An LA-led, public-private partnership pitches a $150B green infrastructure package to Congress

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All of that charging infrastructure and grid upgrades are in part designed to help meet the increased power demands that the proposal expects to bring onto the grid through another $25 billion in government funding for electric vehicles of all types.

Reduce five risks: Increase your valuation


This risk can be mitigated by finding a customer willing to purchase as soon as a proven model is completed, and willing to state this in writing. Why five risks? In the creation of a young company, there are five principal risks to be addressed by the entrepreneur.

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My Thoughts on the Current Market: on 20-Minute VC

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In a bear market executives are paid to: consolidate the number of contracts and renegotiate prices. Other companies have only seen a slight decline and may be expecting demand to return to normalcy later in the year.

How to Talk About Valuation When a VC Asks

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VC firms see thousands of deals and have a refined sense of how the market is valuing deals because they get price signals across all of these deals. A second thing a VC may be trying to determine is whether your last-round valuation was significantly over-priced.

Western Digital Rolls Out First Branded Solid State Drives


The WD Blue offers capacities of 250GB, 500GB, and 1TB, and are performance driven, with 545MB/s and 525MB/s sequential read and write speeds. The WD Green SSD is available in 120GB and 240GB, and offer up sequential read and write times of up to 540MB/s and 405MB/s, and also are "ultra-low power draw" drives, which WD says will be targeted for "everyday use". Those drives are not yet available and pricing was not released.

Can you overcome five risks and create wealth?


This risk can be mitigated by finding a customer willing to purchase as soon as a proven model is completed, and willing to state this in writing. Of course, we are speaking of increased valuation of your company when we speak of “wealth.”

What Most People Don’t Understand About How Startup Companies are Valued

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There is much discussion online and also in small, private groups, about why the price of technology companies – public and private – are falling. It pains me to see the typical (and predictable) responses on Twitter, “VCs want prices to drop!”

The Truth About Convertible Debt at Startups and The Hidden Terms You Didn’t Understand

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When convertible debt first started being introduced as a “faster, cheaper way to get startups funded” they didn’t have pricing built into them. ” And some seed stage investors told me, “I prefer not to fight over price now.

The Damaging Psychology of Down Rounds

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” In the article I discussed the downside of raising capital at a too high of a price and referred people to a previous article I had written encouraging founders to raise “ At the Top end of Normal ” as opposed to stratospheric prices.

Why Startups Should Raise Money at the Top End of Normal

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2 preamble issues having read the comments on TC today: 1: I know that the prices of startup companies is much great in Silicon Valley than in smaller towns / less tech focused areas in the US and the US prices higher than many foreign markets. When prices are too high I just pass.

The Loneliness of Success that Nobody Talks About

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They suffered in trying to live up to public perceptions and the demands to continue their successes.

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The Audacious Plan to Make Electricity as Easy as WiFi

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It’s true the some VCs have started writing so many checks that they resemble stock pickers but the majority of us still have less than 10 board seats at any time and tend to go pretty deep so the result is that we care deeply about where we commit our time. Was there consumer demand?

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Why Acceptance of Failure is Critical to Startup Success

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You also ran the risk that if you hired employees quickly and then demand wasn’t as strong as expected it was incredibility hard to fire people.

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Investors, MVPs and Evidence of Traction


Yesterday, I was talking to a startup founder about their MVP and they said something that finally got me to write this post: "I have a few investors interested but they want to see a product." Investors demand more than that.

Should Startups Care About Profitability?

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They hired a biz dev team to work on deals where their product could be embedded in other people’s products as a way to increase customer demand. If there was strong market demand for their product then this investment might pay off handsomely.

Report: The Bay Area Isn’t Bleeding Tech Workers After All


The impact can be seen in the skills gap — the San Francisco Bay Area has the largest skills gap among the locations covered by LinkedIn’s report, meaning that supply isn’t keeping up with demand.

The Authoritative Guide to Prorata Rights

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For starters some funds are small and thus while they put $750k into your company to own 10% of your company they might not be able to write another $2 million if you then raise a $20 million round (10%). Or your A-round investor who wrote a $5 million for 25% of your company may not be well positioned to write another $5 million (25%) of a $20 million round. New investors sometimes want early investors to put in money to “prove” they have confidence in the new price.

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Why Super Pro-rata Rights are Not a Good Deal for Entrepreneurs

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Yesterday I saw a Tweet from Chris Sacca fly by that prompted me to want to write a blog post helping entrepreneurs understand why they should push back against VCs asking for “super pro-rata” rights. But I didn’t want to write this article without this small disclosure.

How Many Investors Should You Talk to in a VC Fund Raise? And How Do You Prioritize?

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If you’re raising a round where a new lead investor would invest $5 million the VC fund must have no less than $100 million and if you’re looking for them to write $15–20 million as the lead their fund realistically should be at least $400 million.

Understanding the Underbelly of Online Marketing & Why You’ll Lose if You Don’t

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We short-handed this marketing mix as “ the four P’s ” – product, price, promotion and place (distribution) – this was devised in 1960 and while a little bit dated is still a useful framework. Simply write a great book?

Address the five risks to increase your valuation.


This risk can be mitigated by finding a customer willing to purchase as soon as a proven model is completed, and willing to state this in writing. If there are high barriers to entry with such protections as patents, long development time already spent or contracts with the major potential customers, then the risk of a competitor with more resources jumping into the frothy pool and taking advantage of the demand created by the company is minimized.

Extracting More Than Cash From Your Angel Investors


In order to extract value beyond your Angel investors' cash, you must first assess three important parameters: (i) the relative strength of their personal brand, (ii) their ability to add operational value, and (iii) the amount of care and feeding they will demand from you.

