Four Advertising Platforms You Really Should Try

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Native Ads offers a great way to get native advertising – i.e. adverts that fit seamlessly with your website content. The team at Native Ads hope that they can help all websites remove ‘disruptive display ads’ with its innovative platform. Apps & Software Startups Advertisin

ReachLocal Launches Deal Platform


Woodland Hills-based ReachLocal , the online marketing and advertising firm headed by Zorik Gordon, said Thursday afternoon that it has launched ReachDeals, a daily deals syndication platform. ReachDeals is a relaunch of the deal commerce software platform it acquired when it acquired DealOn, a daily deals publisher, in February. ReachLocal said the platform will make it easier for publishers to integrate local deals into their own websites.

Building A Dream Team For Mobile Advertising, with Gradient X


Michael Lum: Gradient X is looking to build the most advanced, programmatic advertising program for mobile. We know that advertisers are looking to reach mobile users, whether they''re on phone or tablets. We have many years of display advertising experience.

Gumgum Rolls Programmatic Ad Platform For Images


Los Angeles-based Gumgum , the online advertising technology developer led by Ophir Tanz, recently rolled out a new, programmatic ad platform for its in-image advertising. According to the company, it has partnered with Xaxis, a programmatic media and technology developer, to launch a programmatic product for buying in-image advertising. Gumgum provides in-image advertising technology, which integrates ads into a site''s photos.

SodaHead Taps Digital Advertising Firm Engage:BDR


Los Angeles-based SodaHead has tapped a digital advertising and marketing agency to represent its inventory on a real time bidding platform. According to engage:BDR, which operates the First Impression real-time bidding platform, SodaHead is adding its more than 10 million monthly unique visitors to its platform. SodaHead operates an online site focused on discussions, opinions, and polls. sodahead engage advertising bidding marketing inventory

CallFire Launches Their New Cv3 Platform & New Look

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CallFire creates simple text and voice platforms for businesses to use to reach their customers. CallFire’s growth has been tremendous: surpassing the 200,000 user mark, reaching the 200 million campaign mark for executing calls and texts campaigns, and a 100% growth in the past 12 months.

Jetpack Gives a Boost to Mobile and Rich Media Advertising

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Advertising technology is hot with the rise of mobile, evidenced in part by Verizon’s merger with AOL valued at $4.4 The Interactive Advertising Bureau defined a set of rich media units rooted in familiar ad sizes and called them Rising Stars.

ProfileTree | LinkedIn For Services, Advertisers & The Unemployed

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At the moment, Conolly heads the startups social media team in Egypt while Turdubaev looks after Russian countries and translation of the site. Where does someone who is starting a hairdressers advertise their business?

3 Sales Tips for Startups – Creating a Burning Platform

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If you spent time at a site you might not be aware but they’ve possibly dropped a cookie on your computer and use pixel tracking to follow you around the web. If I didn’t get you to buy when you came to my site I know you were at least interested.

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Rubicon Project Launches New Technology Platform


Los Angeles-based The Rubicon Project , which operates a service to optimize the selection of ads on web sites, said today that it has debuted a new technology platform is it calling REVV for Publishers. The new software expands Rubicon's product from optimizing remnant ad network impressions, and into the domain of managing direct and in-house advertising. Tags: rubicon project advertising publishing optimize software Buys Group Buying Site iTwango


Irvine-based , which operates a network of local search sites, said today that it has acquired iTwango LLC , a developer of a technology platform for the group buying and daily deals space. local business search advertising itwango group buying daily deals

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How The Promise Of Social Media Advertising Is Measuring Up For Adly


Four years ago, Los Angeles-based Adly ( launched to much fanfare as one of the first local startups to tie into the brand-new, Twitter micro messaging platform. We''re the leading social advertising platform that leverages celebrity relationships.

MySpace Launches New Ad Platform


Los Angeles-based MySpace said Monday that it has opened a beta of a new self-serve, advertising platform is it calling MySpace MyAds. According to the social networking site, the new ad platform is targeted at individuals and small businesses, and allows them to target and create banner ads to specific MySpace audiences. MySpace said that advertisers can spend as little as $25 to advertise on its site.

Hyper-Speed, Hyper-Scale Advertising Automation Requires Hyper-Fast Hardware

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Advertising is following similar trends that we’ve seen in the financial industry, where trades are now executed in nanoseconds. The answer is simple: devices, Internet access, Web sites and mobile apps are getting faster. How does that stack up to big data / hyper processing platforms?

Fan Appz Launches Personal Marketing Platform To Help Brands Convert Fans Into Loyal Customers

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Unlike first-generation social media solutions that focus on building awareness at the top of the funnel, Fan Appz’ Personalized Marketing Platform helps brands close the sale. Platform For Speed & Scalability. The new Fan Appz solution runs on the SAP HANA® platform.

How to Get Your E-commerce Site Noticed In A Global Market

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As the Internet continues to become populated with e-commerce sites, it’s becoming more and more difficult to generate web traffic, leads, and ultimate the sales for your website. Increase Your On-Site SEO. Incorporating a Site Map. Utilize Popular Social Media Platforms.

SocialVibe Ties Into Facebook Credits


Los Angeles-based SocialVibe , the social advertising firm headed by Jay Samit, said Thursday afternoon that it has linked into the Facebook platform, and will allow people to earn Facebook Credits through engaging with its video engagements. SocialVibe--which awards virtual items and credits from brands for interacting with their advertisements, web sites, Facebook pages, and other campaigns--said the credits will be awarded for interacting with a range of engagement ad units.

