Ten of Southern California's Top Software Companies


marketing, and not enough of the traditional, software-and-algorithm intensive startups you'd expect to see in Silicon Valley. Headed by famed Google AdSense creator Gil Elbaz, Factual has created a massive, cloud-based repository for data on geolocated.

Orbitera Acquired By Google For More Than $100M


West Hollywood-based Orbitera , which develops cloud-based software for managing leads, trial subscriptions, and billing, has been acquired by Google , Google said on Monday. Google said it will continue to make Orbitera available to other software vendors, in addition to using the company's technology to improve the support of software vendors on Google Cloud Platform. orbitera google merger acquisition software trial cloud lead

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Fan Appz Launches Personal Marketing Platform To Help Brands Convert Fans Into Loyal Customers

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Unlike first-generation social media solutions that focus on building awareness at the top of the funnel, Fan Appz’ Personalized Marketing Platform helps brands close the sale. Platform For Speed & Scalability. The new Fan Appz solution runs on the SAP HANA® platform.

The Next 5 Years: Possible Trends in Business Software

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During the past twenty five years, software programs utilized by business underwent tremendous changes. Enhanced Platform Mobility. For example, the popular search engine Google updated its search algorithm recently to place a higher value upon sites which load well on mobile devices.

A Look at Google’s New Network Security Tool

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This defect was estimated to have affected up to two-thirds of internet servers , allowing cyber criminals to go around transport security layer (TLS) protections and grabbing confidential information found in computers or servers that had OpenSSL-powered software.

Nimble Updates CRM Tools


Santa Monica-based social CRM software developer Nimble has rolled out a new version of its platform, which it is calling "Nimble 4.0". According to the company, led by longtime CRM veteran Jon Ferrara, the updated software includes such new features as embedding within Office 365 and Google Apps; synchronizes contacts, emails, and calendars; new automatic market segmentation tools; personalized outreach emails; new templates for Gmail; and much more.

YouTube Introduces its Own App for iPhone and iPod touch | Google Adds Editing to the iOS Drive App

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It also allows you to share on Google+, Facebook or text message in the app, as well as to Twitter and email. To make soup taste better, Google added that its working on an optimized version of the YouTube app for iPad to be launched in a few months.

Interview with Jimmy Hendricks, Deal Current


They are using DealCurrent as the deal platform for all of their clients. We see those three products working together, as features of one platform which both can be used independently, as well as together. So, we took that contest and crowdsourcing platform, and started ArtisticHub.

Google Cleaning Out Their Closets

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Google has from late last year embarked on an in-house cleaning project. In November 2011, Google’s spring clean saw a number of services shut down like Knol, Friend Connect and Google Wave. Another service facing the axe is Google Talk Chatback.


I’ve Got A Golden Ticket! | Inbox by Gmail

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It certainly feels that way if you’re able to get on a new platform before anyone else, doesn’t it? For example, how often have users gotten upset at Facebook for making changes to their platform? Yes, also available on both Google Play and the iOS store).

The Guy Who Took on Google (and now LinkedIn): Mike Yavonditte

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Why AltaVista Failed To Become as Successful as Google. Mike believes the reason AltaVista didn’t become Google ( despite their market leadership position ) was because they didn’t focus on search. So, they built an auction system, a self-service platform, and an ad-server from scratch.

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6 Top Trends For The Digital World In 2016

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As social media becomes a platform for online extremists, valid questions regarding freedom of speech, monitoring and censorship have arisen. Efforts of product integration between online softwares are set to continue. The global online audience currently stands at some 3.2

Choosing Internet Platforms


The topic is: Betting Your Company On An Internet Platform? However, these platforms could be interesting for prototype and pilot solutions. The other conclusion was that you need to have a migration path from the platform. Finally we get to: Peter Coffee , Director of Platform Research, Salesforce.com His premise is that we should be beyond having to buy servers, software, or any other infrastructure. VRM - his company - goal is to provide a Level 4 platform.

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Stained Glass Labs Patners With Exitround, Unveils App Directory for Google Glass

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Stained Glass Labs (SGL), the first Glass and wearable technologies accelerator has launched the world’s first comprehensive app directory and a self-service app publishing portal for Google Glass pre-launched applications.

ChowNow Connects Into Google Wallet


Los Angeles-based online ordering and marketing software developer ChowNow , which is led by Chris Webb, said this morning that it has partnered with Google to add support for Google Wallet to its platform. ChowNow said it has updated all of its client ordering apps to include Google Wallet, at no additional cost to its restaurant clients. chownow google wallet mobile ordering restaurant system shopping

GLAZED | Wearable Tech Conference [Live]

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TechZulu is happy to announce that we will be bringing you all the action live from the GLAZED Conference Monday, September 30th starting at 9AM.

SRCH2's Plan to Arm The World With Enterprise Search Technology


In the arms race of search technology, only the big guys -- Google, Microsoft -- seem to be able to keep up with all of the innovations in the space. Dev Bhatia: Search2 is next generation search software, built from the ground up. Anyone who goes to Google knows what instant search is.

