October, 2016

Venture Capital is About Human Capital

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Gregg Johnson, CEO of Invoca For the first 5 years or so after I became a VC I didn’t talk much about what I thought a VC should be excellent at since frankly I wasn’t sure. I was mostly doing my job and trying to figure out how to be better every day.

Blackline surges 40% in software IPO

TechCrunch LA

Blackline, a Los Angeles-based accounting software company, debuted in the U.S. markets Friday. After pricing at $17 per share, the stock closed at $23.70.

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TigerText Names Two Healthcare Vets To Exec Team


Santa Monica-based TigerText has hired on two new healthcare veterans to its executive team, the company said this week. According to TigerText, it has named Kirk Kirman as President of Client Organization, heading up sales and customer support; and Kelli Castellano as Chief Marketing Officer, leading the company's marketing strategies. Kirkman was previously VP of Enterprise Solutions at athenalheath, and also has served at TamberHealth, Zix Corporation, and Amicore.

The Top 30 Celebrity Investors in Tech


The tech world is filled with unique personalities, budding innovators, and a great deal of money. That’s why the tech world is the perfect place for celebrities to get their feet wet when it comes to investment opportunities.

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Los Angeles is a transportation tech powerhouse

TechCrunch LA

Los Angeles is famous for two things: entertainment and traffic. Back in the 1950s, any association with “stars” and “cars” would be the envy of any modern city. But today, that’s sometimes overshadowed by images of aggressive paparazzi and gridlocked freeways.

Embodied Gets Funding From Intel For Personal Robots


Pasadena-based Embodied , a new startup developer "affordable personal robots", has raised funding from Intel Capital. Size of the funding was not announced. Embodied was co-founded by Paolo Pirjanian, the former CTO of iRobot and Professor Maja Mataric, a researcher in robotics and neuroscience at the University of Southern California.

Codesmith Raised $1.1 Million Funding Round Lead by Test Prep CEO


Coding bootcamps have proven to the cure for a workforce that isn’t qualified to handle the complicated technologies that rule the business world today. They are relatively short, they are taught by experts, and they provide an avenue to employment after graduation. And one well-known coding bootcamp has made an effort to focus on engineering thanks to a huge investment from a Malibu CEO. That’s right, LA-based Codesmith has just raised a $1.1

SpaceX Runs Down All Rocket Explosion Leads, Sabotage Included

L.A. Business Journal

As part of an effort to run down every lead in its Falcon 9 rocket explosion investigation, Space Exploration Technologies Corp. is reportedly looking into sabotage, possibly by its rival United Launch Alliance

How Augmented Reality Is Transforming the Manufacturing Industry


For many Americans, the manufacturing industry brings to mind images of Industrial Revolution-era factories, World War II assembly lines, or perhaps even outsourced workshops overseas. But that picture is outdated.

How to Help Children With Chronic Illness

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I was asked to be the host at this year’s CoachArt Gala of Champions event on October 27th at the esteemed Beverly Hilton hotel. The goal is to raise money to help children with chronic illness get ongoing instruction in sports, art, music or whatever endeavor would help them get fulfillment in life.

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It’s what you ask, not what you know.


A friend recently told me a story that had nothing to do with business, but unintentionally had a great lesson for all of us. He had asked his arborist if he could move a mature tree from one part of his property to another – to make room for an addition to his home. “Yes,”


Vcorp Services Acquired By Wolters Kluwer


Los Angeles- and New York-based Vcorp Services , the provider of business formation and other corporate legal services, has been acquired by Wolters Kluwer Governance, Risk & Compliance , a Netherlands-based provider of risk and compliance services. Financial details of the acquisition were not announced. Wolters Kluwer said the acquisition will help strengthen its existing portfolio of legal and compliance products and services.

Acting and Modeling Startup Castar Is Thriving in LA


Los Angeles is the destiny of people wanting to succeed in the field of acting. People flock from around the world just to have a chance at a glimmer of fame. And while you might think only 20-something aspiring actors and models are headed to the California city, it’s also the perfect place for a tech startup focused on acting and modeling to set up shop. That is exactly what Castar did.

Famebit Acquired by Google

L.A. Business Journal

Multichannel media network Famebit has been acquired by Google for an undisclosed amount

Plug and Play San Diego Finds Home in New Downtown Works Space


Plug and Play San Diego has formed a partnership with Downtown Works, a new co-working space in downtown San Diego, which will give the local Plug and Play program a place to call home.

