Customer Validation - 33 Great Articles


Vision Synching in a Lean Startup The Fallacy of Customer Development Entrepreneurs, Lower Investors’ Risk by Validating your Start-up Company’s Business Proposition Lessons Learned: What is customer development? I saw a great post from Tristan Kromer Pivoting on Investor Feedback a.k.a

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MyShape Article - Analyst Misses the Point


skip to main | skip to sidebar SoCal CTO Monday, March 12, 2007 MyShape Article - Analyst Misses the Point The NY Times did a piece today on MyShape, a start-up in Pasadena - Log in Your Measurements, and the Clothes May Fit. ► January (5) Los Angeles Web Developer Startup CTO or Developer When to Use Facebook Connect – Twitter Oauth – Goo.

Startups Weekly: VCs are drunk on beverage startups

TechCrunch LA

Takeaways from KubeCon; the latest on Kubernetes and cloud-native development . Hello and welcome back to Startups Weekly, a newsletter published every Saturday that dives into the week’s most noteworthy venture deals, fundraises, M&A transactions and trends.

Finding Startup Developers - First Email Contact


I'm working on a start up idea in the XXX market with my partner and we are currently looking for full stack developer to join us as a technical co-founder. If they had read either of the above articles or the 10 other on my blog, then they would have sent me something else.

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Blueland launches with a suite of eco-friendly cleaning supplies designed to reduce plastic waste

TechCrunch LA

After putting the brakes on the botox business, Paiji reached out on LinkedIn to Syed Naqzi, the director of research and development at Method with her pitch for the cleaning product business.

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How to Develop Your Fund Raising Strategy

Both Sides of the Table

He’s focused on that sector (not exclusively but predominantly) and therefore has an amazing network at large financial services firms to help you with business development. So they develop short-hand ways to qualify things better. I have two articles on the topic: 1.

Insights and Opinions: Developers Are Tough To Find Again


Our Insights and Opinions article today is from Tony Karrer , CEO/CTO of TechEmpower , a Los Angeles Web Development firm, who gives some hints, tips, and observations about the increasing difficulty of finding technical talent in Los Angeles.

Business Development Advice (for the online world)

Jason Nazar

I often get asked for advice on Business Development. Embed this article on your website or blog with Docstoc. I’ve spent most of my career in sales (or some sales like function), and here are my thoughts on how to be better with your BD.

YouTubers Come Of Age – Google Scores A Solid Return On Its Video Development Fund


This article originally appeared on TechCrunch HERE. If you haven’t already subscribed yet, subscribe now for free weekly Infochachkie articles! Despite the snarky rumors that Google’s content development program was poorly managed at its outset (e.g.,

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Insights: Navigating the Waters of Work for Hire For Game Developers


Are you a videogame developer heading out on your own? In that case, our Insights and Opinions article this Friday afternoon might be worth a read. Maybe an ex-THQ employee hitting the streets?

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Innovation and Geography


that talked about a recent NY Times article When It Comes to Innovation, Geography Is Destiny. Reading the articles and the comments is probably worth it, but I personally think that the NY Times is overstating the advantage of being in Silicon Valley with a couple of exceptions. ► January (5) Los Angeles Web Developer Startup CTO or Developer When to Use Facebook Connect – Twitter Oauth – Goo.

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NY’s Research Institutions Must Keep Working Together in ‘19


[ Editor’s Note: Euan Robertson, the Director of Strategic Planning & Special Projects at Columbia Technology Ventures, co-wrote this article.]

How brain-amputated developers created the social media plague

SoCal Delicious

Sebastian’s Pamphlets If you’ve read my articles somewhere on the Internet, expect something different here. Their developers are just too fucking lazy to understand such protocols that every respected service on the Web (search engines…) obeys.

As Drug Resistance Grows, Amplyx Tests New Antifungal Drug


One such fungus, Candida auris , like some bacteria, has become increasingly resistant to the drugs with which it was previously treated, causing infections across five continents, as the New York Times recently reported in an article about the rise of the “mysterious” worldwide health threat.

Think about Performance Before Building a Web Application


We’ve heard this from startup founders, product managers, development team leads, CTOs, and others who see their product gaining traction, but simultaneously see performance falling off a cliff. “It was running fine.”

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Where LinkedIn Works for Me


Im sure that many of you have read Guys article Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn. Posted byTony Karrer at 7:27 AM 0comments: Post a Comment Newer Post Older Post Home Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) About Me Tony Karrer Dr. Tony Karrer is CEO/CTO of TechEmpower , a Los Angeles Web Development firm, and is considered one of the top technologists in e-Learning.

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Performance competition is a good thing


If you've not been watching the ASP.NET team's community standups , you have missed some surprisingly transparent, interesting, and oftentimes funny updates from a major web application framework development team. As Ben Adams writes in his article detailing the achievement , that is 23 times better than prior to the start of optimization work within the framework! We love this!

EnumSet and EnumMap


This article discusses java.util.EnumSet. Some developers don't know these classes exist. Other developers know about these classes but don't bother to reach for them when the time comes. I referenced these collectors from Guava earlier in this article: Sets.toImmutableEnumSet(). and java.util.EnumMap. from Java's standard libraries. What are they? When should they be used? Could the implementations be improved? Could the APIs be improved? Conclusion. What are they?