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Venture Capital Q&A Session

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on the entrepreneur side of the table) when I raised at too high of a price. So don’t raise money at a cheap price, but don’t get too far ahead of yourself either. Pricing high also takes exit options off the table. Are the write ups worth doing or not?

The Case For & Against Cryptocurrencies (for those tired of all the noise)

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In more than a decade of writing about the Internet and tech-enabled businesses I’ve learned that mobs don’t do nuance well.

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6 Steps To Move From Inspiration To Business Reality

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I suggest you use social media, blogging, crowdfunding, or documented research to quantify a real demand from people who can afford it, and don’t have a better alternative already out there. Writing down key parameters will force you solidify the specifics, and mentally commit to them.

How to Decrease the Odds That Your Startup Fails

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The questions that a VC mulls before writing a check are precisely the questions you should be asking yourself. So when Sam Rosen came to me with the idea of disrupting storage with a product that is priced cheaper than existing incumbents and he could build a product that is a better service I was intrigued. What price will your customer ultimately accept? This is based on “price elasticity” and you can google that to understand it better.

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Should Startups Focus on Profitability or Not?

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I find it amusing when a journalist writes an article about a prominent startup (either privately held or preparing for an IPO) and decries that, “They’re not even profitable!” If there was strong market demand for their product then this investment might pay off handsomely.

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Social Media, the Customer Service Spectator, or Superstar?

Eric Greenspan

That said, when a customer posts on Facebook that you should lower your prices by 50%, perhaps this is not something you should spend too much time on. However, if your customers don’t post anything at all, good or bad, perhaps your pricing is too high overall.

Contract Traps Entrepreneurs Should Avoid At All Costs - Sweet Sixteen Kisses of Death


Agree to Bundling Without a Minimum Price. It may be necessary to apply a portion of the Pilot Fee toward the ultimate license / purchase price, in order to obtain an up-front fee. Note: This is part I of a three part series. Access part II HERE and part III HERE when they are posted.

Don’t Let Faux Unicorns Screw Up Your Financing


If such write-downs only impacted the faux unicorns and their avaricious investors, there would be little need for alarm. Prudent investors do not demand that entrepreneurs pursue bet-the-company strategies. A version of this article previously appeared on Forbes.

Want to Know How VC’s Calculate Valuation Differently from Founders?

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I’m not sure I really even need to write this at length because Nivi absolutely nailed the topic in his article “ The Option Pool Shuffle.&#. Term Sheet Overview : The second most important economic term in the term sheet other than price is “liquidation preference.&#

US Economic Risks (Sept 2010): Impact on Investors & Entrepreneurs

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The prices of angel deals have recently crept up, VCs have also gotten their checkbooks out again, frothy deals are happening and people are feeling bullish. VCs have also gone back to writing checks because as an industry we can’t be seen as “sitting on the sidelines” for years at a time.

8 Strategies For Winning As A Freelancer Or Employee

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In essence, as a contractor, you are a consultant who is competing regularly for new work, and you constantly have to differentiate your offering from other candidates, including price. Write down some target objectives and milestones.

Ten Rookie Startup Mistakes You Won’t Make


Fallacy: AdVentures tend to evolve once you begin speaking with pesky customers and demanding partners. Once you prove that a substantial, addressible market segment is willing to pay a price for your solution that exceeds your costs, you can consider a licensing strategy.

Why Has LA Suddenly Gotten So Much Attention from VCs and Entrepreneurs?

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He built & IPOd Demand Media. And of course we have great public companies that have spanned content & communications like J2 Global whose market cap as of this writing is a cool $2.5 An abbreviated version of this post appeared yesterday on TechCrunch.

What Tech Entrepreneurs Could Learn from Chamillionaire

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As a teenager he experimented with writing & producing his own rap music and received a lot of feedback from elders that he had a talent with words. He created demand. On why you should be an entrepreneur, “A lot of people do what they have to do.

A Few Key People Really Can Make a Huge Difference

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I don’t write about LA but I write from LA. I prefer not to do any angel investments because I focus on my VC funds but it was gratifying to write some small checks to support local teams. This article originally ran on TechCrunch. I’m in Seattle this week.

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Your Product Needs to be 10x Better than the Competition to Win. Here’s Why:

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It was a pleasure to write them myself. He said it was better than the Yellow Pages because he would provide pricing transparency. They would launch quickly and test whether or not there is any demand.

Why I’m Doubling Down on the Twitter Ecosystem

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Think about this: The investment banks and trading houses across the globe have invested billions of dollars in computing equipment and staff in order to process news that affects stock prices milliseconds before the rest of the market can process & transact on this same information.

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Digital Health Becoming a Reality

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Writing down your weight from your scale is obviously a manual process and it’s tedious. And the starting price for WW is $18 / month … DailyBurn is free.

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Entrepreneurs Can Be The Key To Global Connectivity

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On the hardware side we need better technology to provide a common digital network around the world, better broadband to satisfy the demand, and wireless ubiquity for connecting people, devices, and businesses.

What the Past Can Tell Us About the Future of Social Networking

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As I write these words I’m aware that I could practically change the words AOL and Facebook for much of this section and with a few factual tweaks it might not be noticeable to the reader which of the firms I was talking about. I’m going to write a whole post on

Can you profit by serving early adapters?


They allow me to preview new devices and technologies before release so that I might write about and speak about them in my “Tech Trends” keynotes. Marriott called theirs “tier pricing”. I am a gadget freak, often purchasing new technologies in their first release.