SquadHelp: A Game For Nameless Companies

Tech Zulu Event

Achieving a good brand for your company is everything. If it’s bad, everyone will remember it for the wrong reasons and if it’s good, they’ll remember it for the right ones.

How to battle the dragon AND avoid the encounter.


Sometimes a competitor is just too entrenched, too strong, too well equipped to directly face in battle. At least that is the conventional wisdom. Yet, there are constant examples of new entrants into a niche that grow, prosper and sometimes even become dominant.

TeleSign Adds Machine Learning For Fraud Scoring


Los Angeles-based TeleSign , which powers the phone-based verification and authentication systems of many top tier Internet e-commerce and web services providers, said on Thursday that it has begun using machine learning in its fraud intelligence software, TeleSign Score. TeleSign Score provides a reputational scoring based on a user's phone number and other information, and is accessed via an API.



“ Please join the Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and the City’s Entrepreneur in Residence Jason Nazar , for one of the City’s largest Technology Job Fairs taking place on Thursday, January 26th from 11-8pm at The Reef in Downtown Los Angeles. The fair will feature 200+ of LA’s premier technology companies looking to hire great candidates in engineering, marketing, sales, and more. .

Silicon Beach Reporter Oct. 6: Snapchat Reportedly Preparing for $25B IPO

L.A. Business Journal

Snapchat reportedly preparing for $25 billion initial public offering, Reaction Commerce raises $2.7 million, Rubicon Project hires Google executive as chief product officer, and more

Ex-Celgene Dealmaker Tom Daniel Charts a New Course Advising Biotechs


For close to a decade, Tom Daniel and George Golumbeski comprised perhaps one of the best-known dealmaking duos in biopharma, striking a slew of alliances that established Summit, NJ-based Celgene as one of the more creative, nimble biotech partners in the business. “We

Efficient multiple-stream concatenation in Java


I want to combine the elements of multiple Stream instances into a single Stream. What's the best way to do this? This article compares a few different solutions. Stream.concat(a, b). The JDK provides Stream.concat(a, b) for concatenating two streams. void exampleConcatTwo () {. Stream a = Stream. of ( "one" , "two" ); Stream b = Stream. of ( "three" , "four" ); Stream out = Stream. concat ( a , b ); out. forEach ( System. out :: println ); // Output: // one. // two. // three. // four. }.

UCSB Distinguished Speaker Series: Brad Feld

SoCal Tech Calendar

Tuesday, November 1, 2016 -- UCSB Distinguished Speaker Series: Brad Feld. Brad has been an early stage investor and entrepreneur since 1987. Prior to co-founding Foundry Group (link is external), he co-founded Mobius Venture Capital and, prior to that, founded Intensity Ventures. Brad is also a co-founder of Techstars (link is external).

Rinse Buys The Remains Of Washio


On demand, laundry service Rinse disclosed today that it has acquired the assets of now defunct, on-demand laundry competitor Washio. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. Washio had also provided its services in Los Angeles, in addition to Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Oakland, New York, and Washington DC.



WeWork is a platform for creators. They provide the space, community, and services you need to create your life’s work. WeWork has a way of attracting the best people to its community. Being a part of the WeWork community means being surrounded by some of the most innovative and passionate people in the city. Wherever you need to be in Los Angeles—Downtown, Hollywood, or Santa Monica, to name a few hot spots—you’ll find the right office space in one of WeWork’s 12 locations.

SPECIAL REPORT: Tech Industry Charges Up Office Market

L.A. Business Journal

The L.A. office market saw a solid third quarter, with the vacancy rate narrowing to 14.8 percent from 16.2 percent in the same period last year, according to data from Jones Lang LaSalle

Latest Data Show Venture Capital Industry on Pins and Needles


Given the obvious anxiety and frustration that surrounds us all, the U.S. venture industry is also exhibiting some fatigue as we finish the 88th month since the last recession. This is the fourth-longest period of economic growth in U.S. history (admittedly, at 2.1

3 Lessons Big Business Can Learn from Startups

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Large businesses aren’t having it easy in the modern era. With technological change overturning the economy, big business needs to shake up its M.O. or it will be in for a rough day of reckoning.