Sat.Sep 16, 2017 - Fri.Sep 22, 2017 Raises $7 Million

L.A. Business Journal

Student loan management program of Santa Monica announced Thursday it raised a $7 million Series B round

Spend the Money and Bring On the Right People


If you don’t have the right team and hire the best people for the job, your company will go through more hills and valleys than you’ll want. We talked with Adam Mendler, CEO of The Veloz Group what he’s done to hire the best people and how his team has helped his business grow.

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This Startup Should Have Fired Uber, Tinder, Pinterest, Dropbox, Evernote, Tumblr, HootSuite and Instagram


A version of this article previously appeared in Forbes. Despite the fact that JazzHR was a nascent startup in 2012, it boasted an impressive customer […].

Alnylam Data Puts a Nobel Discovery One Step Closer to Approved Drug


For the first time ever, a medicine using RNA interference, a method of muting a gene before it can make a harmful protein, is headed for an FDA review.

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On CAR-T’s Edge, Seattle Researchers Plot to Bypass Novartis Therapy


It’s not a stretch to say that Greta Oberhofer is alive thanks to the genetically modified cell therapy called CAR-T. At three and a half months old, she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, or ALL, an aggressive blood cancer. At 10 months old, she had a bone marrow transplant, which required chemotherapy. She had a bad reaction: Her kidney and liver shut down, and fluid built up in her heart and lungs. She was on a breathing machine.

Silicon Beach Report Sept. 20: Venice’s System1 Raises $270 Million

L.A. Business Journal

Venice’s System1 raises $270 million, SpaceX asks FCC to make exception for low-Earth satellites in subsidized internet program and Overwatch League announces three new teams

Tech Scenes Episode 1: A Look At SoCal's Startup Ecosystem


Welcome to Tech Scenes where we explore what makes tech leaders and the cities they live in thrive.

Why the Former President of Nickelodeon Joined mitú as CEO.

Both Sides of the Table

Why the Former President of Nickelodeon Joined mitú as CEO.

Bio Roundup: RNAi’s Big Day, CAR-T For Kids, Drugs From Fungi & More


It’s been a year of biomedical milestones in the U.S., including the first approval of a CAR-T cellular immunotherapy , the first smartphone app to treat substance abuse , and the first approval of a cancer drug based on genetic signature instead of the tumor’s organ of origin. Add to the list the first successful Phase 3 trial for an RNA interference drug, likely leading to a first ever FDA review.

Silicon Beach Report Sept. 22: Hyperloop One Raised $85 Million at a Valuation of More Than $700 Million

L.A. Business Journal

Hyperloop One raised $85 million at a valuation of more than $700 million, Faraday Future cuts loose its Nevada factory and incentives and Stratolaunch megaplane fires all six engines for the first time

Up Thursday: Episode 1 Of Tech Scenes, A Look At SoCal's Startup Ecosystem


Looking to figure out what makes Southern California's thriving technology industry tick? We've partnered with Tech Scenes, produced by Jeff Martin, to help showcase what makes the region such an attractive community for startup entrepreneurs and venture investments.

How Machines Understand Text - NLP, Machine Learning in Practice

SoCal Tech Calendar

Thursday, September 28, 2017 -- How Machines Understand Text - NLP, Machine Learning in Practice. We have a great session planned that will use two case studies of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to explore opportunities that businesses have with understanding text. Come join us for a moderated session led by Dr. Jon Morra as he guides us through in depth use cases of NLP and their applications in predictive analytics.

Former Lawyer Sues Synthetic Genomics “Boys Club” over Gender Bias


Against a contentious backdrop of a gender gap in the life sciences, a lawyer who spent more than eight years managing intellectual property at San Diego’s Synthetic Genomics (SGI) has sued the star-studded company for discriminating against women.

Silicon Beach Report Sept. 21: Raises $7 Million

L.A. Business Journal raises $7 million, Snapchat’s new partners attach instant apps and games to ads, and Snap Spectacles hardware lab cuts jobs, as well as changes leadership

Plenty of Fish Connects With Google Home


Plenty of Fish (POF), the online dating company owned by run out of Los Angeles--says it has integrated its dating services with Google Assistant, running on Google Home, Android devices, and iPhones. According to Plenty of Fish, the integration allows users to ask Google Assistant if they have new messages on the dating services, and will read those messages aloud to the individual. READ MORE>>. plentyoffish online dating google assistant integration relationships

Orange County VC and Angel Investor Conference

SoCal Tech Calendar

Thursday, September 28, 2017 -- Orange County VC and Angel Investor Conference. FundingPost. Interested in meeting and pitching to early-stage Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists in Orange County? Register for the FundingPost event on Thursday, September 28th, 2017. At our next event, the panel of investors will focus on Early-Stage Venture Investing: How to meet investors, pitch them, and what it really takes to get them to write you a check! See [link].

