Secret for Networking at Events - Prenetworking


I've never been able to walk into a large group of people and feel like I can "work the room." Sure, I've read various articles on this stuff, but honestly, I still struggle with meeting interesting people. I seem to be very adept at meeting financial planners, attorneys, accountants, etc. - and after 10 seconds of conversation, I'm at a loss.

AdEngage Acquired By Technorati


El Segundo-based AdEngage, an online advertising network, has been acquired by blog and Internet search site Technorati, Technorati said today. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. According to Technorati, it has acquired AdEngage to launch a new self-service advertising network for blogs and social media sites. AdEngage was founded in 2004, and according to Technorati serves more than 12 billion ad impressions across more than 4,000 sites. AdEngage will become Technorati Engage.

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The first 6 steps to homegrowing basic startup analytics | Futuristic Play by @Andrew_Chen

SoCal Delicious

Futuristic Play by @Andrew_Chen. Analysis on viral marketing, user experience, game design, and online ads. As featured in technology and news publications: Are you new?

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Panel: Digital Content Distribution’s Brave New World

Technology Council

“Digital Content Distribution’s Brave New World: Trends & Issues&# was our topic last Thursday night at the Doubletree Hotel in Santa Monica. The first in what we hope is a series of digital media-related events for the Technology Council, this program focused on trends and opportunities in digital content distribution. Turn-out was stronger than expected for this

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Google Personalized Results


Google now shows me an option to push things in my search results to the top. It's an interesting choice. Doesn't it seem like it's inviting problems. Basically the only people who will spend time on this is people trying to improve their search rankings. The rest of us signal with lots of other things like links, bookmarking, etc. Not sure I buy this approach from Google

Value and Meetups - SEO / SEM


I went to a meetup yesterday that was on the topic of Internet Marketing / SEO / SEM. The meeting had a decent case study and some pretty good discussion around the room of different tools that you might consider using. Then the organizer went into a 20 minute sales pitch around his new training/coaching offering. It felt like a bad time share presentation.

Meetup - Avoiding Negative Comments


As a follow-up to my last post on Meetups SEO / SEM , I was just booted from the group and any of my comments about issues I had with the way the group was handled along with my negative vote about the event were deleted from the group. It makes me wonder if Meetup is actually encouraging this kind of thing


Web 2.0 Strategy


Fantastic post by Dion Hinchcliffe - Ten Aspects of Web 2.0 Strategy That Every CTO and CIO Should Know. Raises some interesting points, but the general theme is: just figure out ways to get it to happen


Technology Impact - Performance Spread


Fascinating article by Andrew McAfee - Technology Beats a Full House - discusses how variation in performance spread decreases over time as systems become optimized. He shows that the spreads in IT heavy industries has greater variation over the past decade. winners were increasingly separated from losers

Geni Rolls New Holiday Calendar, Pro Features


Los Angeles-based Geni, the online genealogy and social networking site run by ex-PayPal cofounder David Sacks, has rolled out two new features.

Choosing Internet Platforms


I'm blogging from the CalTech Enterprise Forum. The topic is: Betting Your Company On An Internet Platform? A very interesting topic, especially for those of us involved in developing for start-ups. At the CTO Group that I organize in Santa Monica, we've had lots of discussions around this. The basic conclusion was that it was a bit premature if you were talking about a serious, funded start-up. Especially when there are things like: Amazon S3 / EC2 / AWS outage this morning.

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Lessons For Entrepreneurs From Tech Coast Angels

Technology Council

The Tech Coast Angels talk about improving your chances for long-term success in the lead article of the November SCribe Newsletter. Check this out, along with our other feature articles and links to the upcoming event schedule. Here are quick links to the feature articles in this issue: Lessons For Entrepreneurs From Tech Coast Angels. 10 Invisible Threats To Every Business. Member Spotlight:

Top Five Best Uses of an Entrepreneur’s Legal Dollars

Ask the Angels

So you’ve just started your company, and as with most entrepreneurs, you have very limited money for service providers of any sort. That said, you have heard in the past that it is always best to get a lawyer involved in the company sooner rather than later, especially if you’re looking to raise capital in the near future. You’ve decided to bite the bullet and hire a lawyer, but you want to spend wisely.


SoCal Tech Calendar

Thursday, December 18, 2008 -- Mindshare. Mindshare is a monthly event that was created to serve as a platform for networking and the sharing of ideas across a wide range of fields. See [link] (more

Social Innovation


It's funny how things intersect in life. I just ran into Chris Gammil's post New Era of Social Innovation where he describes it as: The model takes the best of the OPEN model and pushes right out into the open, further distributing idea sourcing, team forming, development, commercialization and economic distribution. What are some of the drivers?

