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The End of the Mexican Road

Both Sides of the Table

Negotiations. We all think we’re good at them. Most people aren’t that good. For many the idea of negotiations is “let’s split the difference 50/50.” ” In some situations this is the right answer. In many cases it’s not.

What’s Your Tribal Role At Your Startup?


Note: This is Part V in the Startup Team Building series. Read Part I HERE , Part II HERE , Part III HERE and Part IV HERE.

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Wittlebee Launches, Headed by Sean Pervical, Backed by Science


Sean Percival, best known for founding Los Angeles tech blog lalawag, in addition to his work as an executive at MySpace, has booted up a new effort--Santa Monica-based Wittlebee , a new, online subscription service for baby supplies. The new effort emerged this week, revealing that it is backed by Science, Inc. , the digital business incubator/studio headed by former MySpace CEO Mike Jones. Wittlebee is the third company from Science inc.

Women 2.0 Conference 2012 | For The Men Who Missed It

Tech Zulu Event

Just like the sky scraping investment banks of Wall Street, the technology industry tends to be a sausage party. A Silicon Valley conference is a room full of suits, with the occasional skirt suite. So when I heard about Women 2.0

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Mingly Launches Mingly Web and MyPeople | Manage Your TwitFaceMailBookLink

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The irony: a sad state that even with the huge number of social network applications we have at our disposal, we’re oftentimes lost, unable to keep up, or still lose touch so easily. But for a second let’s try something different and blame the technology.

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Console Hardware: Past, Present and Future

SoCal Tech Calendar

Thursday, February 23, 2012 -- Console Hardware: Past, Present and Future. An overview of console hardware from the last generation (PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube), this generation (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii) and looking forward to what the next generation may hold. The intent is to give the participant a general idea of the capabilities of specific console hardware.


Incubators, Accelerators, and New Choices for Entrepreneurs

Steve Reich

Wild times in Southern California—VC firms contracting and incubators/accelerators exploding! You can’t turn around in SoCal without running into new incubators. No one even seems to know the exact count, but its somewhere between 20-30, as of last week.

Myspace Racks Up Registrations


Beverly Hills-based > Myspace is claiming growth in its users, saying that it has added over 1 million new signups to the service, after it launched a new Myspace Music Player. The online entertainment site--now owned by Specific Media--has been looking to revamp Myspace into a new, social service which combines music, links to Facebook, and music recommendation engine. Myspace says it is now adding around 40,000 new registrations a day, driven by its music player.

The Vita Hill Social Club: A New Way to Game

Tech Zulu Event

The swanky little boutique suite on Santa Monica’s Main Street greeted me in a way that I hadn’t expected.

Emerging Trends in Medical Device Design

SoCal Tech Calendar

Thursday, February 23, 2012 -- Emerging Trends in Medical Device Design. SoCalBio Networking Forum in Orange County. See [link] (more

The Secret to Success with Angel Investors

Steve Reich

LeisureLink, Inc., was launched with nearly $2mm in Angel funding from the Pasadena Angels and Tech Coast Angels. How did we do it? We had an advocate in each Angel group who aggressively lead the effort. It’s critical to identify a lead investor who is truly excited about your company. Someone has to do the heavy lifting of advocating, organizing, and building enthusiasm about your company within their Angel group. Angels are loose confederations of individual investors.

Broadcom Completes Buy of NetLogic Microsystems


Irvine-based Broadcom has completed its acquisition of NetLogic Microsystems , the developer of networking semiconductors, the company said this morning. The acquisition--which had originally been announced in September--was worth $3.7 billion.

Give Your Valentine Good Vibrations with LELO #SFW

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Yes folks, I’m going there. But don’t worry; this is safe for work. Last month at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, TechZulu paused mid-aisle at the convention center with other onlookers mesmerized by LELO.

UCI Entrepreneurship: Judy Greenspon, NPI Services

SoCal Tech Calendar

Thursday, February 23, 2012 -- Judy Greenspon, President, NPI Services, Inc. Entrepreneurship Course, 2012 Guest Speaker Lectures, Henry Samueli School of Engineering, UC Irvine. Free and open to the public. This series is part of a course on Entrepreneurship for Scientists and Engineers, but enrollment is not necessary to attend these guest speaker lectures Email for details.

The Complete Guide To Southern California Accelerators and Incubators, Part III


In recent months, a dozen accelerators and incubators have emerged in the Southern California area, looking to help take the new generation of technology startups to funding and beyond.

Competition Dangles $200K To Students With Clean Technology Ideas


A new competition--part of the Startup America effort launched by the Obama Administration, and spearheaded locally by Caltech, USC, and UCLA--said today that it is looking to award $200,000 in prize money to university students with clean energy business ideas.

