Accruent Acquired By Genstar Capital


Accruent was venture backed by Constellation Ventures, FirstMark Capital, GGV Capital, Innocal, Marcus & Millichap, Peninsula Equity Partners, Red Rock Ventures, Sierra Ventures, and Stanford University. Accruent , the developer of real estate, facilities, and asset management software which was founded by Mark Friendman, has been acquired by private equity investor Genstar Capital. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

DreamHost Gets Win In Anti-Trump Website Fight


According to Dreamhost, the final order from Chief Judge Morin will "protect the constitutional rights of innocent internet users" and allow Dreamhost to redact all identifying information and protect identities of users who interacted with the website. Los Angeles-based web hosting provider DreamHost has scored a big win in its battle to keep information on visitors to the anti-Trump website out of the hands of the Department of Justice.

Former Guns N' Roses Drummer Creates Cryptocurrency Startup, Artbit


According to the company, it was founded by Matt Sorum, Pablo Martins, Renan Monjon, Saulo Monjon, and Jean-Philippe Innocent, and it aims to allow unsigned and unrepresented artists--ranging form musicians,magicians, dancers, street artists, and street performers--to get "real compensation" for their work.

LA Man Arrested After Man Killed In Kansas From Call of Duty 'Swatting' Incident


A South Central Los Angeles man has been arrested on suspicion of triggering a "swatting" hoax in Kansas, which resulted in the death of an innocent bystander , killed by police who responded to a hoax 911 call. The call was apparently the result of a spat between two Call of Duty videogamers. According to Authorities in Wichita, Kansas, the "swatter" made up a story about a shooting and kidnapping, which resulted in a man being shot and killed when he opened doors for police.

Nexiant Names New CEO


Nexiant is venture backed by InnoCal Venture Capital, Argentum Group, Forrest Binkley & Brown, Inverness Capital Partners, and Mission Ventures, among others. Lake Forest-based Nexiant , a provider of products for materials management and supply chain management software and hardware, said this week that it has named Bill Sickler as CEO of the firm. Sickler has previously served as Network Computing, Gadzoox Networks, Arzoon, Arcwave, and Ungermann-Bass.

Mojix Names CTO


Mojix is venture backed by Oak Investment Partners, Red Rock Ventures and InnoCal Venture Capital. Los Angeles-based Mojix , a developer of RFID technology, said today that it has promoted Dr. Christopher R. Jones as its new Chief Technology Officer.

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Nexiant Plans Major Upgrade


Nexiant is venture backed by The Argentum Group, InnoCal Venture Capital, Inverness Graham Investments and Mission Ventures. Lake Forest-based Nexiant , the developer of software-as-a-service for materials management (MRO), said this morning that it is planning a major software release.

What you can’t ask in an employee interview


Based on the military family background, John innocently asked about Sally’s birthplace simply out of curiosity.

The Corrosive Nature of Over-Introducers

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It starts seemingly innocent enough. In modern society we’re all over-worked and over-loaded with information and tasks and to-dos and obligations.

Avoid the recruiting boomerang.


The CEO checked into a hotel that was a customer for its enterprise management system, and through a few innocent questions found that the owner was about to purchase several new systems for his new projects. It has happened to all of us who have been leaders in business long enough.

Mojix Signs Middle Eastern Reseller


Mojix is venture backed by Oak Investment Partners, Red Rock Ventures, and InnoCal Venture Capital.

Nexiant Adds Board Member


The firm is backed by Argentum Group, Forrest Binkley & Brown, Innocal, Inverness Capital Partners, Mission Ventures, and Omnicell. Lake Forest-based Nexiant , a developer of materials management software tools, announced this morning that it has named Michael Aghajanian to its board. Aghajanian was most recently CEO of supply chain firm PRTM, and also was founder of The Performance Measurement Group. Nexiant said that Aghajanian has over 25 years of experience in the field.

Mojix Wins Lufthansa


Mojix, which is backed by Oak Investment Partners, Red Rock Ventures and InnoCal Venture Capital, is taking technology and techniques originally developed for deep space communications at JPL/NASA, and applying it to RFID readers to extend the range of passive RFID tags.

Mojix Names Services VP


Mojix is venture backed by Oak Investment Partners, Red Rock Ventures and InnoCal Venture Capital. Los Angeles-based Mojix , which develops RFID technology based on research out of JPL/NASA, said Monday afternoon that the firm has named Samuel Levy as Sr.