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Shared housing startups are taking off

TechCrunch LA

For this article, however, we’ll focus on U.S. The early developers of the U.S. W hen young adults leave the parental nest, they often follow a predictable pattern. First, move in with roommates. Then graduate to a single or couple’s pad.

Verified Expert Lawyer: Andrew Erskine

TechCrunch LA

Andrew Erskine has developed his legal career along with the rise of the tech startup scene in Los Angeles. Eric Eldon: Can you just tell me more about how you see a lawyer playing a role in developing a tech startup ecosystem? .

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Virtual reality gaming and the pursuit of “flow state”

TechCrunch LA

A 2016 Atlantic article hypothesized that the main reason that we’re decreasing in productivity as a workforce is that we’re not introducing new technologies quickly enough. Maggie Lane. Contributor. Share on Twitter.

Startup Fundraising 101: Getting Ready To Raise A Round

Tech Zulu Event

And when it comes to timing, wait until you’ve come up with a working prototype and developed your product before you seek external funding. Think of it as a business development process and plan for your raise to take up to 6 months. First things first. Why raise funds?

The Disappearing Face Of Mainstream Retailing Setting

Tech Zulu Event

For an online retailer to create a retail website, starting your retail web development is just easy as clicking the mouse. He/she should only anticipate web development costs, hosting and domain name for the website, SSL certificate, and monthly fee from a preferred payment gateway.

The makers of the virtual influencer, Lil Miquela, snag real money from Silicon Valley

TechCrunch LA

Sequoia declined to comment for this article and Box Group’s David Tisch did not respond to a request for comment.

Timing and why we’re all VCs

TechCrunch LA

From the article: Mithril had its best moment yet last week when a portfolio company, Auris Health, sold to Johnson & Johnson for more than $3 billion — returning at least $500 million to the fund. Can the race to build roads in Southeast Asia avoid development gridlock?

ServiceTitan is LA’s least likely contender to be the next billion-dollar startup

TechCrunch LA

Located at the southeastern tip of the San Fernando Valley, the Los Angeles suburb counts its biggest employers as the adhesive manufacturer Avery Dennison; the Los Angeles industrial team for the real estate developer CBRE; the International House of Pancakes; Disney Consumer Products; DreamWorks Studios; Walt Disney Animation and Univision. Battery isn’t the only marquee investor to find value in ServiceTitan’s business developing software managing day labor.

Jumping into the App Game | Making Apps The Market Wants!

Tech Zulu Event

After over four years of app development, there are no new ideas under the sun. In my next article, I will cover how you to choose your features, your approach to the market and the potential pitfalls that can pop-up. Apps are quickly becoming a ubiquitous part of life.

Insights and Opinions: Everybody's a Critic


The problem for any app developer: how do you cultivate those positive reviews while minimizing legitimate negative reviews (and eliminating the bogus ones)? Read the full article, Everybody's a Critic: How Developers Can Be Proactive in Policing Reviews.

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Top Ten infoChachkie Entries Of 2012 – The Year Of Syndication


If you haven't already subscribed yet, subscribe now for free weekly Infochachkie articles! I also expanded the syndication of my articles to mainstream sites, such as TechCrunch, Inc. In many cases, I published longer versions of the sydicated articles, with less salacious titles, here on infoChachkie a few weeks after they appeared elsewhere. Are these the "best" articles I wrote last year? Article Title. Top-10 Forbes article on date published.

Creator…Know Thine Users! | Making Apps the Markets Want

Tech Zulu Event

We’ll also be touching on creating a Logic Map & AppMap as well, though I will cover these more in-depth in my next article. If you’re new to software development, you may be asking yourself, “What the heck is a User Story, anyway?”

Test Your Entrepreneurial Skills With This Simple Test


A version of this article previously appeared on Forbes. For instance, Alan Hall cataloged 27 entrepreneurial traits in THIS Forbes article. If you haven''t already subscribed yet, subscribe now for free weekly articles!

How to Get Your Startup Acquired by Larger Brands

Tech Zulu Event

As reported by Reuters in the article, Bain to buy Blue Coat for about $2.4 Business Development Entrepreneurship Startups business acquisition sell a businessBuilding a company for the purpose of selling it is a proven strategy for a fast payoff.

3 Reasons SaaS Savvy Entrepreneurs Don’t Build Their Own Portals


A version of this article previously appeared in Forbes. If you haven't already subscribed yet, subscribe now for free weekly articles! Not only does this save hundreds of thousands (possibly millions) in development costs, the increased revenue gained can be immense.

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Apple Announces Self-Driving Car Project | Who Will Win The Race of the Electric car

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As to whether Steve Jobs would have given his approval on the project, in an article by Nick Bilton of the New York Times Bilton states that, “In a meeting in his office before he died, Steven P.

Fixing Tech’s Gender Problem Starts With Company Culture


A version of this article previously appeared in Forbes. If you haven't already subscribed yet, subscribe now for free weekly articles! In 1952, 100 years after Lovelace’s death, Dr. Grace Hopper developed the first compiler.