Picasa Founder Lars Perkins Introduces Private Photo Sharing App Relive

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He is the founder and CEO of the popular photo platform, Picasa, an award winning software for digital photography users, that took the pain out of finding photos stored on a computer hard drive. In 2004, Perkins had a successful exit and sold Picasa to Google.

myfab5 Wanst to Reinvent The Way You Find Food | Interview With Co-Founder Calvin Schemanski

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The platform connects foodies to restaurants for a win-win situation for both parties. The platform uses an iPhone app and website to help users make decisions quickly and confidently while also helping them share their valuable restaurant experiences with others.

Bedloo: Find The Answers In Life | Founder Interview, Startup Life & LA Tech

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Bedloo is a social media voting platform for those who want to find the right answer in life. We are power users and we are constantly trying to redefine platforms we are frustrated with. That is how Todd and I met, from all the talk of using platforms that frustrates us.

Interview with Robert Blatt, MomentFeed


Our platform enables them to manage the digital representation of their locations, and engage with consumers in paid, social, and search, to improve that customer experience. Once you get past Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, and maybe Yelp and Bing, you've counted for 90 percent of all interaction. If you ask Siri for where to get skinny legs jeans, or ask Google Maps for where to get a vegan burrito, they try to give you the best recommendation.

Fan Appz Launches Social Media Marketing Product


The firm said its Personalized Marketing Platform is aimed at brand, to help them turn their fans into customers. The firm's software runs across such social services as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram. service software marketing media social appz fanappzLos Angeles-based Fan Appz , which is headed by Jon Siegal, said today that it has launched a new social media marketing product.

Hallo | Just Say Hallo with Social Voice App

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Hallo social platform is nothing to snicker at. For those folks out there who are looking for a new community to amass a following, Hallo’s social platform will not disappoint. Give it a go and get it in the iTunes store or on Android in Google Play and let us know what you think.

SendGrid Links Into Google App Engine


Anaheim- and Boulder, Colorado-based email services provider SendGrid has linked up with Google App Engine , the Google program which lets developers host their websites on Google''s Cloud. According to SendGrid, it has become a Technology Partners to the Google Cloud Platform Partner Program, which makes its email services and API available to developers on GAE. SendGrid said it is the first, third party email service available in the Google Cloud.

New StockTwits CEO Looks to Expand Share of Investor Community


If you do a Google search for AAPL, the stock ticker for Apple, the top search results are typically Yahoo Finance, Twitter, Google Finance—and StockTwits, a social media communications platform for Wall Street traders and active retail investors.

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How YP.com Is Growing A Giant Tech Team In Glendale


A consumer piece is a big part of our business, and the next big piece is the advertiser platform, plus everything we wrap around the advertisers experience, helping them to manage their content, and provide great reporting, and helping them to understand the ROI of doing business with us.

Interview with Brett Crosby and Brew Johnson, PeerStreet


We sat down with Brett Crosby (who founded Urchin Software, the company which became Google Analytics) and Brew Johnson , the co-founders of the company, to learn more about the company and what it's working on. Brett Crosby: When I was at Google, there were a couple of things.

Pinterest Marketing & Technology Firm, HelloSociety Generates $30M In Additional Sales Revenue For Its Clients

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Apart from the suite of software applications above, HelloSociety, helps present and optimize its client’s content on Pinterest, resulting in increased reach and direct sales on their respective websites.

Emotient Acquired By Apple


San Diego-based Emotient , a developer of facial expression recognition software, has been acquired by Apple , Apple disclosed on Thursday. Emotient, which was backed by Handbag and Intel Capital, had developed applications for Google Glass and other platforms to be able to tell what a person was feeling based on their facial expression. software exit acquisition merger intelligence artificial recognition facial apple emotient

Veritone Finds $50M For AI Software


Newport Beach-based Veritone , which is developing artificial intelligence software used for sentiment analysis for media firms, political campaigns, corporations, and the government, said it has closed on a $50M funding agreement. Veritone is led by Chad Steelberg, who is best known for selling one of his prior companies, dMarc Broadcasting, to Google. veritone software sentiment analysis media politics government working capital

How YP Is Growing A Giant Tech Team In Glendale


The consumer piece is a big part of our business, and the next big piece is the advertiser platform, plus everything we wrap around the advertiser experience, helping them to manage their content, and provide great reporting, and helping them to understand the ROI of doing business with us.

Spolsky on Software on Both Sides of The Table

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Sometime around 2003/04 my technology team turned me on to “Spolsky on Software&# a periodic newsletter served up blog style from Joel Spolsky of FogCreek Software, a maker of bug-tracking software. Defensibility in Software. Building on top of platforms.

ChowNow Updates Restaurant Ordering Software


Los Angeles-based ChowNow said this morning that it has updated its online ordering platform for restaurant, launching a new, version 2.0 The company said the updated platform includes streamlined, mobile friendly upgrades and new tools for personalized takeout and delivery. Webb says the company now has over a thousand restaurants using its platform across the US and Canada, with clients that include Mario Batali and Thomas Keller.