Local Event Organizers Need to Adopt Social Media


A while ago I posted about Secret for Networking at Events - Prenetworking where I recommended that people should look at who's attending the event prior to going to the event in order to make their networking more effective. I've received a lot of positive feedback on the post.

Entreprenuer Questions


Chris Gammil and I just spent some quality time together with a new, private group that is advising start-ups here in Los Angeles. The goal is to have start-ups learn from each other and from others who have been through the experience. So, far it's turning out great. The primary question we ask is: What's Keeping You Up at Night Chris provided a list of common issues: How much is enough? - how much 'traction' is enough for investors?

Start-up Advisors


Andrew Warner from Mixergy posted - Before Looking for Funding, Get an Advisor. He recommends that early stage companies get input from people who know the funding process, know the vertical, etc. That's great advice. Of course, it's sometimes hard to find advisors. On the flip side, as a person who regularly advises early stage start-ups, I often have a hard time finding interesting start-ups.

Social Networking Entreprenuerial Opportunities


Last Saturday, I was a panelist at the CalTech - Social Networks event. It was a really good event with lots of interesting folks in attendance. I would guess that there was about 100 people - on a Saturday in Pasadena. That shows some interest in the topic. The presenters had some interesting things to say on a wide variety of topics. A post by Elrend Wilhelmsen discusses some of what was discussed.

SCribe Newsletter October 2008

Technology Council

The October SCribe Newsletter has arrived. Check out the feature articles and the upcoming event schedule. Here are quick links to the feature articles in this issue: Magnify360 Wins VentureNet Best Of Show 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Building Your Startup “Out Of The Box” PR Tactics. Offshore Outsourcing is Dying…Long Live Hybrid Nearshore. 4 Rules For Email Design In

Slacker Lowers Prices


San Diego-based Slacker, which operates an online personalized Internet radio and associated hardware players, told its users today that it has rolled out a new, lower price offering. The firm said its new "Radio Plus" service will allow for ad-free, unlimited song skipping for $3.99

Panel: How Blogging, Widgets and Streaming Video Can Make Your Marketing Efforts Take Off

Technology Council

Phil Becker writes: On Wednesday, September 24, I had the opportunity to moderate a truly interesting and educational dinner meeting of that Tech Council's Marketing SIG. An audience of about fifty people heard three panelists speak on “The New Business Boosters; How Blogging, Widgets and Streaming Video Can Make Your Marketing Efforts Take Off“ As that title

Venture Net 2008 Photos

Technology Council

Feedback on this year’s Venture Net has been great. The event was sold out - almost 500 people in total! Scott Fox and an audience volunteer pick winners for the door prizes. These photos courtesy of Ben Kuo of the leading news source for Southern California technology news and deals: socalTECH.com. Thanks, Ben! Thanks once again to Venture Net’s sponsors,

Patent Protection Checklist

Ask the Angels

As promised in my last post, here’s a brief checklist and some rules of thumb to determine if a patent is right for your business. Before you go through the time and expense of filing a patent application, go through the following checklist and honestly answer the questions. Question 1: Is the invention (product or process) different in any way from information that has been available to the public for more than a year (e.g.,

Freelancers Ball

SoCal Tech Calendar

Thursday, December 18, 2008 -- Freelancers Ball. Holiday event for freelancers. See [link] (more


Venture Net 2008 Winners

Technology Council

13 of the hottest early stage technology companies in Southern California joined us yesterday for the 13th Annual Venture Net. We were pleased to also welcome 400+ attendees, including dozens of venture capitalists, angel investors, and private equity firms, plus keynote speeches by John Suh, CEO of LegalZoom.com, and Jason Calacanis, CEO of Mahalo.com. Presenting companies included: •

September SCribe Is Here

Technology Council

Check out the latest edition of the SCribe Newsletter. Catch up on the latest news, see our upcoming event schedule, or visit the Websites of the sponsors that make this all possible. VentureNet tickets will sell out soon - so don’t wait to secure your seats! www.VentureNet.org Here are quick links to the feature articles in this issue: Term Sheet

Jason Calacanis & John Suh at VentureNet 2008

Technology Council

One event, two technology superstars: Jason Calcanis & John Suh will be the featured speakers at this year’s VentureNet in Costa Mesa on September 12th. John Suh, CEO of Legalzoom.com will present &# Successful Launch Strategies for Online Businesses&#. Jason Calacanis, CEO of Mahalo.com will be presenting &# New Challenges and Innovative Solutions for Publishers in a Web 2.0 Economy&#. Following Jason’s presentation he will