Borrego Solar Finds $47 Million For Solar Energy Projects


San Diego-based Borrego Solar Systems , the venture-backed installer of solar photovoltaic power systems, said today that it has closed on a new, $47M financing fund. The new fund comes from U.S>

OpenX Hits Profitability, Nears $100M In Annual Revenues


Los Angeles-based OpenX , the developer of online advertising serving software, reported today that it has achieved its first full quarter of profitability, and is has exceeded an annual run rate of $100M. OpenX develops online ad serving software, which is used by web publishers to display web advertising. OpenX, which is headed by Tim Cadogan, said it served more than one trillion ad impressions during 2011.

Tenrox Acquired By Silverback Enterprise Group


Glendale-based Tenrox , the developer of cloud-based, enterprise project management software, has been acquired by Texas-based Silverback Enterprise Group , Silverback said Thursday, as part of a rollup of a number of project management firms by Silverback. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. Silverback acquired Tenrox, along with fellow project management software firm PowerSteering Software.

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Eucalyptus Launches Bay Area Test Lab


Santa Barbara-based cloud computing software firm Eucalyptus has opened up a new, cloud testing lab in the Bay Area, the firm said today. The developer of cloud management and computing software said the new lab will be based at the CoreSite Bay Area data center. CoreSite said the Eucalyptus lab will provide secure, fully functional, hosted infrastructure to allow Eucalyptus' customers to validate and test their cloud applications.

Tech Coast Angels Fuels $45M In Deals In 2011


The Tech Coast Angels , the largest organized angel investment group in Southern California--and the nation--said Wednesday that it was part of $45M in funding in companies during last year, with $11M directly invested across 37 companies during 2011.

Huawei Sets $6 Billion In OEM Deals with Qualcomm, Broadcom, Avago


Chinese telecom giant Huawei said Friday, in an announcement timed with the visit of Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping to Los Angeles, that it is awarding $6 billion in Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) contracts to three California companies. Huawei said that the contracts go to San Diego-based Qualcomm , Irvine-based Broadcom , and Avago , which is based in San Jose.

FlexEnergy Names President and COO


Irvine-based FlexEnergy , a developer of gas turbine equipment from producing green energy, has named Jay Mitchell as President and Chief Operating Officer. The venture backed firm, which is backed by SAIL Capital Partners and RNS Capital Partners, said that Mitchell has previously served at from T-3 Energy Services, a supplier to the oil and gas industry, among other experience.

Docstoc Hits 80,000 Paying Subscribers, 20M Members


Santa Monica-based Docstoc , the online small business documents sharing and download site headed by Jason Nazar, said Tuesday that it has now hit more than 80,000 paying subscribers to the service, and over 20 million members. In an update to supporters, Nazar said that it now has over 80,000 people who have become paid users to its Docstoc Premium subscription service, which gives those users access to premium business documents via a monthly subscription, starting at $9.95 per month.

Nimble Updates Contact Management Software


Santa Monica-based Nimble , the developer of a software-as-a-service, contact management service which is headed by former Goldmine founder Jon Ferrara, said this morning that it has debuted a new version of its service. The firm said that Nimble 2.0 focuses on social discovery, improved usability, and better privacy and marketing integration.

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KFx Medical Gets Patent


Carlsbad-based KFX Medical , which is developing bone implant products for the orthopedic surgery market, reported today that it has received a third patent. The patent, U.S. Patent No. 8,109,969, covers its knotless double row soft tissue bone repair method. The patent was filed on September 26, 2011, and names Michael L. Green, Joseph C. Tauro, and Bart Bojanowski as inventors. KFX said the quick turnaround time came via participation in the USPTO Patent Accelerated Examination Program.

OWL Biomedical Raises $3.0M


Santa Barbara-based OWL Biomedical , a developer of microchip-based disposable cell sorting technology for the biomedical industry, has raised $3.0M, part of an ongoing funding with a target of $16.8M, according to regulatory filings. OWL is a biotech firm which is a spinout of MEMS foundry Innovative Micro Technology. Dr. John Foster, the CEO of IMT, recently left IMT to join OWL Biomedical.

Amplify Partners With Cloud Provider Joyent


Amplify , the startup accelerator program being run by Paul Bricault in Venice Beach, has tied with a cloud computing provider, Joyent , the two said this morning. The two said they are in a partnership, where Joyent will provide free cloud computing resources and marketing services to Amplify's portfolio companies. Joyent's cloud services are used by companies such as LinkedIn, TaskRabbit, Kabam, Voxer, ModCloth, and others.