Akili, Emulate, Ginkgo & More: The Innovation at the Intersection Award Finalists


Research that happens at the intersection of different fields can lead to new innovations that tackle pressing problems in the life sciences. This year’s finalists in the Innovation at the Intersection category show the value of bringing different disciplines—engineering and biology, IT and medicine—together. Here are brief introductions to the finalists. The winners of this and the other categories of the Xconomy Awards will be announced at the Awards Gala in Boston on September 26.

Silicon Beach Report Sept. 19: Snapchat Has Bigger Share of New Users in U.S., but Instagram Is Closing the Gap

L.A. Business Journal

Snapchat has bigger share of new users in U.S., but Instagram is closing the gap, SpaceX files paper for ‘Starlink’ constellation and Herb Scannell tapped as CEO of Mitu

AfterNow Releases AR Tool For Filmmakers


Culver City-based AfterNow said this week that it has released a new application, Blocker , which helps filmmakers take advantage of Apple's ARKit. AfterNow said that the tool lets a director place virtual characters in an augmented reality environment, for blocking or storyboarding. AfterNow said the tool is aimed at helping filmmakers to accurately prepare scenes to communicate positioning of cameras and characters. READ MORE>>.

How To Get Your Startup Funded - Tips From Entrepreneur and Renowed Angel Investor Jason Calacanis

SoCal Tech Calendar

Tuesday, September 26, 2017 -- How To Get Your Startup Funded - Tips From Entrepreneur and Renowed Angel Investor Jason Calacanis. Jason Calacanis founded Silicon Alley Reporter, Weblogs Inc, Mahalo, and He turned down a $20 million offer for Silicon Alley Reporter. Then the dotcom bubble burst, and he wound up with a net worth of negative $10,000. Calacanis bounced back and founded Weblogs, which he sold to AOL after 18 months for $30 million.

NVCA Sues Trump Administration for Delaying “Startup Visa” Program


Add another item to the list of tech industry beefs with the new crew in the White House. An organization representing venture capital firms filed a federal suit in Washington, DC, on Tuesday accusing Trump Administration officials of unlawfully delaying a program that would have allowed international entrepreneurs to work at companies they founded within the United States.

Silicon Beach Report Sept. 18: Sixgill Raises $27.9 Million

L.A. Business Journal

Sixgill raises $27.9 million, Northrop Grumman to acquire Orbital ATK for $7.8 billion and Snapchat removes Al Jazeera channel from Saudi Arabia

Hyperloop One Raises $85M More


Los Angeles-based Hyperloop One , which is building high speed, Hyperloop transportation systems, says it has raised $85M in a Series B-1 funding round. The funding brings the company's total raised to $245M since it was founded in 2014. The new funding came from Caspian VC Partners (as part of Summa Group and, DP World, WTI, as well as the company's existing investors. READ MORE>>. capital venture caspian group summa hyperloop

Silicon Beach Networking Mixer At Wurstkuche in Venice

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017 -- Silicon Beach Networking Mixer At Wurstkuche in Venice. Join the fastest growing startup and tech community in Los Angeles! Meet new people and participate in lively discussions with outstanding names in the Silicon Beach community. Register immediately for an early bird ticket. See [link] (more

Fire fast, not last.


Close. Here is one that takes a real leap for a younger manager or CEO to believe.

Nathan Myhrvold: The Full Xconomy Voices Interview


Episode 3 of our new podcast, Xconomy Voices , features a conversation about nuclear power with Nathan Myhrvold, the founder and CEO of Intellectual Ventures.

March Capital Partners Backs Activehours In New Funding


Santa Monica-based March Capital Partners has joined in another funding round for Palo Alto-based Activehours , as part of a $39M funding. Activehours said the new, $39M investment round was led by Andreessen Horowitz, and also included Matrix Partners, Ribbit Capital and March Capital Partners. Activehours offers up a mobile-app driven service which lets people access their paychecks, even before those paychecks are deposited in their account.

Los Angeles VC and Angel Investor Roundtable

SoCal Tech Calendar

Wednesday, September 27, 2017 -- Los Angeles VC and Angel Investor Roundtable. FundingPost. Interested in meeting and pitching to early-stage Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists in Los Angeles? Join FundingPost for our 400th Conference on Wednesday, September 27, 2017! See [link].