Two Models for Digital Advertising Sales – Enterprise Software and the Travel Industry

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Unlike digital advertising, the primary goal in enterprise software is to get someone else to sell your product. In digital advertising, we have it backwards. They react and create long lists of blocked advertisers (because their sales team is calling on them directly), and they strip away the ability to use their name and brand and any data about their users. Selling enterprise software is completely different than selling digital ads.

Marketing The Funniest Site On The Internet With Patrick Starzan of Funny or Die

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Patrick is the man behind all the marketing aspects of what could be called one of the funniest sites on the web. How do you market the Funniest site on the internet? How much of FOD advertising is focused on the internet rather then more traditional channels?

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Interview with Jimmy Hendricks, Deal Current


In the rush toward the daily deals space, it seems like there is at least one, new, daily deals site created every day. They are using DealCurrent as the deal platform for all of their clients. So, we took that contest and crowdsourcing platform, and started ArtisticHub.

Frank Addantes FounderBlog: Startup 6.0 - the Rubicon Project: Internet Advertising

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the Rubicon Project (Internet Advertising Technology) Status: Pre-Launch Visit the Rubicon Project Website Startup 5.0: Internet Advertising ASP) Exit: $112M IPO and acquisition Lesson: Think big. This new company is in the Internet advertising (technology) space.

OpenX Wins Patch


Los Angeles-based programmatic advertising marketplace and technology developer OpenX has signed on local news site Patch as a customer, saying it has been named the exclusive provider of ad serving and monetization for Patch. OpenX said that Patch will use its programmatic technology platform across its properties, which reach over 17.4 openx patch local news programmatic advertising

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OpenX Acquires Two Companies


Los Angeles-based OpenX has acquired Mezzobit and PubNation , two companies in the programmatic advertising space, the company said on Monday. According to OpenX, it plans to integrate Mezzobit and PubNation's tools into its platform. openx merger acquisition mezzobit pubnation software tools advertisingFinancial details of those acquisition were not announced by the company.

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Reaching Girls With MobiGirl Media's Girl-Friendly Mobile Ad Network


Yet, it seems like there''s no easy way to specifically advertise on those games, or a way for those game developers to monetize that audience. For advertisers, there was no place to affordably target girls. The other thing is, we''re not traditional advertising people.

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Frank Addantes FounderBlog: Startup 3.0: Internet advertising is good. No, it’s bad. Oh wait… it IS good!

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Internet advertising is good. the Rubicon Project (Internet Advertising Technology) Status: Pre-Launch Visit the Rubicon Project Website Startup 5.0: Internet Advertising ASP) Exit: $112M IPO and acquisition Lesson: Think big. Internet advertising is good.

Katch Launches New Product


Los Angeles-based Katch , the advertising technology developer headed by Patrick Quigley, said Wednesday that it has launched a new software platform, aimed at helping brands monetize all of their website visitors. The company--which recently changed its name from Vantage Media--said that brands can license its real-time bidding exchange, to that advertisers can target and bid on website visitors to their sites.

Tongal Names Chief Marketing Officer


Los Angeles-based creative video crowdsourcing site Tongal has named a new, Chief Marketing Officer, saying it has named Amanda Malko to the new position. Tongal offers up an online platform which helps brands, studios, and creators develop video content, including advertising and short films; the company says that it now has powered more than 1,000 campaigns. tongal chief marketing offier amanda malko executive video creative hollywood advertising crowdsourcing crowd Expands To Twitter Apps


Looking to reduce its dependence on Twitter's fickle advertising policy, Los Angeles-based , the Twitter advertising startup backed by Greycroft Partners and GRP Partners, said earlier this week that it has extended its platform to applications and websites.

PaeDae Debuts System To Help Mobile App Developers Find New Users


A Los Angeles-based startup, PaeDae , is looking to change that with a new platform it is calling BARTR , which it says will let mobile app developers exchange traffic and users. The new service harkens back to the "link exchanges" and "link networks" that grew during the beginning of the Internet age, where different websites would barter credits (earned from traffic) for placement on other websites--in the hopes that users would discover and visit their sites.

Local Corporation Signs Deal With


Irvine-based Local Corporation , the online publisher of local business guides, said Thursday that it has signed a deal with Experian's , to provide targeted ad campaigns for the site. Local said that is using its Rovion ad management platform.

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Beachfront Expands Into Mobile Ad Serving


Video publishing software developer Beachfront Media is expanding into the mobile ad market today, saying that it has launched a new platform called , which will help developers monetize their mobile apps with video advertising. According to Burbank-based Beachfront, the new tool helps serve up video advertising for app developers, handling mobile devices and tablets and optimizing video ads for app developers.

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Tweetup Ties Twitter Client To TweetPhoto


Pasadena-based TweetUp , the Twitter advertising firm owned by Idealab, said today that it has linked its Twitter Client, Twidroyd, to the TweetPhoto media sharing service. The firm said it is among the "most used Twitter applications" across all platforms.

Coull Entrepreneurs Get More Customers


Coull Offers Advertisers Video Skimlinks. Others shun translucent run-of-site Google ads, because they are distracting and monetize at extremely low rates. However, they were expensive to create because they required advertisers to employ full-service media agencies.

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BAT Launches Social Media Efforts With Celebrities


Brand Affinity Technology runs a platform which matches celebrity endorsements with marketers. BAT said that its platform allows advertisers to tap into online fan communities on such sites as Facebook and Twitter. brand affinity technologies social media celebrity advertisingIrvine-based Brand Affinity Technologies , the new startup of Ryan and Chad Steelberg, said this morning that it has launched social media campaigns for three companies.

Interview with Ross Weber, ClickTripz


Ross Weber: ClickTripz is an advertising platform for travel advertisers. What''s different about your platform that more general advertising platforms? Ross Weber: We''re not here to replace ad platforms like Google Adsense.