Mojix In Japanese Distribution Deal With IBM Japan


The firm is backed by Oak Investment Partners, Red Rock Ventures and InnoCal Venture Capital. Los Angeles-based Mojix , a developer of RFID readers, reported earlier this week that it has inked a distribution agreement with IBM in Japan.

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Competitive Intelligence

SoCal Tech Calendar

Several case studies will be presented, although the names will be changed to protect the innocent. Tuesday, March 20, 2012 -- Competitive Intelligence: 007 Market Intel. PDMA SoCal. It's Monday morning. The company president calls you into his office after attending a brainstorm session. He announces, "Let's build a gold-plated widget!"

Aktino Acquired By Canadian Firm


Aktino has previously raised funding from Crosspoint Venture Partners, Foundation Capital, Huntington Ventures, Innocal, J.F. Irvine-based Aktino , a developer of hardware for the telecom industry, has been acquired by a Canadian firm, Positron, Inc. The firms did not disclosed financial terms of the deal, however, said that Aktino will continue to operate from its Irvine location.

SynergEyes Sees $13.3M


SynergEyes said that the round was led by De Novo Ventures, and also included Bio-Star Private Equity Fund along with prior investors Alloy Ventures, Delphi Ventures, InnoCal Venture Capital and Windward Ventures. Carlsbad-based SynergEyes , a developer of hybrid contact lenses, announced Friday that the firm has raised $13.3M in a Series C funding round.

Mojix Ships Software, Inks Deal With Integrator


Mojix is venture backed by Oak Investment Partners, Red Rock Ventures and InnoCal Venture Capital. Los Angeles-based Mojix , a venture backed developer of RFID technology, said this morning that it has released a new, software product targeted at RFID asset and process management.

Mojix Expands RFID Line


Mojix develops hardware used to extend the reach of current RFID systems, and is venture backed by Oak Investment Partners, Red Rock Ventures, and InnoCal Venture Capital. Los Angeles-based Mojix has expanded the firm's RFID products, the firm said this week.

If it Didn’t Happen on Twitter it Didn’t Really Happen. Here’s Why

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I decided to water down some details to protect the innocent. I wrote this post a long time ago. When I did it was a little too close to home for a company to have me publish it. Much time has passed. And I felt it was instructive still so I thought I would publish.

Apple Uploads U2 Album to Our iPhones and iPads and I Feel Violated!

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This rather awkward display put Songs of Innocence in every iPhone, iPad, iPod or any iTunes account everywhere. If you haven’t noticed yet, Apple decided to shove U2′s album down your throat. And I’m not exaggerating! Ok.maybe a little. But seriously, go check.

Trump Team Outlines Healthcare Agenda—No Mention of Drug Prices


The Trump website also says the administration will seek to protect “individual conscience” in healthcare and “innocent human life from conception to natural death,” putting in question how far the administration will go to curtail reproductive rights, contraception, and abortion practice. The incoming Trump administration has posted an outline of its healthcare agenda on its transition website.

Choose Your VC Investor Carefully

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In the VC’s mind it is innocent enough and starts off with a “have you guys ever considered …?&# Beware of VC Seagulls, who shit on you and then fly away (or worse yet leave you with Red Herrings). This is part of my ongoing series Startup Advice.

DefCon 22 | DISOBEY!

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” Of course, the problem of telephone spam is more than a mere annoyance, as fraudsters do succeed in pilfering private information – and money – from innocent people. The word, “Hacker” automatically instills a sense of fear and mistrust in most people.

Interview with Greg Siegel, VidMe


A lot of us have been in situations where we've shared various things with people--and usually, innocently, have them forward it around, reposted it, and done a lot of things you wish they hadn't done.

Roping in the Legal Eagles


A startup-oriented lawyer may not be able to convince a jury of a guilty man’s innocence, but they can guide your adVenture through the menacing legal shoals it will no doubt face. This is a reposting of a ‘classic’ popular post. Johnnie Cochran was an effective, albeit smarmy, defense lawyer who would say or do anything to defend his clients (anyone up for a glass of OJ?).

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Interview with Dr. Ramin Sadr, Mojix


Mojix is venture backed by Oak Investment Partners, Red Rock Ventures, and Innocal.