter Version) Past, Present, Future

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Brands didn’t advertise their web pages they advertised “AOL Keywords.&# If you were a newly minted, venture-backed consumer Internet company you had to have a deal with AOL to reach your customers. Yahoo! Yahoo!

Interview with Dan Yomtobian, Scour


Scour is an offshoot of a PPC advertising firm, ABCSearch, which was also founded by Dan. Dan Yomtobian: Scour is a social search engine, which meta searches Google, Yahoo, and MSN. We overlay our own algorithm and decide what listing to show, in what order, based on how Google, Yahoo, and MSN spit back data to us. Users can vote for relevancy of results, and over time, the non-relevant information or SEO moves down below the line.


Interview with Jeff Green, The Trade Desk


The firm's CEO and founder, Jeff Green , was a co-founder of AdECN, the Internet advertising exchange acquired in 2007 by Microsoft. Jeff Green: To fully understand what we're up to, you need to understand the evolution of online advertising.

Social Networking and Business Value


Companies also use social networking sites in the hiring process, and increasingly, to do innovative advertising (such as the recent Jack in the Box campaign). Does advertising work in the social networking world? A 12 - year veteran of the online world, he has worked in sales, business development and content partnership functions for Yahoo!, In 2005, Majid coauthored "Data Strategy" a book designed to help streamline information management within organizations.

What the Past Can Tell Us About the Future of Social Networking

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billion in annual subscription revenues not including advertising or eCommerce). Brands didn’t advertise their web pages they advertised “AOL Keywords.&# You couldn’t pick up a magazine in the 96-99 timeframe without seeing AOL Keywords advertised everywhere.

Is it a Good Idea to Have Ads in Tweets?

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Advertising has driven the majority of Internet innovation. that is an “in-stream advertising&# company currently focused on monetizing Twitter. This has prompted many people to question whether advertising “in stream&# and on Twitter is a good thing or a bad thing.

Interview with Matthew Graczyk, Zubican


Once, is we've licensed content from sources, two, is companies can take control of their profile and customize their information, and three, we've harvested information off the Internet to augment the profiles. So, the core revenue model is online advertising.

Interview with Josh Stomel, ResumeBucket


I had early success working in-house with Matt Coffin at LowerMyBills in 2005, and then I was brought on by Yahoo to build out the Yahoo Publisher Network Team. Josh Stomel: How we make money right now is advertising revenue. We also have direct relationsihps with Yahoo's Precision Match team, and they provide a very optimized feed on our resume and job search resumes. Do you run into any issues with privacy of the information on the site?

Interview with Ross Levinsohn, Velocity Interactive Group


This morning, Woodland Hills-based FatTail ( announced a venture round from Velocity Interactive Group for its software for managing online advertising. FatTail is solving the problem of buying and selling advertising, one I've seen as a challenge as long as I've been in the media business, which is twenty two years. In the dozen years of the Internet, no one has quite figured out buying and selling advertisings, and it's not much better than it was ten years ago.

Twiistup 007: Date, Speakers, Early Bird Special

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In 1995 he developed with Robert Morris the first web-based application, Viaweb, which was acquired by Yahoo in 1998. Managing Director of FirstMark Capital, a $2 billion VC fund focusing on investments in the emerging media & advertising and data & analytics sectors.

This Week in VC with Jim Armstrong of Clearstone

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We talked about how the metaphor for finding information might be changing and why large companies such as HP and Microsoft are betting so big on this industry. That seems to be the case for lots of AOL / Yahoo!

Interview with Dave Waldman, Bccthis


Because there's always some level of information or relationship disparity between multiple people in an email, this allows them to fill in those gaps. We've obviously toyed with advertising and sponsorship as well.

Twiistup 007: Final Showoff's Additional Speakers and TZ Discount

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In 1995 he developed with Robert Morris the first web-based application, Viaweb, which was acquired by Yahoo in 1998. Managing Director of FirstMark Capital, a $2 billion VC fund focusing on investments in the emerging media & advertising and data & analytics sectors.