Tech Study Critical Of Region's Fragmentation, Geography


A new study, released by the Alliance for Southern California Innovation , has surprisingly come out highly critical of the region's fragmentation and "lack of a compelling geographic center", saying those factors are keeping the region from emerging as a "tech hub as robust as Silicon Valley". Poizner's group cited "demonstrated potential" in SoCal in the tech industry, citing SpaceX, Snap, and Cornerstone OnDemand, expansion of Google, Yahoo!

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Silicon Beach Report March 26: Study Says SoCal Tech Scene Leaving $100B on Table

L.A. Business Journal

Study says SoCal tech scene leaving $100 billion on table; 2018 to bring more deals than 2017; and Chrissy Teigen latest celebrity to abandon Snapchat

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Study: $48 Billion In Value Created Over 15 Years In SoCal IT VC-Backed Firms


A new study of the financial outcomes for Southern California venture-backed companies in the IT sector finds that approximately $48 billion in value has been created by those companies over the period 1995-2009. The study, conducted by Jon Funk of OceanRoad Partners , includes data from's proprietary venture database , Dow Jones/VentureSource, and Greg Martin of Redpoint Ventures.

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Maverick Angels Names New SoCal President


Henry is a startup investor and advisor, and also has served as an Assistant Professor at USC's Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies in the Marshall School of Business.

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How I Got My Teen from Cs to Bs in Two Weeks

Eric Greenspan

It was an awesome company with a cult-like following and over 40,000 customers in Socal. I helped him study and I made it fun. First, let me preface by saying that I’m not being compensated in any way by the company I’m about to talk about. This is a true story.

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Silicon Beach @ USC

SoCal Tech Calendar

SoCal has had a long history of tech innovation and Los Angeles is undeniably the creative capital. Wednesday, September 12, 2012 -- Silicon Beach @ USC. USC, with a strong entrepreneurial tradition and home to the leading school for cinematic arts, is pushing the Silicon Beach movement forward with an upcoming forum.

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Silicon Beach @ USC

SoCal Tech Calendar

SoCal has had a long history of tech innovation and Los Angeles is undeniably the creative capital. Thursday, September 13, 2012 -- Silicon Beach @ USC. USC, with a strong entrepreneurial tradition and home to the leading school for cinematic arts, is pushing the Silicon Beach movement forward with an upcoming forum.

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Competitive Intelligence

SoCal Tech Calendar

PDMA SoCal. Several case studies will be presented, although the names will be changed to protect the innocent. Tuesday, March 20, 2012 -- Competitive Intelligence: 007 Market Intel. It's Monday morning. The company president calls you into his office after attending a brainstorm session. He announces, "Let's build a gold-plated widget!"

Intellectual Property Workshop for Techies by IEEE

SoCal Tech Calendar

The workshop will include case studies on how these subjects are utilized to protect actual products or services. This is a great opportunity for SoCal inventors, entrepreneurs, engineers and business owners to learn how IP issues may impact their existing business or a dream business they intent to start. Saturday, March 7, 2009 -- Intellectual Property Workshop for Techies by IEEE.

Poizner Updates Plan for Alliance on Southern California Innovation


After launching a study to identify how tech hubs work, the leader of a nonprofit consortium created to boost Southern California’s startup ecosystem says he is focusing on three initiatives to supercharge the seven-county SoCal region as a hotbed for innovation.

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USC Adds New Accelerator “Viterbi Startup Garage” to Silicon Beach

Tech Zulu Event

USC has just thrown their hat into the ring of the flurry of startup activity happening in SoCal with the introduction of a new accelerator, the Viterbi Startup Garage. It is getting hot in here. So hot.

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VC Confessions: We Passed On Twilio’s Seed Round


Also, you mentioned an interesting rails session that you attended last month about security, and we've been studying Google's web app security guidelines. Without insights into the Northern California startup ecosystem, our thesis was, "Why are these guys seeking capital in SoCal?

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If You Don’t Define Your Personal Brand the Market Will

Both Sides of the Table

Every time I approached Network Solutions (or any technical group in Accenture) they wrote me off as “a business guy” since I studied economics and was on the Accenture “business track.”

Reflections on 2016: Rob Freelen, Silicon Valley Bank


I studied East Asian religions in college and was intrigued to hear that a Buddhist monk was delivering meditation and mindfulness via a mobile app. Given the concentration of SoCal companies in entertainment and consumer-focused tech, where revenue often comes early in a company's life, entrepreneurs should expect investors to scrutinize initial revenue traction.

16 Great Startup Posts from March


Granularity and Consistency of Startup Metrics - SoCal CTO , March 11, 2010 Tim Berry has a great post on Why I Hate Those Huge Market Numbers tells us that he doesn’t like to see business plans with multi-billion market numbers used as the basis for projections. The study is featured in the March issue of the Harvard Business Review. Some great posts in March The following are the top items from featured sources based on social signals.

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Top 120 Startup Posts for 2010


Some really great stuff in 2010 that aims to help startups around product, technology, business models, etc.

Reflections on 2018: Jeb Spencer, TVC Capital


We are so excited to have done 25 deals, many in the SoCal area, with many more to come. Lexus studied customers in the US and predicted that car buyers had just had it with clunky US cars. Technology companies such as Amazon, Uber, Netflix, Rocket Mortgage and many others have studied what bothers customers the most and built their businesses around trying to attract customers by eliminating annoyance and inconvenience.

A Guide to Using Authority & Social Proof in Fund Raising

Both Sides of the Table

Any SoCal entrepreneur raising early-stage money should put Rincon on their short list. The book is a layman’s guide to understanding how we as humans make decisions and is underpinned by data-oriented studies to prove his claims.

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What I Learned In 2015: Jeb Spencer, TVC Capital


Just this year alone we have studied 3,400 North American enterprise software companies including many in SoCal and dug in deep on over 200 of these companies. All this week, we're featuring reflections on the past year from movers and shakers in the community.

Moving Analytics | Sitting Kills, Moving Heals

Tech Zulu Event

SoCal startup Moving Analytics is tackling this global problem. You recently conducted a pilot study. Can you share with us how the learnings of this pilot study impacted your strategy? Before we did the study we did a lot of research to see how best we could show the data.

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March Capital Partners' Jim Armstrong On A New, $240M Venture Fund


We are looking globally, and though I love SoCal, we're not a regional fund, which is important for that size conversation.

Angel Funding Advice

Both Sides of the Table

If you can’t get product released and validated then do user studies. In SoCal we have Crosscut Ventures, Matt Coffin, Mike Jones, Klaus Schauser, etc. I can’t really speak generically to this because the Tech Coast Angels / Pasadena in SoCal have produced Green Dot, MyShape and many other successes. This is part of my ongoing series Pitching a VC.

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Startup CTO Top 30 Posts for April


Redeye VC , April 13, 2010 Startup Development - SoCal CTO , April 23, 2010 Want to Know the Difference Between a CTO and a VP Engineering? Some great posts from April 2010 that talk to me in terms of being a CTO at a Startup.

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Action Sports and Social Media Live Wednesday

Tech Zulu Event

Tomorrow starting at 8pm PST We will be live streaming ( click here to view live stream ) the "Action Sports + Social Media Marketing Mash Up" event put on by SoCal Action Sports Network.